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Captain Scarlet
   Cards Inc. - 2001/2002

Notes: Memorabilia cards were not inserted in packs, but were sold separately; the 
Cards Inc. website offered Sketchings cards "1" through "23", though an occasional 
sketch card has shown up in packs, which had been the original plan for distribution. 
Box-toppers were sporadic; I found none in the two boxes I opened. I hear reports 
that they were only found in the boxes packaged at the end of the print run, and 
direct buyers  were provided with the box cards separately later.  All cards and 
wrappers show a 2001 copyright date; only the display box and poster mention 
2002 (the year the set was issued). Thanks much to Rupesh Tailor, Tammy Alexandre, 
and Jon Collings for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.43 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title                                       Subset

  1    Captain Scarlet                             Title and Credits
  2    Mars - AD 2068                              Alien Avengers
  3    Friendly Intentions?                        Alien Avengers
  4    Act of Aggression                           Alien Avengers
  5    Doomed Assignment                           Alien Avengers
  6    A Failed Attempt                            Alien Avengers
  7    Scarlet's Betrayal                          Alien Avengers
  8    Spectrum in Pursuit                         Alien Avengers
  9    Spectrum's Greatest Asset                   Alien Avengers
 10    "Our retaliation will be slow ..."          Voice of the Mysterons
 11    Fate and the Hero                           He's Indestructible!
 12    Fit for Duty                                He's Indestructible!
 13    Mysteron Threat                             He's Indestructible!
 14    A Fatal Bullet Wound                        He's Indestructible!
 15    The Last Flight                             He's Indestructible!
 16    Scarlet Is Trapped                          He's Indestructible!
 17    Spectrum                                    Agents of Spectrum
 18    Colonel White                               Agents of Spectrum
 19    Captain Scarlet                             Agents of Spectrum
 20    Captain Blue                                Agents of Spectrum
 21    Lieutenant Green                            Agents of Spectrum
 22    Captain Ochre                               Agents of Spectrum
 23    Captain Magenta                             Agents of Spectrum
 24    Captain Grey                                Agents of Spectrum
 25    Doctor Fawn                                 Agents of Spectrum
 26    Destiny Angel                               Agents of Spectrum
 27    Symphony Angel                              Agents of Spectrum
 28    Harmony Angel                               Agents of Spectrum
 29    Rhapsody Angel                              Agents of Spectrum
 30    Melody Angel                                Agents of Spectrum
 31    Captain Black                               Agents of Spectrum
 32    "You will pay for your unprovoked ..."      Voice of the Mysterons
 33    Scarlet Rams DT19                           Attack of the Mysterons
 34    Solving the Riddle                          Attack of the Mysterons
 35    Taking Symphony Hostage                     Attack of the Mysterons
 36    Held at Gunpoint                            Attack of the Mysterons
 37    Killing Time?                               Attack of the Mysterons
 38    Angels to the Rescue                        Attack of the Mysterons
 39    Mysterons Take Control                      Attack of the Mysterons
 40    Attacked from the Air                       Attack of the Mysterons
 41    The Mysteron Gun                            Attack of the Mysterons
 42    Poisoned Air Supply                         Attack of the Mysterons
 43    'Mysteronised!'                             Attack of the Mysterons
 44    Captive in the Castle                       Attack of the Mysterons
 45    Scarlet Ejects Just in Time                 Attack of the Mysterons
 46    Exploring Lunarville                        Attack of the Mysterons
 47    Stealing Spectrum's Files                   Attack of the Mysterons
 48    Training Spectrum Cadets                    Attack of the Mysterons
 49    "You started the shock wave ..."            Voice of the Mysterons
 50    Taking a Hostage                            Defenders of Planet Earth
 51    Rig 15 Explodes!                            Defenders of Planet Earth
 52    Spectrum Celebrates                         Defenders of Planet Earth
 53    Brave Volunteers                            Defenders of Planet Earth
 54    Talking to the Mysterons                    Defenders of Planet Earth
 55    Braving the Icy Depths                      Defenders of Planet Earth
 56    Racing to the Scene                         Defenders of Planet Earth
 57    Keeping Lookout                             Defenders of Planet Earth
 58    Trying to Take Control                      Defenders of Planet Earth
 59    Saving the Day Again                        Defenders of Planet Earth
 60    Out of Control                              Defenders of Planet Earth
 61    Spectrum on Guard                           Defenders of Planet Earth
 62    Mission Briefing                            Defenders of Planet Earth
 63    The Mysterons Close In                      Defenders of Planet Earth
 64    Relaxing Off-Duty                           Defenders of Planet Earth
 65    Cloudbase                                   Vehicles of Spectrum
 66    Angel Interceptor                           Vehicles of Spectrum
 67    Spectrum Saloon Car                         Vehicles of Spectrum
 68    Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle                    Vehicles of Spectrum
 69    Maximum Security Vehicle                    Vehicles of Spectrum
 70    Spectrum Passenger Jet                      Vehicles of Spectrum
 71    Spectrum Helicopter                         Vehicles of Spectrum
 72    Checklist


SIG Embossed Cards (1:9 packs)

SIG1   Colonel White
SIG2   Captain Scarlet
SIG3   Captain Blue
SIG4   Destiny Angel
SIG5   Lieutenant Green
SIG6   Captain Black

Box Toppers (absent from most boxes)

BT1    Falling to his death?
BT2    A dangerous end  [art by Ron Embleton]
BT3    A watery grave

Autographed Cards

CSA1   Captain Scarlet, voiced by Francis Matthews
CSA2   Captain Ochre, voiced by Jeremy Wilkin

Memorabilia Cards (Sold Separately)


Card Album

 --    Captain Scarlet collector's storage binder
 --    (9-pocket pages)

PREVIEW SET (Sold separately; limited to 600 copies)


NEC MEMORABILIA 2001 PREVIEW SET (Sold separately; limited to 250)



 P1    "This is the voice of the Mysterons..."
 --    (27"x40" poster; Memorabilia 2002)

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©2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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