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Aeroplanes (Card-O)
   Leaf - 1944

Notes: Reference number R112-6. Card-O items may be seen in a variety of formats, 
including playing-card like, card-like, thin stock, or stickers. "Series A" featured the  
U.S. Navy. Card size is 2-1/4" x 3-1/2".

   Title                             Nation

Series B

   Airacobra                         United States
   Armstrong Whitworth Whitley       England
   Bell "Airacuda"                   United States
   Boeing XB-15                      United States
   Bristol-Blenhein                  England
   Caudron C710 "Cyclops"            France
   Curtiss Hawk III                  Turkey
   Curtiss XP-42                     United States
   Curtiss-Hawk IV                   China
   Fairey Battle                     England
   Fokker D21
   Fokker T9                         Netherlands
   I.5                               Russia
   Latecoere 298                     France
   Lockheed XP-38                    United States
   Marinens M.F.11                   Norway
   Northrup 8 A-1                    China
   Potez 63                          France
   Renard R.36                       Belgium
   Seversky P-35                     United States
   Supermarine Spitfire              England
   Vickers Wellington III            England
   Vultee V XIIA
   Vultee VII GB                     Turkey

Series C

   Blackburn Botha                   England
   Bloch 131                         France
   Boulton Paul Defiant              England
   Consolidated B-24                 United States
   Consolidated PB2Y2 "Coronado"     United States
   Curtiss O-52                      United States
   Curtiss P-40                      United States
   Curtiss XSB2C-1                   United States
   Curtiss-Wright C-55               United States
   Douglas A20-A                     United States
   Douglas TBD-1 "Devastator"        United States
   Grumman F4F-3                     United States
   Grumman Skyrocket                 United States
   Lockheed 12-A                     United States
   Martin 156-C                      United States
   Martin B-26                       United States
   Martin PBM-1 "Mariner"            United States
   Miles Master                      England
   Muniz M-7                         Brazil
   North American "Apache"           United States
   North American B-25               United States
   North American O-47A              United States
   Republic P-47                     United States     [variant]
   Ryan PT-21                        United States
   Short Sunderland                  England
   T.B. 3                            Russia
   Vought-Sikorsky XF4U-1 "Corsair"  United States
   Z.K.B. 26                         Russia

Series D

   Avro Lancaster                    Britain
   Bell P-39 Airacobra               United States
   Boeing B-17E "Flying Fortress"    United States
   Brewster F2A-3 "Buffalo"          United States
   Bristol Beaufighter               Britain
   Consolidated PBY                  United States
   Curtis Wright C-46 "Commando"     United States
   Curtiss 21-B                      United States
   Curtiss P-40E "Kittyhawk"         United States
   De Haviland Mosquito Bomber       Britain
   Douglas C-54                      United States
   Fairey Fulmar                     Britain
   Grumman TBF-1 "Avenger"           United States
   Grumman G-44 "Widgeon"            United States
   Handley-Page Halifax              Britain
   Hawker Hurricane                  Britain
   I-18                              Russia            [variant]
   Il-2 "Stormovik"                  Russia
   Lliushin DB-3F                    Russia
   Lockheed 144 "Constellation"      United States
   PE-2                              Russia
   Republic P-47                     United States     [variant]
   Rogojarsky SIM XIV-H              Yugoslavia
   Savoia-Marchetti SM 79            Spain
   Short Stirling                    Britain
   Supermarine Spitfire              Britain
   Westland Whirlwind                Britain

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