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Mixed Series (Card-O)
   Leaf - 1940

Notes:  Card-O items may be seen in a variety of formats, including playing-card like, 
card-like, thin stock, or stickers. Cards from this "mixed" series are often confused 
with one of the separate Card-O items. Card fronts show full-color artwork with 
titles at the bottom and reference to Whitman Pub. Co. (except for the Bombing 
Strats subset).

   Title                        Nation / Description

Military Planes

   Bell Airacobra               U.S. Army Fighter
   Boeing Flying Fortress       U.S. Army Heavy Bomber
   Consolidated Catalina        U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
   Consolidated Coronado        U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
   Consolidated Liberator       U.S. Army Heavy Bomber
   Curtis Warhawk               U.S. Army Fighter
   Curtiss Helldiver            U.S. Navy Dive Bomber
   Curtiss Seagull              U.S. Navy Scout Observation
   Douglas Dauntless            U.S. Navy Dive Bomber
   Douglas Havoc                U.S. Army Night Fighter
   Douglas Skymaster            U.S. Army Transport
   Grumman Avenger              U.S. Navy Torpedo Bomber
   Grumman Hellcat              U.S. Navy Fighter
   Grumman Wildcat              U.S. Navy Fighter
   Lockheed Lightning           U.S. Army Fighter
   Martin Marauder              U.S. Army Medium Bomber
   Martin Mariner               U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
   North American Mitchell      U.S. Army Medium Bomber
   North American Mustang       U.S. Army Fighter
   Republic Thunderbolt         U.S. Army Fighter
   Vought Corsair               U.S. Navy Fighter

Bombing Strats (full-bleed)

   Dive Bombing
   Evasive Action
   Pattern Bombing
   Precision Bombing
   Skip Bombing
   Torpedo Bombing

Civilian Planes

   Beechcraft E
   Cessna C-145 Airmaster       United States
   Culver Cadet                 United States
   Ercoupe 415-C
   Monocoupe 90A
   Piper Cub J-4                United States
   Rearwin Sportster            United States
   Ryan SC
   Ryan S-T-A                   United States
   Stearman PT-13
   Stinson 105                  United States
   Waco N                       United States

Military Craft

   Aircraft Carrier
   Alligator Tank
   Intruder Raids
   Naval Mines
   Non-Rigid Airship            United States
   Rubber Life Raft

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