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Pirates (Card-O)
   Leaf - 1958

Notes:  Five series are collectively assigned reference number R754. Issued in skip-
numbered subsets, each set appears to have a more common issue of six cards; any 
additional cards are more scarce, as noted below.

No.    Title

P-1    Bartholomew Portuges' Escape               Scarce
P-2    Blackbeard Threatens His Prisoners
P-4    Captain Kidd Stops a Mutiny
P-5    Chinese Pirates
P-6    Pierre LOe Grand Captures a Spanish Ship   Scarce
P-7    Duel Between Maynard and Blackbeard        Scarce
P-8    L'Olonnois Attacks a Prisoner
P-12   Lewis and the Captain                      Scarce
P-15   Morgan Is Sold at a Slave Market           Scarce
P-19   The Jolly Roger
P-24   Mary Read, Woman Pirate
P-27   Morgan Outwits the Spanish                 Scarce
P-30   Prisoner Walks the Plank                   Scarce

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