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Planes, Trains and Ships (Card-O)
   Leaf - 1958

Notes:  Five series are collectively assigned reference number R754. Issued in skip-
numbered subsets, each set appears to have a more common issue of six cards; any 
additional cards are more scarce, as noted below.

No.    Title

T-1    Bell X-5 (US)                         Scarce
T-2    First Wright Flyer (US)
T-3    Supersonic Jet                        Scarce
T-4    B-52 Stratofortress (US)              Scarce
T-5    S-55 Sikorsky Helicopter (US)
T-6    Nautilus: Atomic-Powered Submarine
T-8    Navy Skyrocket (US)                   Scarce
T-9    Navy Cutlass Fighter (US)
T-10   Cougar Fighter, Navy (US)             Scarce
T-11   DH-110 Twin-Jet Fighter (US)          Scarce
T-13   MIG Fighter (USSR)
T-14   F-102 Delta Wing Fighter (US)         Scarce
T-15   Navy Skyray Fighter                   Scarce
T-16   Hawker Harrier (GB)                   Scarce
T-18   F-94 Starfire Interceptor (US)        Scarce
T-19   Piasecki Helicopter (US)              Scarce
T-20   Talgo Train
T-21   X-1A Flies 1,600 M.P.H.               Scarce
T-29   F-84F Thunderstreak Fighter (US)      Scarce
T-30   Military Tow Glider (US)              Scarce

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