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U.S. Navy (Card-O)
   Leaf - 1944

Notes: Reference number R112-6. Card-O items may be seen in a variety of formats, 
including playing-card like, card-like, thin stock, or stickers. This Series A features 
the U.S. Navy. Series B through Series D were "Aeroplanes" sets. Card size is 
2-1/4" x 3-1/2".


Series A

   Aircraft Carrier "Lexington"
   Aircraft Carrier "Ranger"
   Battleship "Mississippi"
   Battleship "New Mexico"
   Battleship "North Carolina"
   Battleship "Pennsylvania"
   Battleship "Texas"
   Boom Net Tender "Boxwood"
   Destroyer "Anderson"
   Destroyer "Farragut"
   Destroyer "Gleaves"
   Destroyer Tender "Dixie"
   Gunboat "Erie"
   Heavy Cruiser "Pensacola"
   Heavy Cruiser "Portland"
   Mine Layer "Aroostook"
   Mine Sweeper "Raven"
   Patrol Torpedo Boat
   Seaplane Tender "Curtiss"
   Submarine "O" Class
   Submarine "Sargo"
   Submarine "Tambor"

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