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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Cardzillion)
   Bandai - 1996

Notes:  These cards were sold by Bandai North America in vending machines, often at 
the entrance of Toys 'R Us outlets.  Each set includes 36 base cards and 6 rare "Ultra" 
cards, which have about the same scarcity as the other cards. Complete sets are very 
hard to collect and verify. thanks to Dave Strohmenger for the original lists and to 
David Vertino and Mark Statuto for updates! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Green Ranger website.

No.   Title

  1   The Adventure Begins               (Foil Ultra)
  2   To the Frog Nest!                  (Foil Ultra)
  3   Diddy and Dixie in the Jungle      (Foil Ultra)
  4   Diddy and Dixie Swimming           (Foil Ultra)
  5   Diddy and Dixie Rockin'            (Foil Ultra)
  6   Diddy, Donkey and Dixie            (Foil Ultra)
  7   Diddy, Dixie and Squawks
  8   Riding on the Roller Coaster
  9   Diddy and Dixie in Gloomy Gulch
 10   Get the Bananas!
 11   Lets Unite the Power of Two!
 12   Diddy and Dixie Pay the Toll
 13   Diddy Kong!
 14   Diddy Kong to the Rescue!
 15   Jumping Diddy Kong!
 16   Cartwheeling Diddy Kong
 17   Swimming Diddy Kong
 18   Climbing Diddy Kong
 19   Diddy Throws a Kannon Ball
 20   Diddy and Dixie Team-Up
 21   Dixie Kong!
 22   Dixie Kong to the Rescue!
 23   Jumping Dixie Kong
 24   Dixie's Helicopter Spin
 25   Swimming Dixie Kong!
 26   Climbing Dixie Kong
 27   Dixie and Diddy Team-Up
 28   Cranky Kong
 29   Wrinkly Kong
 30   Funky Kong
 31   Swanky Kong
 32   Squitter the Spider
 33   Rattly the Rattlesnake
 34   Clapper the Seal
 35   Donkey Kong!
 36   Donkey Kong Is Kidnapped
 37   Klubba
 38   Kutlass
 39   Kruncha
 40   Klubba Takes a Swing
 41   Kaptain K. Rool
 42   Kremlings Ahoy!

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