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Care Bears Album Stickers
TCFC-Baio / Service Line - 1994

Note:  Also available was a factory set including stickers and album.

Box: 100 packs of 6 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 3.33 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene

  1   Cloud castle (top)
  2   Cloud castle (bottom)
  3   Sunshine tapestry (top)
  4   Sunshine tapestry (bottom)
  5   Heart bridge (top)
  6   Heart bridge (bottom)
  7   Leaf painting (top left)
  8   Leaf painting (top right)
  9   Leaf painting (bottom left)
 10   Leaf painting (bottom right)
 11   Cloud watering
 12   Flower tiara and sunshine
 13   Birdseed Christmas tree (top)
 14   Birdseed Christmas tree (bottom)
 15   Leaky faucet (top)
 16   Leaky faucet (bottom)
 17   Planting heart tree (top)
 18   Planting heart tree (bottom)
 19   Litter under heart tree (top left)
 20   Litter under heart tree (top right)
 21   Litter under heart tree (bottom left)
 22   Litter under heart tree (bottom right)
 23   Treehouse (top left)
 24   Treehouse (top right)
 25   Treehouse (middle left)
 26   Treehouse (middle right)
 27   Treehouse (bottom left)
 28   Treehouse (bottom right)
 29   Puddle after rain (top)
 30   Puddle after rain (bottom)
 31   Sweet dreams rainbow (left)
 32   Sweet dreams rainbow (center)
 33   Sweet dreams rainbow (right)
 34   Rainbow Bear sliding down rainbow
 35   Sunshine Bear sliding down rainbow
 36   Heart Bear sliding down rainbow
 37   Heart Bear hugs self
 38   Sunshine Bear on a star
 39   Rainbow coaster (top)
 40   Rainbow coaster (middle)
 41   Rainbow coaster (bottom)
 42   Star holding star and hearts
 43   Hearts for Heart and Rainbow Bears
 44   Rainbow has heart for Heart
 45   Heart and Rinbow dance
 46   Heart Bear atop rainbow
 47   Heart and Flower Bears (left)
 48   Heart and Flower Bears (right)
 49   Heart Bear atop cloud
 50   Baby Heart Bear and swinging star
 51   Honey on cloud
 52   Rainbow with heart balloons
 53   Parasol parachute
 54   Balloon lift for Heart and Cupcake (top)
 55   Balloon lift for Star (bottom)
 56   Heart balloon
 57   Many heart balloons (top left)
 58   Many heart balloons (top right)
 59   Many heart balloons (middle left)
 60   Many heart balloons (middle right)
 61   Many heart balloons (bottom left)
 62   Many heart balloons (bottom right)
 63   Cupcake Bear riding balloon
 64   Cupcake Bear on cloud
 65   Rainbow Bear releasing stars (top)
 66   Rainbow Bear releasing stars (bottom)
 67   Heart Bear riding balloon
 68   Moon bear on parasol (top)
 69   Moon bear on parasol (center)
 70   Moon bear on parasol (bottom)
 71   Through rainbow door (left)
 72   Through rainbow door (right)
 73   Fashioning a heart cloud
 74   Armload of stars
 75   Discovering a flower
 76   Castle rainbow to Heart
 77   Making a wish
 78   Big heart at end of rainbow
 79   Sunshine Bear at end of rainbow
 80   Heart Bear with empty paws
 81   Cloud phone (left)
 82   Cloud phone (middle)
 83   Cloud phone (right)
 84   Flower Bear rainbow parasol (left)
 85   Flower Bear rainbow parasol (middle)
 86   Flower Bear rainbow parasol (right)
 87   Rainbow Star Bear with empty paws
 88   Blue Moon Bear
 89   Sun Bear with rainbow pillow
 90   Snoozing on moon
 91   Rain Bear at star cloud
 92   Swinging honey moon (top)
 93   Swinging honey moon (bottom)
 94   Chick alarm clock
 95   Moon bear snoozes
 96   Star on a string (top)
 97   Star on a string (bottom)
 98   Flower Bear with popsicle
 99   Life preserver for Rain Bear (left)
100   Life preserver for Rain Bear (right)
101   Sundae Bear with cone
102   Star Bear with milk and balloons (top)
103   Star Bear with milk and balloons (bottom)
104   Rain Bear with umbrella (left)
105   Rain Bear with umbrella (right)
106   Drill team (top left)
107   Drill team (top right)
108   Drill team (bottom left)
109   Drill team (bottom right)
110   New Year pyramid (top left)
111   New Year pyramid (top right)
112   New Year pyramid (bottom left)
113   New Year pyramid (bottom right)
114   Rainbow Bear with rainbow heart balloon
115   Heart Bear juggling presents
116   Caring
117   Rainbow Bear pompoms
118   Cupcake Bear with empty paws
119   Happy
120   Birthday
121   Happy Birthday from castle
122   Luck Bear gives greetings
123   Baking Heart Bear
124   Sunshine Bear releases bees
125   Dreaming of cupcake
126   Chick candle for cupcake
127   Honey dance with bees
128   Making and eating cookies (top)
129   Making and eating cookies (middle)
130   Making and eating cookies (bottom)
131   Waiting for cookie batter (top left)
132   Waiting for cookie batter (top right)
133   Waiting for cookie batter (middle left)
134   Waiting for cookie batter (middle right)
135   Waiting for cookie batter (bottom left)
136   Waiting for cookie batter (bottom right)
137   Popcorn and lounging on clouds
138   Sunshine Bear with bowl and friends
139   Rainbow sail for cloud
140   Pogo sticking on cloud (top left)
141   Pogo sticking on cloud (top right)
142   Pogo sticking on cloud (bottom left)
143   Pogo sticking on cloud (bottom right)
144   Heart Bear scouting from cloud
145   Roller skate parade (left)
146   Roller skate parade (middle)
147   Roller skate parade (right)
148   Trophy Bear
149   Tire swing (top)
150   Tire swing (bottom)
151   Sailing in basket
152   Flying kites (top left)
153   Flying kites (top right)
154   Flying kites (bottom left)
155   Flying kites (bottom right)
156   Rain of hearts (top left)
157   Rain of hearts (top right)
158   Rain of hearts (bottom left)
159   Rain of hearts (bottom right)
160   Shamrock Bear
161   Gathering stars
162   Draw and paint party (top left)
163   Draw and paint party (top right)
164   Draw and paint party (bottom left)
165   Draw and paint party (bottom right)
166   Watering with hearts (top left)
167   Watering with hearts (top right)
168   Watering with hearts (bottom left)
169   Watering with hearts (bottom right)
170   Propeller driven cloud
171   Rain Bear in heart rain
172   Watering with stars (top left)
173   Watering with stars (top right)
174   Watering with stars (bottom left)
175   Watering with stars (bottom right)
176   Rainbow Bear marching along rainbows
177   X-O tower (top left)
178   X-O tower (top right)
179   X-O tower (bottom left)
180   X-O tower (bottom right)

 --   (Card album)

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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