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Cars of the World Collector Cards
   CMK Publications - 1993

Note:  This set was the beginning of an ambitious project that was planned to span
up to 160 sets (4,000 cards) and a variety of subsidiary merchandise, but it only made
it through its first test of 25 cards.  The sole series comprises a sealed factory box,
25 cards plus an embossed etched-foil cover card, certificate, and order card.  Also
included in the box was a promo packet with three common cards plus the order
card.  The Certificate of Authenticity in the box I opened is unnumbered but claims
to be "x of 50,000," though the order card stated that the boxes would be limited to
"numbered boxes 1 through 5,000."  I surmise that they changed their strategy to
print more of the single initial set instead of the next three sets-of-25 that are
advertised on the order card.

No.   Title                                     Type

 --   Ferrari F-40 By David Kimble              Embossed Foil (blank back)
  1   Ford Contour                              The Future
  2   1958 Edsel Pacer                          Classic & Collector Cars
  3   Lincoln-Mercury Mystique                  The Future
  4   1990 Ferrari Mondial t                    Exotic Cars
  5   1990 Lotus Esprit                         Exotic Cars
  6   1991 Vector W8                            Exotic Cars
  7   1991 Dodge Stealth                        Sports & GT Cars
  8   1928 Isotta Franschini Tipo 8A Roadster   Cars of the Stars
  9   1990 Cadillac Allante                     Sports & GT Cars
 10   "The Last Run" - Charles Queener          Auto Gallery
 11   1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost             The Unobtainable
 12   1963 Chevrolet Corvette                   Classic & Collector Cars
 13   1992 Ford Thunderbird                     1992 Models
 14   1958 Chevrolet Corvette                   Sports & GT Cars
 15   1971 Dodge Challenger                     Muscle Cars
 16   1991 Callaway Corvette Speedster          Exotic Cars
 17   1989 Penske PC-18                         Speed Demons
 18   1992 Ford Mustang GT                      1992 Models
 19   "Pit Stop" - Bill Stahl                   Auto Gallery
 20   1986 Ford Bronco                          4 Wheel Drive and Monster Trucks
 21   1990 Acura NSX                            Exotic Cars
 22   "In the fifteenth hour" - Bill Stahl      Auto Gallery
 23   1990 Toyota Sera                          1990 Models
 24   1991 Cadillac Brougham                    1991 Models
 25   1991 Cadillac Fleetwood                   1991 Models

 --   Certificate of Authenticity               Certificate
 --   Other Cars of the World Collectibles      Product Order Card
 --   (3 common cards + certificate)            Promo Pack Box Insert


     Offered on product order card, but most items may never have been produced.

Collector Boxes (# 1 through 5,000)

 --  Cards 26-50   ["available in fourth quarter 1992"; canceled]
 --  Cards 51-75   ["available in first quarter 1993"; canceled]
 --  Cards 76-100  ["available in first quarter 1993"; canceled]

Embossed Insert Cards

 --  Set of three  ["One of each of these cards will be included in Collector
     Boxes 2, 3 and 4"

Exclusive Precious Metal Card by the Pacific Mint

 --  Limited Edition Silver (Only 100 produced)
 --  Limited Edition Bronze (Only 300 produced)

Cars of the World T-Shirts

 --  Large
 --  Extra-Large

Cars of the World Caps

 --  One Size

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