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Cartoon Adventures
   Anonymous - 1936

Notes: The series features six 8-card subsets, with one "Portrait" card and seven 
"Story" cards. Card fronts are approximately 2-5/16" x 2-3/4" with color cartoons; 
card backs are blank. American Card Catalog reference is R28. Scans are posted at 
the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

Tailspin Tommy

401   Tailspin Tommy
402   Tommy Chases a Bandit Plane
403   "Boy, What a Shot!"
404   Tommy Has a Narrow Escape
405   "Tommy, you have saved the President's life! He wi
406   "Tommy, here are the stolen jewels"
407   Tommy Stops the Thieve's Take-Off
408   "Tommy, Darling! I'm so glad you are safe!"

Tarzan of the Apes

409   Tarzan of the Apes
410   Tarzan Swings through the Trees
411   Tarzan Catches a Crocodile
412   Tarzan Slays the Great Bull-Ape
413   Tarzan Aids Kala
414   Tarzan Eats High in a Tree
415   The Monkey-Man Reaches for Tarzan's Knife
416   Tarzan Challenges Sheeta

Broncho Bill

417   Broncho Bill
418   "I'm Gonna Let Them Have It!"
419   "There Are Our Horses!"
420   Bill Rescues Brent
421   "I'm Wounded, Sheriff!"
422   The Spider Traps Bill
423   Bill Surprises Peg-Leg
424   "Run for It, Nell!"

Buck Rogers (part 1)

425   Buck Rogers
426   Doctor Huel Tried Desperately to Radio the Earth
427   Huel Tells Them Something Has Happened to His Machines and They Were in Danger.
428   Fear Gripped Them as the Comet Sailed Thru Space.
429   They Were Afraid - They Couldn't Dodge Their Pursuers Much Longer.
430   The Refugeees Leader Showed Them What a Strange, Mean Looking Mob He Controlled.
431   The Aeroscout Carried Them Westward and Landed Them in Denver.
432   Within an Hour, the Gigantic Wall of Water Raced Across the Coastal Plains.

Buck Rogers (part 2)

433   Buck Rogers
434   Buck and Wilma Saw Furious Outbreaks of Savagery from the Parapet.
435   The Patrol Officer Warns Them That the End of the World Was Upon Them.
436   They had to Protect Themselves from the Desperate Mob.
437   Refugees Clunb to the Doomed Buildings
438   A Speed Demon of the Air Carries Them Safely over the Sea.
439   The Viewplate Showed the Forthcoming Catastrophe.
440   The Heat of Friction with Earth's Atmosphere Has Set Them Blazing

Buck Rogers (part 3)

441   Buck Rogers
442   Their Relief Was Cut Short and Buck Pointed to a Huge Bulletin Board.
443   The Hooded Figure Was Kane. Buck Was Surprised.
444   Buck and Wilma Hop Off with Their Jumping Belts.
445   The Comet Pulsed with Blinding Light
446   Buck and Wilma Hear a Stupendous Crash. Doctor Huel Was Gone!
447   The Storm Rock Struck the Ship.
448   Buck Hid in the Snadows. Someone Was Approaching.

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