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Cartoon Comics
   Anonymous - 1935

Notes: The series features six 8-card subsets, with one "Portrait" card and seven 
"Story" cards. Card fronts are approximately 2-5/16" x 2-3/4" with color cartoons; 
card backs are blank. American Card Catalog reference is R27. Scans are posted at 
the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

Dick Tracy

101   Dick Tracy
102   Tracy!! - This time you'll stay in jail for dood!
103   Come on lets get him Junior!! - There he goes thru
104   Your disguise almost had me fooled Zora Arson! - I
105   Surprised to se me? Eh? Drop that gun!!!
106   Another attempt on my life! Come on after them Chi
107   I'm the happiest woman in the world now that I fou
108   That'll teach you to try your dirty tricks Boris A

Little Orphan Annie

109   Little Orphan Annie
110   I am at your service my little princess - Leapin'
111   Watch over her Punjab.. She's a very good child. -
112   She lives across the tracks. - Look at her funny d
113   Gee but these muffins look good Annie. - You'll ha
114   Morgan sure was swell to let us live here. - We're
115   She certainly is a treasure Oliver. - I'll have yo
116   We'll be up at the top Annie before you know it -

Harold Teen

117   Harold Teen
118   Harold, what time is it by your nose? Mine has sto
119   My manicurist had a scrap with her dentist! - I'll
120   But, Mr. Lovewell, I only meant to hit you easy-li
121   No, I don't sell it no more. It sold so fast I cou
122   Hey! Where's tha fire? - In your eyes you big stro
123   Now you go tell Mother what you did! - No-Sir! I'm
124   Say, Pop! There's a greasy finger mark on this pla

Moon Mullins

125   Moon Mullins
126   Mullins, I'm afraid to face Emma. This is my secon
127   Gosh no Emmy I'd give him the "bird" for nothing -
128   Banjoeyes I'm gonna knock your back teeth down you
129   Willie you shouldn't give Mamie a pipe for a birth
130   Mamie, throw the rest of the icewater on Lord Plus
131   Kayo, call me a taxicab - Okay, yer a taxicab
132   My husband is a wrestler by profession Mr. Mullins

Joe Palooka

133   Joe Palooka
134   Give it to him good - Knock his ears cauliflower -
135   Now youse, just take this to Miss Ann - Oh gee, Mo
136   Mothaw wants you for dinner tonight, Joe. It will
137   Oh, Joe, please try not to spill your tea. This is
138   So you are Mr. Palooka who is so-o strong? - Aw, n
139   Well, Guy, I'll see ya next fall - get it?
140   So you are a chimney sweep, eh? "Chimney Crickets"

Terry and the Pirates

141   Terry and the Pirates
142   Pat, last night I licked all these pirates myself
143   Mr. Fang, you - - You are ungrateful - You have be
144   Go easy with the little fellah - he no hurt us We
145   Terry, we've just got word from the British steame
146   Quick Terry, get this letter to your friend Pat It
147   They'll never be able to find out my identity I've
148   But, Mr. Ryan, you are most unreasonable. Count Di

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