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Car Wash Craziness!
   5FINITY Productions - 2013

Notes: This set was original distributed exclusively through Troxell (snoopy351).  Further 
information and scans are posted at the 5FINITY website.

500 packs total.

No.     Artist                          Scarcity (if known)

Insert Cards (1:pack)

CWC1C   Cherry (Larry Welz; Blue, Limited to 150)
CWC2C   Cherry (Pink, Limited to Sixty)
CWC3C   Cherry (Orange, Limited to Thirty)
CWC4C   Cherry (Purple, Limited to Ten)
CWC1M   Mandy (Dean Yeagle; White, Limited to 150)
CWC2M   Mandy (Yellow, Limited to Sixty)
CWC3M   Mandy (Green, Limited to Thirty)
CWC4M   Mandy (Orange, Limited to Ten)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:pack)

        Kristin Allen                    6  Rare
        Lynne Anderson                   6  Rare
        Joanna Barnum                    6  Rare
        Mary Bellamy                    15
        Bill Bronson                    12
        Kate Carleton                   24
        François Chartier               24
        Adam Cleveland                  12
        Eugene Commodore                24
        Ben Dunn                        12
        Michael "Locoduck" Duron         6  Rare
        Danielle Ellison                12
        Patrick Finch                    6  Rare
        Danielle (Soloud) Gransaull      6  Rare
        Ben Hansen                      30
        David "Art Assassin" Harrigan    6  Rare
        Erica Hesse                      6  Rare
        Jessica Hickman                 15
        Cassandra James                 21
        Nikole "Spooni" Jones           24
        Ryan Kincaid                     9
        Freddy Lopez                    12
        Steve Lydic                     21
        Bill Maus                       15
        Manny Mederos                   30
        Mike Munshaw                    15
        Jason Pedersen                   9
        Jeff Pina                       21
        Ashleigh Popplewell             15
        Doug "Axebone" Riggsby          15
        Victor Rodriguez                18
        Ana Rollins                     12
        Louis Small                     21
        Luke Smarto                     15
        John Soukup                     21
        Amber Stone                     12
        Adam Street                     15
        Bianca Thompson                  9
        Arley "Arturo" Tucker           12
        George Webber                    6  Rare
        Jason Worthington                6  Rare


        Mary Bellamy

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