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Cast of Chaos!
Krome - 1997

Notes:  A "hot box" containing a full parallel fractal set was distributed 1 per case and
provided to dealers through various promotions.  All artwork is by Jim Balent and
Jason Jensen.  Thanks much to Lee Scott and to John Bogle for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.97 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                     Subset

  1   Lady Death                Lady Death and Cast
  2   Lady Demon                Lady Death and Cast
  3   Matthias                  Lady Death and Cast
  4   Marion                    Lady Death and Cast
  5   Vulnavia                  Lady Death and Cast
  6   Vandala                   Lady Death and Cast
  7   Malady                    Lady Death and Cast
  8   Agony                     Lady Death and Cast
  9   Grim                      Lady Death and Cast
 10   Genocide                  Chaos! Lords and Crews
 11   Antigone                  Chaos! Lords and Crews
 12   Sinestra                  Chaos! Lords and Crews
 13   Scorpia                   Chaos! Lords and Crews
 14   Doom Magistrates          Chaos! Lords and Crews
 15   Morgoth                   Chaos! Lords and Crews
 16   Armageddon                Chaos! Lords and Crews
 17   Gravedancer               Chaos! Lords and Crews
 18   Kreator                   Chaos! Lords and Crews
 19   Lucifer                   Chaos!
 20   Cremator                  Chaos!
 21   Asteroth                  Chaos!
 22   Pagan                     Chaos!
 23   Seance                    Chaos!
 24   Cyranus                   Chaos!
 25   Trinity of Evil           Chaos!
 26   Apolyon                   Chaos!
 27   Leviatha                  Chaos!
 28   Grave                     Chaos!
 29   Shrill                    Chaos!
 30   Hexecutioner              Chaos!
 31   Matuumo                   Chaos!
 32   Guillotine                Chaos!
 33   Hell's Belles             Chaos!
 34   Yak                       Chaos!
 35   Imp                       Chaos!
 36   They                      Chaos!
 37   Purgatori                 Vampires
 38   Rath                      Vampires
 39   Kabala                    Vampires
 40   Kabala's Child            Vampires
 41   Jade                      Vampires
 42   Samuraii                  Vampires
 43   Chastity                  Vampires
 44   Countess                  Vampires
 45   Vampire Council           Vampires
 46   Evil Ernie                Evil Ernie
 47   Price                     Evil Ernie
 48   Mary                      Evil Ernie
 49   Homicide & Crazy Babies   Evil Ernie
 50   Billy                     Evil Ernie
 51   Judy                      Evil Ernie
 52   Ramsey                    Evil Ernie
 53   Autopsy                   Evil Ernie
 54   Sam                       Evil Ernie
 55   Gallows, Morgan           The Chosen
 56   Voodoo Childe             The Chosen
 57   Vex                       The Chosen
 58   Carcass                   The Chosen
 59   Oblivia                   The Chosen
 60   Rip                       The Chosen
 61   The Chosen                The Chosen
 62   Faithless One             The Chosen
 63   Slaughterhouse            The Chosen
 64   Bedlam                    Chaos!
 65   Suspira                   Chaos!
 66   Epitaph                   Chaos!
 67   Dona                      Chaos!
 68   Michael                   Chaos!
 69   Pandemonium               Chaos!
 70   Crawler                   Chaos!
 71   Mitchell Wardlow          Chaos!
 72   Li'l E.                   Chaos!
 73   Dead Onez                 Chaos!
 74   Charnel                   Chaos!
 75   Nada                      Chaos!
 76   Uncle Morbid              Chaos!
 77   Mr. Mischief              Chaos!
 78   Psychotica                Chaos!
 79   Pestilence                Chaos!
 80   Death                     Chaos!
 81   Famine                    Chaos!
 82   Falling Apart             Chaos!
 83   Change of Heartlessness   Chaos!
 84   Unholy Union              Chaos!
 85   Trial                     Chaos!
 86   Seeing the Light          Chaos!
 87   Down among the Dead       Chaos!
 88   Hell on Earth             Chaos!
 89   In a Blaze of Glory       Chaos!
 90   Checklist                 Chaos!


ClearChrome Cards

 C1   Lady Death vs. Lucifer
 C2   Evil Ernie vs. Rath
 C3   Purgatori vs. Archangel Michael
 C4   Chastity vs. Vex
 C5   Omen vs. Genocide


  1   Evil Ernie
 --   (Lady Death; unnumbered; art by Jim Balent; dealer promo)

©2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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