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The Cat in the Hat Movie Cards
   Comic Images - 2003

Notes:  An album was originally planned, but was not made available when the
set was released.

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.  (10 boxes:case)
Common sets: approx. 3.44 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approximately 2.27 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Cat in the Hat
  2   The Cat
  3   The Things
  4   Conrad
  5   Sally
  6   Mom
  7   Quinn
  8   Lipplapper Lane
  9   In Stealth Mode
 10   Finishing Touches
 11   The Girl Can't Help It
 12   Indoor Stair Luge
 13   All Sally's Fault?
 14   Bad Neighbor Quinn
 15   Quinn's in...for Now
 16   Cat in the Hat
 17   Introducing the Cat
 18   Under the Bed
 19   Three New Friends
 20   The Sitter's Sitter
 21   The Doctor Is In
 22   Sally Gets the Treatment
 23   Conrad's Big Problem
 24   Where Do We Go from Here?
 25   A CD Symphony
 26   Legal Lunacy
 27   A Full Service Cat
 28   What's a Couch For?
 29   Ups and Downs
 30   What's in the Crate?
 31   The Cat's Favorite Things
 32   A Warning for Conrad
 33   One Thing after Another
 34   Thing Catchers
 35   Nets to You, Conrad
 36   The Good Listener
 37   Catch Nevins, Good Heavens!
 38   Keeping the Lid On
 39   The Cat's Wild Plan
 40   In Search of Nevins
 41   This Pussycat's Packin'!
 42   Sitter on a String
 43   Open for Trouble
 44   Cat in the Hat
 45   The Cat's Hot Wheels
 46   Four for the Road
 47   Purple Thunder
 48   A Fast and Furious Feline
 49   At Safari Sam's
 50   Driven to Distraction
 51   Busted by a Blowhard
 52   Closing In on Quinn
 53   Home. Sweet...Huh?!
 54   The Walden Funhouse
 55   A House Gone Mad
 56   A Matter of Matter
 57   Conrad and the Crate
 58   The Return of Quinn
 59   Home Wreckers
 60   A Nice Place to Visit. But...
 61   Tennis, Anyone?
 62   The Cleaner Supreme
 63   The Cat's Cleaning Song
 64   Thank You, Thing!
 65   Cat's Clean-Up Squad
 66   Lady of the House
 67   All This, and Clean Kids Two!
 68   Glopped and Stopped
 69   It's Party Time!
 70   Happy Hour
 71   A Feline Farewell
 72   Checklist


Die-Cut Cards

DC1   The Cat
DC2   Conrad
DC3   Sally
DC4   Thing 1
DC5   Thing 2
DC6   The Fish

Memorabilia Cards

CW1   Dress worn by Kelly Preston as Mother
CW2   Sweater worn by Dakota Fanning as Sally
CW3   Shirt worn by Alec Baldwin as Larry
CW4   Hat worn by Mike Myers as Cat  [white; red]
CW5   Costumes worn by Thing 1 and Thing 2
CW6   Shirt worn by Conrad


 P1   Imagine that! (Cat with Thing 1 & Thing 2)
 P2   Imagine that! (Cat driving)
 P3   Imagine that! (Cat at party)
 --   Available October 2001! (dealer sell sheet)

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©2003, 2004, 2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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