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   Inkworks - 2004

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.90 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Title

      1    (Title Card)

Character Cards

      2    Patience Phillips
      3    Catwoman
      4    Detective Tom Lone
      5    Laurel Hedare
      6    George Hedare
      7    Sally
      8    Ophelia Powers
      9    Drina
     10    Armando
     11    Wesley
     12    Midnight

Tale of the Cat

     13    Keeper of Secrets
     14    Blessed and Cursed
     15    Finding the Center
     16    Two Become One
     17    Stalking a Different Prey
     18    Transformation Compete

Story Cards

     19    Here Kitty Kitty!
     20    Cat-astrophe at Work
     21    Mutual Humiliations
     22    Tom Cat
     23    On the Prowl
     24    Dead End
     25    Resurrection
     26    Alley Cat
     27    What the Cat Dragged In
     28    House of Secrets
     29    Tea and Catnip
     30    Hissy Fits
     31    A Woman Scorned
     32    Shattered World
     33    Warning Sign
     34    Coffee for a Tom Cat
     35    A Purr-fect Play
     36    Letting the Cat Out
     37    Prowlin' and Growlin'
     38    Kitty's First Heist
     39    Pushed Aside
     40    Kitty Pretties
     41    The Power of Bast
     42    A Little Push
     43    Cool Cat Strut
     44    "Cat Got Your Tongue?"
     45    Cream and the Kill
     46    Paw Prints
     47    Wheel of Misfortune
     48    Catty Conversation
     49    At the Big Top
     50    Catwalk Confrontation
     51    Edge of Ruin
     52    Cats Napping
     53    Kitty Cornered
     54    The Hunter Is Hunted
     55    Cat Captured
     56    Kitty Caged
     57    New Queen of Hedare
     58    Squeeze Play
     59    Playing Dirty
     60    Cat Fight
     61    The Claws Are Out
     62    Shattered Beauty
     63    From Foes to Friends

Behind the Scenes

     64    Hiss Off!
     65    Jumpin' Jack Cat
     66    Post-Dead Close-Up
     67    Lights! Camera! Pounce!
     68    Say Cheese! Or Not
     69    Wait for the Clap
     70    Proto Cat
     71    Happy Campers

     72    Checklist


Fearless Puzzle Cards (1:12 packs)

    F-1    "What killed me made me stronger."
    F-2    "Show of hands - who can see in the dark?"
    F-3    "I wanted to hurt him. I would have liked to h
    F-4    "You are Patience... and you are Catwoman. Dua
    F-5    "I wear my mask to hide my identity. You wear
    F-6    "A girl's gotta know how to land on her feet."
    F-7    "Cats come when we feel like it. Not when we'r
    F-8    "You can't win. You have to refuse to play."
    F-9    "You can take the cat out of the alley, but yo

Cat Vision Cards (1:17 packs)

   CV-1    Sleek. Sharp. Lithe. Strong. HSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
   CV-2    Whissssh! Snap! Fwooosh! Flick! Ouch!
   CV-3    Snff. Hmmm...? Stare. Flex. Coil... Spring!
   CV-4    Leap! Freeze. Sniff. Creep. Target. Attack!
   CV-5    Purrrr... Mrrrow? Streeeeeetch. Lick. Claws! S
   CV-6    Circle. Stare. Teeth. Glare. Grrrrr...

Pieceworks Cards (1:36 packs)

   PW-1    Halle Berry as Catwoman - Leather Top [scarcest; by redemption]
   PW-2    Halle Berry as Catwoman - Leather Pants (by redemption)
   PW-3    Halle Berry as Patience Philips - Jeans
   PW-4    Halle Berry as Patience Philips - Sweater (by redemption)
   PW-5    Benjamin Bratt as Detective Tom Lone - Sweater
   PW-6    Sharon Stone as Laurel Hedare - Pajamas
   PW-7    Halle Berry as Patience - Jog Suit Top
   PW-8    Halle Berry as Patience Philips - Jog Suit Bottom
   PW-9    Lambert Wilson as George Hedare - Tuxedo
  PW-10    Halle Berry as Patience Philips - Blue Top
  PW-11    Halle Berry as Patience Philips - Patterned Top [gold; gold/brown]
  PW-12    Halle Berry as Patience Philips - Pants
  PW-13    Sharon Stone as Laurel Hedare - Jumpsuit
  PW-14    Benjamin Bratt as Detective Tom Lone - T-Shirt
   PR-1    (Pieceworks Redemption Card)

Autographed Cards (1:36 packs; all by redemption)

    A-1    Lambert Wilson as George Hedare
    A-2    Alex Borsteain as Sally
    A-3    Michael Massee as Armando
    A-4    Kim Smith as Drina [scarcest]
    A-5    Byron Mann as Wesley
    A-7    Peter Wingfield as Dr. Slavicky
   AR-1    (Autograph Redemption Card)

"A Cat's Life" Box-Topper Cards

   BL-1    The Cat Came Back
   BL-2    Staking Out Turf
   BL-3    Cool Cat and Lone Wolf

Case-Topper Card

   CL-1    I Rule the Night

Card Album (sold separately)

     --    Catwoman Premium Trading Cards (binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

     --    (9-Card "Fearless" panel; numbered to 299)


 FCBD-1    (Free Comic Book Day 2004)
  P-1      (general distribution)
  P-2      (Non-Sport Update)
  P-UK     (Cards Inc.; UK distribution)
  P-i      ( exclusive)
SD-C2004   (San Diego Comic Con)
     --    (dealer sell sheet)

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