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CB Convoy Code (Stickers)
Donruss - 1978

Notes:  This set is sometimes called "CB Dictionary" because of the headings on 
the card backs. Numbering can be confusing because the Dictionary is numbered 
separately from the sticker numbers, in a sequence of 23 (some "pages" are 
repeated in the sticker set.) Thanks much to Sean Wright for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Tijuana Taxi
  2   Breaker Breaker
  3   Part Your Hair
  4   Bear In The Air
  5   Ten Four Good Buddy
  6   Sick Horse
  7   Breaker 8
  8   Smokey On Four Legs
  9   Two Wheeler
 10   Mercy Sakes
 11   Eyeball To Eyeball
 12   Steamer
 13   Ratchet Jaws
 14   Channel Hog
 15   Six Wheeler
 16   Bear In The Bushes
 17   Blow The Doors Off
 18   Ears On
 19   Peanut Butter Ears
 20   Smokey Takin' Pictures
 21   Handle
 22   Shake The Leaves
 23   Drop The Hammer
 24   Battery Acid
 25   Local Yokel
 26   Country Cadillac
 27   Super Dude
 28   Moon Dog
 29   Love Bug
 30   Night Hawk
 31   Feeding The Bears
 32   Show Your Cards
 33   Chatter Rabbit
 34   Fat Rollerskate
 35   Bear Cave
 36   Happy Hobo
 37   CB Addict
 38   Asphalt Pilot
 39   Mad Dog
 40   Bear
 41   Walked On
 42   Crazy Horse
 43   Green Stamps
 44   88's

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©2008 Sean Wright, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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