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Warhammer Combat Cards: Bretonnians
Games Workshop - 1999

Notes: Marketed as a boxed set, these cards were designed for simple solitaire
or multi-player games.  Perhaps more important was the attraction of the
artwork and the tie-in to Games Workshop figurines featuring favorite char-

Title                                             Warband           Power

Warhammer Combat Cards - Bretonnian               (Title Card)        -

Bertrand the Brigand - Leader of the Bowmen       Red                 3
Bowmen of Bergerac - Brave commoners              Red                 1
Bowmen of Bergerac - Can shoot an arrow           Red                 1
Bowmen of Bergerac - Loose clouds of arrows       Red                 1

Matteus - Leader of the Squires                   Dark Blue           4
Squires - Fight in loose formations               Dark Blue           1
Squires - The mighty longbows                     Dark Blue           1
Squires - use stealth to sneak up                 Dark Blue           1

Luc - Leader of the Knights Errant                Dark Green          6
Knights Errant - Carry tall lancers               Dark Green          3
Knights Errant - Make reckless charges            Dark Green          3
Knights Errant - Young Knights                    Dark Green          3

Standard Bearer of the Men-at-Arms                Yellow              6
Men-at-Arms - Fight in densely packed             Yellow              3
Men-at-Arms - Hold the battle line                Yellow              3
Men-at-Arms - Loyal retainers                     Yellow              3

Standard Bearer of the Grail Knights              Orange              6
Grail Knights - Are protected by both             Orange              4
Grail Knights - Have sipped from                  Orange              4
Grail Knights - Most deadly of the many           Orange              4

Jean - Leader of the Mounted Squires              Light Blue          4
Mounted Squires - Chase down any foes             Light Blue          2
Mounted Squires - Guard the flanks                Light Blue          2
Mounted Squires - Scout ahead                     Light Blue          2

Repanse de Lyonesse                               Pink                6
Morgiana le Fay                                   Light Green         8
The Green Knight                                  Purple             12

Alphonse de Brincourt - Bretonnian Hero           White (special)     4
Gilbert de Bouillion - Bretonnian Hero            White (special)     8
Giselle the Sorceress                             White (special)     6
Godefrois de Cantel - Bretonnian Hero             White (special)     4
Hercule le Brave - Bretonnian Hero                White (special)     4
Louen Leoncoeur - King of Bretonnia               White (special)    10
The Sorceress Yvette                              White (special)     6
Tristan le Troubadour - Bretonnian Hero           White (special)     4

Combat Cards (2+ players)                         (rules sheet)

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