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Warhammer 40,000 Combat Cards: Chaos Warriors
Games Workshop - 1999

Notes: Marketed as a boxed set, these cards were designed for simple solitaire
or multi-player games.  Perhaps more important was the attraction of the
artwork and the tie-in to Games Workshop figurines featuring favorite char-

Title                                            Description                     Warband      Number

(Title Card)                                                                     --

Murag - Leader of the Chaos Marauders                                            Blue            4
Murag's Chaos Marauders                          Sweep down                      Blue            1
Murag's Chaos Marauders                          Tattoo their bodies             Blue            1
Murag's Chaos Marauders                          Whirling bloodied flails        Blue            1

Gundar - Leader of the Chaos Warriors                                            Light Blue      4
Gundar's Chaos Warriors                          Beneath their blood-spattered   Light Blue      2
Gundar's Chaos Warriors                          Having sold their souls         Light Blue      2
Gundar's Chaos Warriors                          These damned warriors           Light Blue      2

Standard Bearer of the Chaos Knights                                             Green           6
Chaos Knights                                    Eager for battle                Green           3
Chaos Knights                                    Slaughter without mercy         Green           3
Chaos Knights                                    The relentless charge           Green           3

Chaos Chariot                                                                    Light Green     8

Standard Bearer of the Iron Fist Chaos Knights                                   Orange          6
Iron Fist Chaos Knights                          Heavy Chaos armour              Orange          4
Iron Fist Chaos Knights                          The charge                      Orange          4
Iron Fist Chaos Knights                          The huge black steeds           Orange          4

Kuthar the Merciless                                                             Pink            6

Arbaal the Undefeated                                                            Purple         12

Valx - Leader of the Chaos Marauders                                             Red             3
Chaos Marauders                                  Fight with any weapon           Red             1
Chaos Marauders                                  Scream blood-curdling           Red             1
Chaos Marauders                                  Show respect only               Red             1

Chaos Warrior Horn Blower                                                        Yellow          6
Chaos Warriors                                   These grim warriors             Yellow          3
Chaos Warriors                                   They fight with berserk         Yellow          3
Chaos Warriors                                   Unarmed                         Yellow          3

Aekold Helbrass - Chaos Champion                                                 White (Bonus)   8
Bilenor the Foul - Chaos Champion                                                White (Bonus)   4
Cran Skulltaker - Chaos Champion                                                 White (Bonus)   4
Egrimm van Horstmann                                                             White (Bonus)  10
Hurathor - Chaos Champion                                                        White (Bonus)   4
Mulin Nightstalker - Chaos Champion                                              White (Bonus)   4
Sorcerer Lord Ubrecht                                                            White (Bonus)   6
Thanok Baneweaver - Chaos Sorcerer                                               White (Bonus)   6

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