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Warhammer 40,000 Combat Cards: Chaos Space Marines
Games Workshop - 1999

Notes: Marketed as a boxed set, these cards were designed for simple solitaire
or multi-player games.  Perhaps more important was the attraction of the
artwork and the tie-in to Games Workshop figurines featuring favorite char-

Title                                         Description                 Warband      Number

(Title Card)

Vith the Faceless - Havok Champion                                        Light Blue      4
Chaos Havoks                                  Destroy opposing            Light Blue      2
Chaos Havoks                                  Gun down enemy              Light Blue      2
Chaos Havoks                                  Watch the battle            Light Blue      2

Mulgar Vilespike - Raptor Champion                                        Blue            4
Chaos Raptors                                 Bound over obstacles        Blue            1
Chaos Raptors                                 Use flame and plasma        Blue            1
Chaos Raptors                                 Wear special armour         Blue            1

Malarithor - Chaos Space Marine Champion                                  Red             3
Chaos Space Marines                           Are corrupted               Red             1
Chaos Space Marines                           Have been fighting          Red             1
Chaos Space Marines                           Use crude, leaky            Red             1

Gaff Ironjaw - Terminator Champion                                        Orange          6
Chaos Terminators                             Advance straight            Orange          4
Chaos Terminators                             Are protected               Orange          4
Chaos Terminators                             Fight just as well          Orange          4

Graal Foesplitter - Berzerker Champion                                    Yellow          6
Khorne Berzerkers                             Charge their enemies        Yellow          3
Khorne Berzerkers                             Delight in the frenzied     Yellow          3
Khorne Berzerkers                             Will not rest               Yellow          3

Skumnesh the Bilious Plague Marine Champion                               Green           6
Plague Marines                                Hide diseased               Green           3
Plague Marines                                Include only the toughest   Green           3
Plague Marines                                Use ancient and arcane      Green           3

Abaddon the Despoiler                                                     White          10
Ahriman of the Thousand Sons                                              White           8
Barakkun the Heartless Champion of Chaos                                  White           4
Fabius Bile                                                               White           6
Khârn the Betrayer                                                        White           6
Nore Hackflesh - Champion of Chaos                                        White           4
Red Ulfar - Champion of Chaos                                             White           4
Skullgrim the Lost - Champion of Chaos                                    White           4

Chaos Dreadnought                                                         Light Green     8
Noise Marines                                                             Pink            6
Chaos Predator                                                            Violet         12

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