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Warhammer 40,000 Combat Cards: Dark Eldar
Games Workshop - 1999

Notes: Marketed as a boxed set, these cards were designed for simple solitaire
or multi-player games.  Perhaps more important was the attraction of the
artwork and the tie-in to Games Workshop figurines featuring favorite char-

Title                                            Description                 Warband      Number

(Title Card)

Vulharek the Silent Leader of the Scourges                                   Yellow         6
Dark Eldar Scourges                              Carry deadly splinter       Yellow         3
Dark Eldar Scourges                              Strike silently             Yellow         3
Dark Eldar Scourges                              Land behind enemy           Yellow         3

Dark Eldar Warriors                              Use exotic weapons          Purple         4
Dark Eldar Warriors                              Advance swiftly             Purple         1
Dark Eldar Warriors                              Raid worlds ruled           Purple         1
Dark Eldar Warriors                              Wear deadly blades          Purple         1

Morvis the Flayer Leader of the Grotesques                                   Orange         6
Grotesques                                       Feel no pain                Orange         4
Grotesques                                       Have blades and spikes      Orange         4
Grotesques                                       Strike fear into            Orange         4

Kohrliek Leader of the Hellions                                              Light Blue     4
Hellions                                         Excel at surprise           Light Blue     2
Hellions                                         Fight in a frenzy           Light Blue     2
Hellions                                         Scream chilling battle      Light Blue     2

Beastmaster Surashek                                                         Red            3
Warp Beasts                                      Are the embodiment          Red            1
Warp Beasts                                      Attack whatever             Red            1
Warp Beasts                                      Tear apart                  Red            1

Lelith Hesperax Leader of the Wyches                                         Green          6
Wyches                                           Fight not only to slay      Green          3
Wyches                                           Spend their lives           Green          3
Wyches                                           Use a mixture               Green          3

Archon Zuol                                                                  White         10
Dracon Nurekh                                                                White          8
Drazhar, Master of Blades                                                    White          6
Reaver Jetbike                                   Carves a bloody             White          4
Reaver Jetbike                                   Outpaces                    White          4
Reaver Jetbike                                   Slices through foes         White          4
Reaver Jetbike                                   Tears gaps                  White          4
Urien Rakarth                                    Carries the agonised        White          6

Ravager                                                                      Light Green    8
Talos                                                                        Violet        12

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