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Warhammer Combat Cards: High Elves
Games Workshop - 1999

Notes: Marketed as a boxed set, these cards were designed for simple solitaire
or multi-player games.  Perhaps more important was the attraction of the
artwork and the tie-in to Games Workshop figurines featuring favorite char-

Title                                             Warband          Power

Warhammer Combat Cards - High Elves               (Title Card)       --

Equinnel - Leader of the Ellyrian Reavers         Light Blue          4
Ellyrian Reavers - Few enemies can                Light Blue          2
Ellyrian Reavers - Riding ahead                   Light Blue          2
Ellyrian Reavers - The war horn rallies           Light Blue          2

Eryion Blackmane - Leader of the Archers          Red                 3
High Elf Archers - Expert marksman                Red                 1
High Elf Archers - Rain lethal clouds             Red                 1
High Elf Archers - The finely-crafted             Red                 1

Culanar - Leader of the Silver Helms              Green               6
Silver Helms - Named for their                    Green               3
Silver Helms - Noble warriors                     Green               3
Silver Helms - The diamond-hard tips              Green               3

Standard Bearer of the Spearmen                   Blue                4
Spearmen - Countless enemies                      Blue                1
Spearmen - Every enemy attack                     Blue                1
Spearmen - Large spear regiments                  Blue                1

Standard Bearer of the Sword Masters of Hoeth     Orange              6
Sword Masters of Hoeth - Guardians                Orange              4
Sword Masters of Hoeth - So fast are              Orange              4
Sword Masters of Hoeth - Unmatched                Orange              4

Standard Bearer of the White Lions                Yellow              6
White Lions - Only those who can slay             Yellow              3
White Lions - The personal bodyguard              Yellow              3
White Lions - Valiant warriors                    Yellow              3

High Elf Chariot                                  Light Green         8
Repeater Bolt Thrower                             Pink                6
Prince Imrik                                      Purple             12

Arillian of Tor Yvresse - Elven Hero              White (special)     4
Great Eagle                                       White (special)     6
Lord Cullenion - Elven Hero                       White (special)     4
Mage Lord Teclis                                  White (special)     8
Memion - Elven Hero                               White (special)     4
Piranel Spellbinder - Elven Mage                  White (special)     6
Prince Tyrion                                     White (special)    10
Ultar the Swift - Elven Hero                      White (special)     4

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