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Warhammer 40,000 Combat Cards: Orks
Games Workshop - 1999

Notes: Marketed as a boxed set, these cards were designed for simple solitaire
or multi-player games.  Perhaps more important was the attraction of the
artwork and the tie-in to Games Workshop figurines featuring favorite char-

Title                                          Description                      Warband      Number

(Title Card)                                                                    --
(Rules sheet)                                                                   --

Shoota Boyz                                    Are equipped to fight            Blue            1
Shoota Boyz                                    Loose long ragged bursts         Blue            1
Shoota Boyz                                    Love gunz                        Blue            1
Shoota Boyz                                    Try to outdo each other          Blue            1

Bignaz - Leader of the Stormboyz                                                Light Blue      4
Stormboyz                                      Fly through the air              Light Blue      2
Stormboyz                                      Have found the ultimate          Light Blue      2
Stormboyz                                      Land with the subtlety           Light Blue      2

'Ard Boyz                                      Carry a few rokkit launchas      Green           6
'Ard Boyz                                      Revel in the excitement          Green           3
'Ard Boyz                                      Survive heavy enemy fire         Green           3
'Ard Boyz                                      Wear loads of heavy armour       Green           3

Rokkit Buggy                                                                    Light Green     8

Mekboy Roztum - Leader of the Burna Boyz                                        Orange          6
Burna Boyz                                     Are equally good at torching     Orange          4
Burna Boyz                                     Can sear through the thickest    Orange          4
Burna Boyz                                     Hose down enemy positions        Orange          4

Gretchin                                       Are weak and cowardly            Pink            1
Gretchin                                       Fight with whatever crude        Pink            1
Gretchin                                       Will go to ground                Pink            1

Dreadnought                                                                     Purple         12

Killer Kan                                                                      Red             6
Slaver Grotnatz                                                                 Red             3

Ulmek Grazdakka - Leader of the Stikk Bommas                                    Yellow          6
Stikk Bommas                                   Are cunning enough               Yellow          3
Stikk Bommas                                   Are specialists at winkling      Yellow          3
Stikk Bommas                                   Blast enemy troops               Yellow          3

Brod Tuffnut                                                                    White (Bonus)   6
Gornob Grimskragga - Ork Warboss                                                White (Bonus)  10
Grimshag                                                                        White (Bonus)   4
Gruzlub                                                                         White (Bonus)   4
Gullnut Zaggrub                                                                 White (Bonus)   4
Krug Edsplitta                                                                  White (Bonus)   6
Shagrat Godwazza - the Speed Freek                                              White (Bonus)   4
Skumdek                                                                         White (Bonus)   8

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