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Warhammer Combat Cards: Undead
Games Workshop - 1999

Notes: Marketed as a boxed set, these cards were designed for simple solitaire
or multi-player games.  Perhaps more important was the attraction of the
artwork and the tie-in to Games Workshop figurines featuring favorite char-

Title                                             Warband          Power

Warhammer Combat Cards - Undead                   (Title Card)       --

Standard Bearer of the Armoured Skeletons         Yellow              6
Armoured Skeletons - Proud warriors               Yellow              3
Armoured Skeletons - Rustling weapons             Yellow              3
Armoured Skeletons - The bodyguard                Yellow              3

Champion of the Ghouls                            Blue                4
Ghouls - Bands of Ghouls can swamp                Blue                1
Ghouls - Not true Undead                          Blue                1
Ghouls - Their weapons are stolen                 Blue                1

Standard Bearer of the Skeletons                  Green               6
Skelton Spearmen - Among the foul                 Green               3
Skelton Spearmen - Fight in massed                Green               3
Skelton Spearmen - Though they have               Green               3

Vilman the Foul - Leader of the Horsemen          Light Blue          4
Undead Horsemen - Armed with rustling             Light Blue          2
Undead Horsemen - Can ride through                Light Blue          2
Undead Horsemen - Ride with the clatter           Light Blue          2

Banshee - Leader of the Wraiths                   Orange              6
Wraiths - Great scythes of black                  Orange              4
Wraiths - This wretched husk                      Orange              4
Wraiths - Wraiths are hideous                     Orange              4

Standard Bearer of the Zombies                    Red                 3
Zombies - A Necromancer can raise                 Red                 1
Zombies - Rank hordes                             Red                 1
Zombies - Zombies fight                           Red                 1

Undead Chariot                                    Light Green         8
Screaming Skull Catapult                          Pink                6
Zombie Dragon                                     Purple             12

Heinrich Kemmler                                  White (special)    10
Isabella von Carstein                             White (special)     6
Krell - Undead Hero                               White (special)     4
Kuzak the Undying - Undead Hero                   White (special)     4
Moloch - Undead Hero                              White (special)     4
The Red Duke                                      White (special)     8
Tumek Heartrender - Undead Hero                   White (special)     4
Vlad von Carstein                                 White (special)     6

Combat Cards (2+ players)                         (Rules sheet)

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