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Celebrity Shots Series 1
Blue Ice Promotions - 1993

Notes:  Distributed as a boxed factory set. Many thanks to Genny Carr for the 
original list and to Marcia Fanchin for the update!

No.   Celebrity

  1   Madonna
  2   Jessica Lange
  3   Mimi Rogers
  4   Sylvia Raunch
  5   Ashley Richardson
  6   Elvira
  7   Marilyn (Impersonator)
  8   Emmanuelle Seigner
  9   Vanessa Williams
 10   Dian Parkinson
 11   Lace
 12   Drew Barrymore
 13   Cher
 14   Naomi Campbell
 15   Cyndy Crawford
 16   Susan Sarandon
 17   June Wilkinson
 18   Annette O'Toole
 19   Vanna White
 20   Marla Maples

 G1   Suzie Owens

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