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Center Stage Series II
Center Stage - 1993

Note:  Images contain full nudity.

No.   Title                              Birthplace

 51   Center Stage Adult Trading Cards   Checklist Series II
 52   Brandy                             Whittier, California
 53   Miranda                            New Orleans, LA
 54   Remy                               Vietnam
 55   Anna                               Houston, Texas
 56   Lynn                               Des Moines, Iowa
 57   Diane                              Georgia
 58   Bre'ge                             New Orleans, LA
 59   Hope                               Houston, Texas
 60   Zena                               The Phillipines
 61   Promise                            Chicago, Illinois
 62   Cherice                            Houston, Texas
 63   Barbie                             Houston, Texas
 64   Rene                               Houston, Texas
 65   Nichole                            Fullerton, CA
 66   Monica                             Hollywood, CA
 67   Angela                             Everett, WA
 68   Joey                               Rome, NY
 69   Kim & Lisa                         Boston, MA/TN
 70   Chantel                            Boston, MA
 71   Julie Smith                        Phoenix, AZ
 72   Nikki                              Orlando, FL
 73   Tori                               Redondo Beach, CA
 74   Brittanny                          Silver Springs, MD
 75   Megan                              Long Island, NY
 76   Lauren                             Winter Haven, FL
 77   Paige                              Pittsburgh, PA
 78   Morgan                             Winter Park, FL
 79   Nikki & Kristina                   San Francisco, CA/San Jose, CA
 80   Caprice                            Galveston, Texas
 81   Roxy                               Corpus Christi, TX
 82   Jennifer                           Houston, Texas
 83   Terri                              Houston, Texas
 84   Monica                             New Jersey
 85   Nirvana                            Houston, Texas
 86   Sabrina                            Texas
 87   Sunny
 88   Candi                              Klamath Falls, Oregon
 89   Julie                              Ohio
 90   Melinda                            Houston, Texas
 91   Paige                              Houston, Texas
 92   Stevie                             Houston, Texas
 93   Nina                               Houston, Texas
 94   Shelly                             Houston, Texas
 95   Peggy Sue                          Florida
 96   Tikka                              Thailand
 97   Dani                               Dallas, Texas
 98   Cheryl                             Houston, Texas
 99   Elaina                             Dallas, Texas
100   Missi                              Germany

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