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Center Stage - Southwest Edition
Center Stage - 1992

Notes:  A parallel set was produced, with gold foil highlights. Thanks much
to Genny Carr for the original checklist and to Frank Forrester for the update!

No.   Title                           Birthplace

01    Center Stage Southwest Edition  Cover Card
02    Bridgette                       Houston, TX
03    Cherry                          Milan, IN
04    Kelly                           Mansfield, OH
05    Holly                           Cleveland, OH
06    Bunny                           Tulsa, OK
07    Promise                         Houston, TX
08    Christy                         Fort Worth, TX
09    Randi                           Wharton, TX
10    Tabbitha                        Tucson, AZ
11    Carrie                          Houston, TX
12    Nikki                           Michigan
13    Savannah                        Durango, CO
14    Ginger                          Red River, MN
15    Gidget                          Houston, TX
16    Roxanne                         Pasadena, CA
17    Vanity                          Houston, TX
18    Cindi & Bonnie                  Twin Cities
19    Alex                            Mexico City
20    Zena                            The Philippines
21    Heather                         Norman, OK
22    Chanelle                        Paris, France
23    Barbie                          Van Nuys, CA
24    Kori                            Houston, TX
25    Allison                         Houston, TX
26    Jennifer                        Sarasota, FL
27    Daniella                        Los Angeles, CA
28    Heidi                           Munich, Germany
29    Gina                            Tennessee
30    Meredith                        Houston, TX
31    Casey                           Carrolton, KY
32    Candice                         Sweden
33    Sheila                          Harlingen, TX
34    Candy                           Phoenix, AZ
35    Lori                            Houston, TX
36    Angel                           Santa Fe, NM
37    Bridgette                       Houston, TX
38    Michelle                        New Orleans, LA
39    Rio                             Vail, CO
40    Kandice                         Houston, TX
41    Promise                         Houston, TX
42    Leesa                           Kansas City, MO
43    Sabrina                         Jackson, MS
44    Tatiana                         Barcelona, Spain
45    Ashley                          Nuevo Laredo
46    Sunny                           Denver, CO
47    Carrie                          Houston, TX
48    Raquel                          Canada
49    Nikki                           Michigan
50    Checklist

©2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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