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Centerfold Collection 1992
Infinity Card Co. - 1992

Notes:  There seem to be a variety of opinions on what constitute a "set"
for these cards, so I merely call them "Centerfold Collection 1992."  A common
demarcation is that cards 1-20 were Series 1, and were distributed as a factory
set.  Also common is the treatment of cards 21-60 as Series 2. But Series 2 is
also described as cards 21-65, or as a 44 card set (or even as a 64-card set).
The highest-numbered cards, particularly #63 and #65, seem to be more
scarce than the others.

Some, or all, of the cards were issued in a parallel "Bodacious Babes" version,
with those words stamped in gold foil on the front, except for certain cards
such as #63 (stamped "Golden Nipple") and #62 (stamped "Double Play" in
rainbow foil). Parallel versions of cards #52-63 are known to exist and are
sometimes described as a subset, further complicating how the cards should
be grouped in different "series."  Thanks to Russell Penner and LMA for the

And now I discover another series, with names and "Centerfold Collection 
1992" embossed in gold on card fronts. Most of the titles match those of the 
normal set but some are different, as shown below. I know of 13 cards in 
this edition, which appears to be a "test set."

No.   Title                    Test-Set Title

  1   Tanya Phillips           Tanya Phillips
  2   Sarah Olsen              Monica Phillips
  3   Jennifer Cappola         Jennifer Cappola
  4   Kelly Andrews            Kelly Andrews [blank back, no #]
  5   Chrissy Nelson           Jill Burrows
  6   Chelsea Turner           Chelsea Turner
  7   Monica Phillips          Sarah Olsen
  8   Jill Burrows             Chrissy Nelson
  9   Cyndy Green              Cyndy Green
 10   Charisse O'Rourke        Theresa Marcuilonis
 11   Laurie Wilson            Laurie Wilson
 12   Jackie Schroeder         Jackie Schroeder
 13   Abbe Stone
 14   Taylor Gibson
 15   Alex Keller
 16   Randi Simpson
 17   Nicki Richards
 18   Nadine Gold
 19   Leslie Smith
 20   Shelly Morris

 21   Torrie Haber
 22   Deanna Slakowski
 23   Theresa Marcuilonis
 24   TC Wingate
 25   Dani Moskowitz
 26   Nikki Adams
 27   Phyllis Mahole
 28   Licorice Bush
 29   Alice Wunderlick
 30   Red Clinton
 31   Gigi McNaughton
 32   Hedy Von Kiesler
 33   Kathryn Henderson
 34   Joey Caldwell
 35   Michelle Johnston
 36   Amee Fisher
 37   Allison Sternberger
 38   Sharon Stevenson
 39   Tammy Jo Bakker
 40   Sophie Mastriello
 41    Mia Albright
 42    Kimberly Allan
 43    Holly Hoover
 44    Victoria Jackson-Rose
 45    Paula O'Reilly
 46    Lynne Vibrant
 47    Panodyl Smith
 48    Shirley Goodwill
 49    Mindy Griffin
 50    Kathleen Henry
 51    Janice Appleton
 52    Chrissy Paris
 53    Taylor Wayne
 54    Zena Fulsom
 55    Lacey Pleasure
 56    Justa Dream
 57    Christy Canyon
 58    Betsy Boobs
 59    Traci Topps
 60    Montana

 61    Tiffany Towers
 62    DOUBLE PLAY: Sarah Goldberg/Kelly O'Brien
 63    Nipple
 64    Samantha Darrow [Check List]          Samantha Darrow [blank back, no #]
 65    Erotica Art Number One

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