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Century of Progress (Chicago World's Fair)
   Blatz Gum - 1933
Century of Progress (Souvenir Views)
   Blatz Gum - 1933

Notes: Cards were distributed with gum in packages reading "Century of Progress 
Gum - Art Colortone Pictures," and the set is often referred to only as "Chicago 
World's Fair." Card fronts have color photos or artist renditions, while backs 
have descriptive text. They measure approximately 2-1/4" x 2-15/16". American 
Card Catalog reference is R30-1. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

The cards were reconfigured for sale in boxes of 16 items, with the box suitable for 
mailing. Box titles include:
- "16 Miniature Souvenir Views" "Century of Progress 1833-Chicago-1933" "Series 1" (1-16)
- "16 Miniature Souvenir Views" "Century of Progress 1833-Chicago-1933" "Series 2" (17-32)
- "16 Miniature Souvenir Views" "Chicago World's Fair" "Series 2" (17-32)
These cards have blank backs. American Card Catalog reference is R30-2.

The Colortone photos (with others) were also licensed for several series of 50-51 postcards, 
the most common of which are associated with N. Shure Co. and Max Rigot Selling Co., 
shown in separate checklists.

No.   Title

  1   Hall of Science ["U" shaped]
  2   Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain, Grant Park, Chicago
  3   Intra-Mural Bus
  4   Dairy Building
  5   Agricultural Building
  6   Oriental Village at the Chicago World's Fair
  7   Interior of the Golden Pavilion of Jehol
  8   Admiral Byrd's Polar Ship "The City of New York"
  9   Electrical Group by Night
 10   Hall of Science [interesting view]
 11   Sky Ride
 12   "Enchanted Island", A Playground for Children, Chicago World's Fair
 13   Hall of States and Federal Buildings, Chicago World's Fair
 14   Hall of Science [700 feet long and 400 feet wide]
 15   Aeroplane View of Fair Grounds
 16   Court of States Building
 17   Administration Building [looking northward]
 18   Travel and Transport Building
 19   The Administration Building [experimental laboratory]
 20   Hall of Science [176 foot carillon]
 21   The Interior Court of the Hall of Science by Night
 22   Golden Temple of Jehol [nighttime]
 23   Golden Temple of Jehol [daytime]
 24   Three Fluted Towers Around Dome of Federal Building
 25   Hall of Science [seen from North]
 26   Travel Building
 27   The Lincoln Group
 28   Panoramic View of the Century of Progress, World's Fair 1953
 29   Fort Dearborn
 30   Electrical Group
 31   Administration Building [main facade]
 32   Central Exhibits Group

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