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Cereal Killers
Wax Eye Productions - 2011

Notes:  Each box is a parody cereal box with two sides, typically sold as a set of 
three. Further information and scans are posted at the Wax Eye website.

3-Pack: 3 boxes of 20 cards + 1 piece of eyeball candy.
Common sets (55): approx. 1.00 per 3-pack if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                        Card Back

  1   Zomb'a Crunch                                Eat His Way Through The Brain
  2   Frosted Freeks                               Match The Cereal Box
  3   Loco Puffs                                   Impossible Maze
  4   Chucky harms                                 orange border bottom middle
  5   Crunch Brains                                red border bottom right
  6   Halloweeties                                 Killer Halloween Costume
  7   Children of the Corn Flakes                  red border bottom left
  8   Frankly Burried                              blue border top left
  9   Fright Loops                                 How To Stay Trim and Slim
 10   Clockwork Porridge                           orange border center
 11   Exorcrisp The Cereal                         blue border bottom right
 12   Count Shockula                               orange border center right
 13   Figer the 13th                               red border top right
 14   Night of the Krispies Dead                   Baby Maggot In The Cereal Bowl
 15   Hex                                          Artist: Joe Simko
 16   Gloomy Pebbles                               orange border puzzle completed
 17   Chainsaw Toast Crunch                        1st Series Trading Card Checklist
 18   Golden Curse                                 Cereal Nutjob's Mouth
 19   Hellraisin Bran                              orange border top middle
 20   The Wheatful Dead                            Match The Rightful Bowl
 21   Angry Jacks                                  blue border top middle
 22   Grudgenola                                   blue border puzzle completed
 23   Shredded Feet                                Cereal Killers I.Q. Test
 24   Marbits Attacks!                             red border puzzle completed
 25   Honey-Chrome                                 Scratch N' Sniff The Cereal Bowl
 26   Bloody Bunches of Throats                    red border center
 27   The ringO's                                  blue border center
 28   Death                                        Get The Spoon Down To His Bowl
 29   Creepix                                      About Wax Eye
 30   Good Fiends                                  red border bottom middle
 31   Homicidal K                                  red border top middle
 32   Tales from the Crisp                         1st Series Trading Card Checklist
 33   Ghoulden Grahams                             orange border center left
 34   The Phantom of the Oatmeal                   blue border bottom left
 35   Alien-Bits                                   red border top left
 36   The Silence of the Grahams                   orange border bottom right
 37   Eye Pops                                     How Many Eyes Can You Spot
 38   Hick's Mix                                   Spot The Cereal Goblin Shadow
 39   Ape-Guts                                     blue border top right
 40   Haunted Mini-Creeps                          red border center left
 41   Honey Cut Deleerios                          About Wax Eye
 42   Omen O's                                     orange border top left
 43   Corn Pufftasm                                red border center right
 44   Tix                                          blue border bottom middle
 45   Bloody Smacks                                orange border top right
 46   Spooky Crisp                                 Unlock The Secret Code
 47   Razor Cut Brain                              orange border bottom left
 48   Peanut Blooder Crunch                        Can You Spot The Difference
 49   Village of the Grahamed                      blue border center left
 50   Grösslix                                     How Many Flakes
 51   Psy-Co-Co Krispies                           1st Series Trading Card Checklist
 52   Trolltoo                                     What Did the Cereal-philiac Do
 53   A Bitemore on Oat Street                     blue border center right
 54   Black Christmas Crunch                       Poor Zomba Got Sick
 55   Reaper's Puffs                               About Wax Eye


Cereal Boxes

 --   Eye Pops - Honey-Chrome
 --   Zomb'a Crunch - Hex
 --   Frosted Freeks - Night of the Krispies Dead

Magnet (2" x 3")

 --   Zomb'a Crunch


 --   Zomb'a Crunch

Blacklight Stickers

 --   Zomb'a Crunch
 --   Eye Pops
 --   Frosted Freeks

Eyeball Candy (1:box)

 --   (candy)

Gold Foil Bonus Card

 --   Cereal Killers 1st Series

Sketch Cards (250 made)

 --   Joe Simko

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©2011 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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