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Charmed Conversations
   Inkworks - 2005

Notes:  As with the Charmed: Power of Three series, this set features the  special "charm" 
of individualized autograph cards from everybody's favorite fear-monger, Billy Drago 
(Barbas). Inscriptions that I've seen or that have been reported are cataloged at the bottom. 
Thanks much to the crowd at Non-Sport Update's Card Talk forum, Clinton Raudabaugh, 
Andrew Sadler, Douglas Smith, Carlos Ferrer, and Ian Johnson for updates! Note that 
some unreleased cards from this and other Inkworks sets were released from inventory 
upon the company's bankruptcy. Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks 
website archive.  

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards. 10 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.87 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                                        Episode

   1    Charmed Conversations                        Season 2: They're Everywhere


   2    Piper Halliwell                              Season 4: A Knight to Remember
   3    Powers                                       Season 6: Used Karma
   4    Motherhood                                   Season 6: Forget Me Not
   5    Thoughtful                                   Season 5: Cat House
   6    Expecting Again                              Season 6: The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
   7    Almost Normal                                Season 7: Cheaper By The Coven
   8    At Work                                      Season 7: Carpe Demon
   9    Questioning                                  Season 7: Seven Year Witch


  10    Phoebe Halliwell                             Season 1: Something Wicca This Way Comes
  11    Alluring                                     Season 7: Freaky Phoebe
  12    Teen Phoebe                                  Season 6: Hyde School Reunion
  13    Powerless                                    Season 6: Witch Demeanors
  14    Professional                                 Season 7: Freaky Phoebe
  15    At Work                                      Season 4: The Fifth Halliwheel
  16    Premonition                                  Season 7: Styx Feet Under
  17    Blindsided                                   Season 7: Someone to Witch Over Me
  18    Continental                                  Season 7: Carpe Demon


  19    Paige Matthews                               Season 4: A Knight to Remember
  20    New Calling                                  Season 7: Bare Witch Project
  21    Younger Sisters                              Season 4: Charmed Again, Part 1
  22    Bad Paige                                    Season 6: It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
  23    Sister-in-Law                                Season 5: My Goddess, Part 1
  24    Skilled at Magic                             Season 7: Freaky Phoebe
  25    Protective Aunt                              Season 7: Call to Arms
  26    Persistence                                  Season 6: Forget Me Not
  27    Researching Magic                            Season 7: Carpe Demon


  28    Leo Wyatt                                    Season 3: Exit Strategy
  29    Father                                       Season 7: Carpe Demon
  30    Meeting Destiny                              Season 6: The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
  31    Evil Leo                                     Season 6: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
  32    Leo & Grown Chris                            Season 7: Styx Feet Under
  33    Masked Demon                                 Season 7: Cheaper by the Coven
  34    Demon Unmasked                               Season 7: Cheaper by the Coven
  35    Choices                                      Season 7: Someone to Witch Over Me
  36    Secrets                                      Season 7: Show Ghouls


  37    Grams                                        Season 7: Cheaper by the Coven
  38    Patty Halliwell                              Season 7: Cheaper by the Coven
  39    Victor Bennett                               Season 7: Cheaper by the Coven
  40    Samuel Wilder                                Season 5: Sam I Am
  41    Chris Perry                                  Season 6: Chris Crossed
  42    Evil Chris                                   Season 6: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
  43    Baby Wyatt                                   Season 6: Forget Me Not
  44    Threatening                                  Season 6: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2
  45    Generations                                  Season 5: Necromancing the Stone


  46    Leo                                          Season 7: Seven Year Witch
  47    Jason Dean                                   Season 6: Little Monsters
  48    Richard Montana                              Season 6: Prince Charmed
  49    Mr. Right                                    Season 6: Prince Charmed
  50    Mr. Wrong (Vincent)                          Season 6: Wrong Day's Journey Into Right
  51    Leslie St. Claire                            Season 7: Cheaper by the Coven
  52    Brody                                        Season 7: Charmageddon
  53    Darke Robin                                  Season 7: Carpe Demon
  54    Cole Turner                                  Season 7: Seven Year Witch


  55    The Cleaners                                 Season 6: Forget Me Not
  56    Bianca                                       Season 6: Chris Crossed
  57    Darryl Morris                                Season 6: Crimes and Witch Demeanors
  58    Elder Zola                                   Season 7: A Call to Arms
  59    Inspector Sheridan                           Season 7: Charrrmed
  60    Agent Kyle Brody                             Season 7: Charrrmed
  61    Brody's Sacrifice                            Season 7: Extreme Makeover: World Edition
  62    Wild Ride                                    Season 7: Carpe Demon
  63    Sophisticated Demon                          Season 7: Show Ghouls


  64    Gideon                                       Season 6: Witch Wars
  65    Lord Dyson                                   Season 7: Bare Witch Project
  66    Barbas                                       Season 6: Crimes and Witch Demeanors
  67    Seer/Kira                                    Season 7: Witchness Protection
  68    Sirk                                         Season 7: Styx Feet Under
  69    Avatar Alpha                                 Season 7: Someone to Witch Over Me
  70    The Avatars                                  Season 7: Charmageddon
  71    Zankou                                       Season 7: Death Becomes Them
  72    The Book of Shadows / Checklist


Transformations Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

 T-1    Genie                                        Season 6: I Dream of Phoebe
 T-2    Punked                                       Season 6: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
 T-3    Goddess                                      Season 5: Oh My Goddess
 T-4    Lost Her Head                                Season 6: The legend of Sleepy Halliwell
 T-5    Mermaid                                      Season 5: A Witches' Tail, Pt. 2
 T-6    Super Heroes                                 Season  : Witches in Tights
 T-7    Back In Time                                 Season 7: Charmed Noir
 T-8    Valkyries                                    Season 6: Valhalley of the Dolls, Pt. 1
 T-9    Gladiator                                    Season 6: Valhalley of the Dolls, Pt. 2

Charming Men Foil Cards (1:17 packs)

CM-1    Leo                                          Season 7: Something Wicca This Way Goes
CM-2    Cole                                         Season 7: The Seven Year Witch
CM-3    Darryl                                       Season 7: Something Wicca This Way Goes
CM-4    Chris                                        Season 6: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
CM-5    Kyle                                         Season 7: Witchness Protection
CM-6    Les                                          Season 7: A Call to Arms

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

 A-1    Alyssa Milano as Phoebe
 A-2    Dorian Gregory as Darryl
 A-3    Drew Fuller as Chris
 A-4    Jennifer Rhodes as Penny
 A-5    Billy Drago as Barbas
 A-6    Oded Fehr as Zankou
 A-7    James Avery as Elder Zola
 A-8    Patrice Fisher as Avatar Beta
 A-9    Zack Ward as Sirk
 A-10   James Read as Victor

Pieceworks Cards (1:36 packs)

PWCC1   T-shirt worn by Alyssa Milano as Phoebe      Season 6: The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
PWCC2   Top worn by Holly Marie Combs as Piper       Season 7: Once In A Blue Moon
PWCC3   Gown worn by Rose McGowan as Paige           Season 5: Oh My Goddess! Part Two
PWCC4   T-shirt worn by Drew Fuller as Chris         Season 6: Valhalley of the Dolls
PWCC5   Shirt worn by Brian Krause as Leo            Season 6: A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right
PWCC6   Robes worn by James Avery as Elder Zola      Season 7: A Call To Arms
            [tan, white]
PWCC7   2-piece top worn by Alyssa Milano as Phoebe  Season 6: Prince Charmed
            [black, white]
PWCC8   Top worn by Holly Marie Combs as Piper       Season 6: Prince Charmed

Our 2 Sons Box-Topper Cards

 BL-1   Leo & Piper                                  Season 7: Charmed Noir
 BL-2   Leo & Chris                                  Season 6: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World
 BL-3   Wyatt & Piper                                Season 7: Imaginary Friends

Case-Topper Card

 CL-1   Sisters [Season 7: Something Wicca This Way Goes]

Collector Album (sold separately)

  --    Charmed Conversations (binder)

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 199, sold separately)

  --    (9-up panel of Transformations cards)


 P-1    (dark green background; 3 girls)
 P UK   (orange border; U.K. distribution)
 P-SD   (light green background; San Diego Comic Con)
 P-i    (blue background; exclusive)
  --    (dealer sell sheet)

     Unreleased Card

 AR1    Autograph Redemption Card (for A2 Dorian Gregory)

Inscriptions from Billy Drago (A-5) Autograph Cards

  Billy is doing a great favor for the hobby by individualizing every
  autograph card. Here are the inscriptions and signature combinations
  that I've seen or have seen reported.

-The Riddle- What is the difference between a duck? (Billy Drago)
-The Answer- One of it's legs is alike (Billy Drago)

[ 1] Hand me a shot of Wild Turkey Make it water on the side ... .cont. (Billy Drago)
[ 2] .... a momma witch a pappa witch and a sandwitch cont. (Billy Drago)
[ 4] When suddenly, to my surprise, she said ... continued (Billy Drago) 
[ 5] ... and we would trudge through weed filled ditches with her... (cont.) (Billy Drago)
[ 6] I was dancin' in this bar, and When I looked down, My hand I found....coathanger (Billy E. Drago)
[ 7] .. lay on a one-legged ballerina with thorns on her hide ... cont. (Billy Drago)
[11] ... and when she died ... (cont.) (Billy Drago)
[12] .... we buried her and her and her treasures ... (cont.) (Billy Drago)
[12] .... This one legged ballerina with the thornes on her hide ... cont. (Billy E. Drago)
[13] ... well there was nothing more to speak of, there was a fever on the rise ... cont. (Billy Drago)
[16] ... it was a one legged ballerina with thorns on her hide. - The end. (Billy E. Drago)

3 minutes left - and still no reprieve (Billy Drago)
3 x 9 was 27 - Thank God for that (Billy Drago)
15 minutes down the road to Marrakech fear waited. (Billy E. Drago)
18 + 3 ? 18 + 3 ? What did it portend (Billy Drago)
A fade to black is the way all our movies end. (Billy Drago)
A Viencent (sic.) Price fog wormed it's way up my mountain (Billy Drago)
After dark is the best time to go for a swim (Billy Drago)
After supper he would drop-by and see if she was still alive. (Billy Drago)
After supper they gathered around fear and talked (Billy Drago)
After the fear comes the darkness (Billy Drago)
All cease fires are temporary (Billy Drago)
All light houses are owned by Fear. (Billy E. Drago)
An after dinner mint can't cover the taste of fear (Billy Drago)
... And then .. they were gone (Billy Drago)
And when you awake you never remember that it was real. (Billy Drago)
"Answer me!" he screamed. Fear obliged him (Billy Drago)
As soon as fear left the country - Hope went into hideing (sic.) (Billy Drago)
At 5 minutes till eleven he ceased dreaming. (Billy E. Drago)
At 7:13 pm tonight, fear will come calling (Billy Drago)
At least the beavers didn't eat his wooden leg (Billy Drago)
Better to be a friend of fear then an enemy of life (Billy Drago)
Both sides claimed victory, which was good news for the undertaker. (Billy Drago)
Come in! Come in! Fear wore a smile (Billy E. Drago)
Could a rat hide in a micro-wave? He wondered (Billy E. Drago)
Could he use his real name or did he have to tell the truth? (Billy Drago)
Death came bearing gifts (Billy E. Drago)
Death is a house built of good-bye (Billy Drago)
Death travels in packs. Fear hunts alone (Billy E. Drago)
Does anyone every return from Never Never Land? (Billy Drago)
Don't be afraid - It's only Fear (Billy E. Drago)
Even a night mare can be a dream come true (Billy Drago)
Even the Gypsys go into hiding when the killer cats come into heat.
Even the "Three Stooges" steal jokes from fear (Billy Drago)
Even with a head start you will find Fear waiting at the finish line. (Billy Drago)
Every body has to die - Maybe its your turn. (Billy Drago)
Every Hope brings his friend Fear to the party (Billy Drago)
Every one in the ghost town ran away and joined the carnival (Billy Drago)
Every where he looked, the temptress appeared. (Billy E. Drago)
Everyone in the room would die, It was the law
Fear always runs interference (Billy Drago)
Fear always tells the truth (Billy Drago)
Fear and his friend Hope came to visit. (Billy Drago)
Fear and hope will drop by on Tuesday (Billy Drago)
Fear answers every call for help (Billy E. Drago)
Fear asks no lies of you (Billy E. Drago)
Fear became a farmer. (Billy E. Drago)
Fear breeds action (Billy E. Drago)
Fear corrects his own tears (Billy Drago)
Fear cries only when its alone (Billy E. Drago)
Fear cries tears of joy at a job well done (Billy Drago)
Fear does not discrimanate (Billy Drago)
Fear doesn't need an appointment (Billy E. Drago)
Fear enjoys your company no matter who you are (Billy E. Drago)
Fear fires the starting pistol of every race (Billy Drago)
Fear goes to every school (Billy E. Drago)
Fear had heard that line before.
Fear has seen every war (Billy Drago)
Fear has shed many a tear (Billy Drago)
Fear has two sons
Fear holds every hopital door open (Billy E. Drago)
Fear is a carnival ride (Billy E. Drago)
Fear is a lonley animal (Billy Drago)
Fear is a road sign on the highway of life (Billy Drago)
Fear is a true romantic (Billy E. Drago)
Fear is death's truest enemy (Billy Drago)
Fear is my lover for she knows where I sleep (Billy Drago)
Fear is the breath of life (Billy Drago)
Fear is the knock on the door (Billy Drago)
Fear is the last breath you take (Billy Drago)
Fear is the possibility of hope (Billy E. Drago)
Fear judged no one. (Billy E. Drago)
Fear knows your secret (Billy Drago)
Fear leaves no foot prints (Billy Drago)
Fear never goes AWOL (Billy Drago)
Fear only takes your breath away. It's the scream that kills you (Billy Drago)
Fear only took his breath away. It was Death that killed him (Billy Drago)
Fear played his fathers' harmonica (Billy Drago)
Fear rides the pale horse to Death (Billy Drago)
Fear rides the up-town train (Billy E. Drago)
Fear shuffled its self like a deck of cards (Billy Drago)
Fear took his breath away but death killed him (Billy Drago)
Fear traveled to Casablanca (Billy E. Drago)
Fear was a true romantic (Billy E. Drago)
Fear was his lover for she knew where he slept (Billy Drago)
Fear was so happy he feared for his job. (Billy Drago)
Fear will eat you for dinner and then suck you dry for dessert (Billy Drago)
Fear will hold your hand (Billy Drago)
Fear will take your IOU if you have no cash
Fears cousin was in disguise (Billy Drago)
/For Sale/ Fear $1
/For Sale/ Kiss of Death $1.00 (Billy E. Drago)
Give fear a $ dollar and he will cloud your future (Billy Drago)
Hansel and Gretel is a true story (Billy Drago)
Happiness and fear can co-exist (Billy Drago)
He crashed the road block of the cross road of Fear (Billy Drago)
He decided that he would smash thru the window with his elbow. (Billy Drago)
He decided to have another cigarette. Then, he would do the deed. (Billy E. Drago)
He felt like a stalker on holiday. (Billy E. Drago)
He had an obsession with odd numbers. (Billy E. Drago)
He had seen nothing but the nymph for 73 hours (Billy E. Drago)
He knew the way to Hell by heart (Billy Drago)
He loved to gamble
He met a gypsy in the bar in Morocco. They were related.
He smelled the aroma of dark thoughts as he cooked breakfast. (Billy Drago)
He was afraid he would slip and fall. He was right. (Billy E. Drago)
He was afraid his wife wa sick. He was right. (Billy E. Drago)
He was afraid she would leave him. He was right. (Billy E. Drago)
He was afraid the flowers would wilt. He was riught. (Billy Drago)
He was born but would have liked to have gotten un-born (Billy Drago)
He was dieing of thirst - Temptation offered him respite
He was drenched in sweat. He wondered if it would drip on her? (Billy Drago)
He was killed by an oboist (Billy Drago)
He would consider fears proposition after supper (Billy Drago)
He would digest them on Tuesday. (Billy E. Drago)
He would start the soup for the last meal at one o'clock
His brother s name had only seven letters. It was a lucky break. (Billy Drago)
His mother straped him to her back and walked out. He was dead (Billy Drago)
His twin sister started to death two weeks ago. (Billy Drago)
His uncle kicked the man to death in the toilet while unwrapping a candy bar. 
   It was his first memory of a relative.  (Billy Drago)
How could he have forgotten that she needed to be home by the witching hour. (Billy Drago)
I ask her if she's ever thought of death - "Every day" she said to me (Billy Drago)
I think I'm having a nightmare.. Check and see if I'm in bed
I'll see you in my dreams (Billy E. Drago)
I'm wandering like a mad man the father said. (Billy E. Drago)
If he had a dollar for every time she screamed - He could buy her a gift. (Billy Drago)
If he had, had foresight He wouldn't have needed the evil eye (Billy Drago)
If he was lost at least it was an a dark place.
If I die tomorrow you can keep the do-nuts (Billy Drago)
If I die tonight, will tomorrow still come? (Billy E. Drago)
If she wrapped (sic.) his body in date preserves maybe his sweetness would return
If the phone rang one more time he would slit his throat.
If you continue to take a cutting from the plant it will live forever. (Billy E. Drago)
If you miss the bus, fear will give you a ride (Billy Drago)
If you run out of food - fear will feed you (Billy Drago)
If you sign your life away, fear will give you a receet (Billy Drago)
In the end only the pain counted. (Billy Drago)
It was a 300 to 1 shot. The odds were in deaths favor (Billy E. Drago)
It was her wish to be buried in a box that was not worm proof (Billy Drago)
It was such a waste. He would have died anyway. (Billy E. Drago)
It was the persimmon tree that caused him the most pain. (Billy Drago)
Jerry wondered if the necktie party was R.S.V.P. (Billy E. Drago)
Kiss of Death only $1.00 (Billy Drago)
Life can not exist without fear (Billy Drago)
Miners never need to be buried (Billy E. Drago)
Not all those who wander are lost, I fear (Billy E. Drago)
Only $3.00 was left, but $3.00 could buy a lot of fear. (Billy E. Drago)
Only his little finger felt the pain. (Billy E. Drago)
Only the Zuni indians know his real name (Billy E. Drago)
Pain is at the end of every Finnish sic. line (Billy E. Drago)
Paranoia reined supreme (Billy E. Drago)
Red Alert! was his favorite color (Billy E. Drago)
She could never forgive him, so they stayed together (Billy Drago)
Should we flee in fear, or dance in horror (Billy Drago)
Someone has to work the night shift. (Billy Drago)
"Some times you need less than you think" he said as they took it all away (Billy E. Drago)
Sometimes, thier goodness made him sick. (Billy E. Drago)
Sooner or later every fear comes true.
Stone them, burn them, hang them, shoot them, gas them, electrocute them, inject them, the clown smiled (Billy Drago)
Tears shed at the grave yard waters the grass (Billy Drago)
Terror - You've heard the word. (Billy E. Drago)
Thank you Daddy /RIP 7-10-86/ (Billy E. Drago)
That was the last time I saw her alive (Billy Drago)
The Blue Bird of Happiness makes a fine meal. (Billy Drago)
The condemned man smiled. He would meet them all later. (Billy Drago)
The desert dweller dreamed of drowning (Billy E. Drago)
The desert fed him with the water of desire (Billy E. Drago)
The dog choose to run in front of the car. He had had it with the street life. (Billy Drago)
the eye of the hurricane contains the vision of fear (Billy Drago)
The famine trusted no one. (Billy E. Drago)
The finish line smelled of fear (Billy Drago)
The hangman still favored the electric chair (Billy Drago)
The head lights on the hearse went out (Billy E. Drago)
The Last question on everyones lips was always the same
The lynching was a festive affair. (Billy E. Drago)
The mad man suffered from romantic grief
The man appeared at his window and whispered "This won't be the last time" (Billy Drago)
The mermaid and the elf joined the circus. (Billy E. Drago)
The midnight train to Moscow was exactly as it sounded.
The new borns cry is our hello to fear (Billy Drago)
The news told only horror stories. (Billy Drago)
The nightmare came uninvited, but it brought a gift (Billy E. Drago)
The plane to fear leaves at 11:47 (Billy Drago)
The sand in the hour glass falls at the same speed for everyone. (Billy Drago)
The storm brought drops of fear to the valley (Billy Drago)
The sugar beet farms were run by tiny elves (Billy Drago)
The sun sets even for the viper (Billy E. Drago)
The taste of fear remains (Billy E. Drago)
The temptress reminded him that it was he who had sought her out.
The tree of life grows in the garden of fear (Billy E. Drago)
The twins could have been brothers (Billy Drago)
The un-easy laugh - got fear's attention (Billy Drago)
The water of life comes from the well of fear (Billy E. Drago)
The world indoor mark for fear was broken on Sunday (Billy Drago)
There is no disgrace in loseing a joust to the 4 Horsemen (Billy E. Drago)
There is no fear in Hell (Billy Drago)
They all feared to go down that road. (Billy E. Drago)
They arrested 7 people but fear was not among them. (Billy Drago)
They buried the vegans in the same grave yard as the meat eaters (Billy Drago)
They changed hats. The disguise worked. (Billy Drago)
They feared him even in Casablanca (Billy Drago)
They handed the baby to fear. He cradled it gently in his arms. (Billy E. Drago)
They left no phones to call (Billy E. Drago)
They left on a boat. The plane had sunk. (Billy Drago)
They made love in the hearse. (Billy E. Drago)
They would tie his hands with wire, but not till Tuesday. (Billy Drago)
Time stood still. Thier watches were broken. (Billy Drago)
To see her in the dark was an omen (Billy E. Drago)
Turn left on temptation and then make a right when you get to the cemetary (Billy E. Drago)
Underneath the violence, he was just a mama's boy
"Why don't you come over here and make Me!"
With death comes the absence of fear (Billy Drago)
With hope comes fear said the condemned man with a smile (Billy Drago)
With hope comes fear the condemned man whispered (Billy E. Drago)
With-out Fear Life is a Famine (Billy Drago)
You can depend on fear (Billy E. Drago)

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