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Charmed: Destiny
   Inkworks - 2006

Notes: Kimberley M points out (thanks!) that the card-back text for base card #32 was mistakenly 
repeated on card #33. Thanks much to the Card Talk crowd, including Tialessa, for Billy Drago auto 
research; and to Colin (charmedmad) and Matt Bowdery for updates! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards. 10 boxes per case.
Common sets (72): approx. 2.88 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                                              Episode

   1    Charmed - Destiny [Title Card]


   2    Prue Halliwell
   3    The Painted World
   4    Ms. Hellfire
   5    P3 H2O
   6    They're Everywhere
   7    Aunt Prue?
   8    She's A Man, Baby, A Man
   9    Give Me a Sign


  10    Piper Halliwell
  11    Excalibur
  12    Magic School
  13    Chris-Crossed
  14    Love Conquers All
  15    Run, Piper, Run
  16    Out of Focus
  17    Vaya Con Leos
  18    Magical Mothering


  19    Phoebe Halliwell
  20    Ask Phoebe
  21    Movie Magic
  22    Pick a Potion
  23    Love or Magic?
  24    Baby Steps
  25    On Ice
  26    Kid Stuff
  27    Beauty and Grace


  28    Paige Matthews
  29    Once in a Blue Moon
  30    Witchness Protection
  31    Oh, Sister!
  32    The Power of Three Unplugged
  33    Where's Wyatt?
  34    Save Billie: Vol. 1
  35    Cops and Kids
  36    A Beautiful Bride


  37    La Femme Billie
  38    By the Book
  39    Agent Murphy
  40    Paige and Sam
  41    Little Boys, Big Toys
  42    All Grown Up
  43    All Dressed Up
  44    Back From the Future
  45    Pinch Hitting


  46    Piper & Leo
  47    Leo Wyatt
  48    Phoebe & Dex
  49    Coop
  50    Paige & Henry
  51    Paige & Kyle
  52    Billie & J.D.
  53    Grams & The Necromancer
  54    Rebecca & Jim

In the Stars

  55    True Love
  56    Reality Bites
  57    Magical Mortal
  58    Cupid's Arrow
  59    Future Chris
  60    Drake
  61    Super Billie
  62    The Key
  63    Frozen Moment

The Grand Design

  64    Gideon
  65    The Avatars
  66    Kira
  67    Zankou
  68    The Ultimate Power
  69    Angel of Destiny
  70    Grams
  71    The Charmed Ones

  72    Checklist


Unforgettable Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

 U-1    Magical Matrimony
 U-2    Wedded Bliss
 U-3    Beautiful Bridesmaids
 U-4    Cupid's Arrow
 U-5    Charmed Again
 U-6    Farewell, Prue
 U-7    Black Magic Bride
 U-8    Lana & The Fed
 U-9    Family History

Bad Karma Cards (1:17 packs)

 BK1    Imara
 BK2    Evil Wyatt
 BK3    Haas
 BK4    The Dogon
 BK5    Burke
 BK6    Reinhardt

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

A-1     Holly Marie Combs as Piper
A-2     Holly Marie Combs as Piper & Brian Krause as Leo (by redemption)
A-3     Jennifer Rhodes as Penny
A-4     Scott Jaeck as Sam
A-5     Rebecca Balding as Elise
A-6     Eric Dane as Jason
A-7     Kerr Smith as Kyle
A-8     Gildart Jackson as Elder Gideon
A-9     Billy Drago as Barbas
A-10    Brandon Quinn as Agent Murphy
A-11    Marnette Patterson as Christy
AR-1    Autograph Redemption Card

Pieceworks Costume Cards (1:36 packs)

 PW1    Blouse worn by Rose McGowan as Paige               Season 8: The Lost Picture Show
 PW1    (Bead/Lace variation; by redemption)               Season 8: The Lost Picture Show
 PW2    Dress worn by Alyssa Milano as Phoebe              Season 8: Still Charmed & Kicking
          (variants: green, pink, yellow, patterned)
 PW3    Top and skirt worn by Holly Marie Combs as Piper   Season 8: Still Charmed & Kicking (dual)
 PW4    Shirt worn by Brian Krause as Leo                  Season 8: Desperate Housewitches
 PW5    Top worn by Kaley Cuoco as Billie                  Season 8: Vaya Con Leos
          (variants: plain, patterned, lace)
 PW6    Shirt worn by Ivan Sergei as Henry                 Season 8: Hulkus Pocus
 PW7    Tuxedo shirt worn by Jason Lewis as Dex            Season 8: Rewitched
 PW8    Jacket worn by Alyssa Milano as Phoebe             Season 8: Desperate Housewitches
          (variations: plain sleeve, patterned sleeve,
           wool hood)
PWR-1   Pieceworks Redemption Card

Box Loader Cards

BL-1    Power Shortage
BL-2    Powered by Possession
BL-3    The Power of Love

Final Farewell Autographed Case-Loader

CL-1    Brad Kern (Executive Producer)

Dealer Incentive Triple Pieceworks Card (3 cases)

 PW9    Dress worn by Holly Marie Combs as Piper, top and skirt worn by Alyssa Milano as Phoebe

Card Album (sold separately)

  --    Charmed - Destiny (binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

  --    (9-card panel of Unforgettables puzzle; # to 199)


P-1     (Piper, Paige, Phoebe; general distribution)
P-2     (Piper, Phoebe, Paige; Non-Sport Update)
P-UK    (Phoebe, Piper, Paige; U.K. distribution)
P-i     (Piper, Paige, Phoebe, Billie; exclusive)
PC-2006 (San Diego Comic Con 2006)
 --     (dealer sell sheet; same image as P-1)

Inscriptions from Billy Drago (A-9) Autograph Cards

  Billy is doing a great favor for the hobby by individualizing every
  autograph card. Here are the inscriptions and signature combinations
  that I've seen or have seen reported.

(1) The Birthday Riddle ... as told to Captn. Annie by Salvatore Romono, her mad gypsy lover ...
      (Billy E. Drago)
(2) We would kiss with her under abandoned bridges and in return she would teach us how to spit
      on trucks from the tops of seldom used underpasses. (Billy Drago)
(5) ... "Gotta clear my head," I said. And I took a long drink of my Wild Turkey with the water on
      the side and turned around to face her. There were sparkes now in her eyes ... (Billy Drago)
(6) ... "don't you dare and try to touch her cause touchin makes her die." This one legged balarina
     [sic] with the thorns on her hide ... (Billy Drago)
(8) ... leaving me alone, with my eyes half-stoned and a vision by my site. It was a one legged
      balarina [sp.] with thorns on her hide ... (Billy E. Drago)
(9) ... and in return, she would teach us how to spit on trucks from the tops of seldom-used underpasses (cont.) (Billy Drago)
{?} ... Sal, who was only 9 yrs. old at the time, claimed it came to him in a vision. While playing the
      accordian and Annie, who had no reason to doubt him, laughed and slammed her beer on the table when
      ever he repeated it .... (Billy Drago)

(6) ... The Answer - One of it's legs is alike. (Billy Drago)

Head Line - Blue Bird of Happiness accused of spreading flu! (Billy Drago)
Head Line - Funeral Home Plans "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Contest. (Billy Drago)
Head Line. - Jimmy Hoffa Still Dead. (Billy Drago)

(memory) Thank you Atticus (Billy E. Drago)
(memory) Thank you Don C. (Billy Drago)
(memory) Thank you Electra (Billy E. Drago)
(memory) Thank you Mama (Billy Drago)
(memory) Thank you Maria (Billy Drago)
(memory) Thanks Patsy (Billy E. Drago)
(memory) "Yael - I love you" (Billy E. Drago)

Question - Are ghosts included in casualty reports? (Billy Drago)
Question? - Do dead people still enjoy a good laugh? (Billy E. Drago)
Question? - Do they ever put prices on toe tags? And if not, why not? (Billy Drago)
Question? - Do you have the Constitutional right to pursue happiness after death? (Billy Drago)
Question? - If you plan on dieing in your car - why not go to a drive-in movie? (Billy Drago)
Question? - Is it fair to bury vegetarians with meat eaters? (Billy Drago)
Question? - Is "To Kill a Mockingbird" a capital offence? (Billy Drago)
Question? - What is the best direction if you need to go from bad to worse? (Billy E. Drago)

(wilfc) All special effects are not in the movies (Billy Drago)
(wilfc) Death is just a supposition. (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) First you inject them with caterpillar hormones and then 6 weeks later you pull the cocoons
      off their head. (Billy Drago)
(wilfc) For future reference - "Look" should always come before "Run" (Billy Drago)
What I learned from comics: "You can't explain anything to a bird." (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) In the future chairs will be obsolete ... Instead, people will sit on small piles of tuna... (Billy Drago)
(wilfc) It's a bad sign when a bill comes in a package instead of a letter. (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) "It's Pizza Hut." "Not- Pizza Hat." (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) Never throw a drink on your hostess. (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) "The only things you regret are the things you didn't do." (Billy E. Drago)
What I learned from comics: "Never let a dog pick what you watch." (Billy Drago)
What I learned from the comics: "Never let a vegetarian lead the Thanksgiving Day prayer." (Billy Drago)
(wilfc) Never marry a muician and never answer the door. (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) No matter what you do, you'll never outsmart the squirrels. (Billy Drago)
(wilfc) - No waking on the water - (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) "Porcupines don't bite. They stab you." (Billy Drago)
(wilfc) The Czech is in the mail. (Billy Drago)
(wilfc) ... Then no one lived happily ever after. The End (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) There's more garbage in paradise than you'd think. (Billy Drago)
(wilfc) "You can't get a decent haircut on Saturn" (Billy E. Drago)
(wilfc) "You gotta want it bad enough" (Billy E. Drago)
What I learned from comics: "You can't explain anything to a bird." (Billy E. Drago)
What I learned from the comics: "Never go for a check up on April Fool's Day." (Billy E. Drago)

[24 hour teller] You will live a long life. (Billy Drago)
A. Her name was Maggie - but we all called her "The Snuff Queen of America" and loved her madly. (Billy E. Drago)
A Broadway show all dead people will enjoy. "Reprise" (Billy Drago)
A dead snake in the grass is good fertilizer (Billy E. Drago)
A kitchen is the human spider web. (Billy Drago)
A rock and a hard place are two different directions (Billy Drago)
A well told lie is worth $1000 facts. (Billy E. Drago)
Advice from a snail: "You always want to look like you know where you're going." (Billy Drago)
Advice - When your number is up, make sure it's unlisted. (Billy E. Drago)
After all the trouble, who could blame Mimi for killing her self? (Billy Drago)
After this funeral there's only nine more to go. (Billy Drago)
All dream artists have been introduced to the nightmare. (Billy Drago)
... and the curtain falls (Billy Drago)
As hard as he tried - he couldn't find a hearse that sold round-trip tickets. Even on the inter-net. (Billy Drago)
Aug-4-1909 July-10-1986 RIP (Billy E. Drago)
Beware the Swiss Army Turtle (Billy Drago)
Bob stays still, staring off right. (Billy E. Drago)
Boy scouts burn marshmellows to death (Billy Drago)
Death and over population refuse to co-exist. (Billy Drago)
Death is like going down the drain (Billy E. Drago)
Death takes place on the forbidden planet
Definition of original sin: So what if you die? It serves you right. (Billy E. Drago)
"Destroy it, so that nothing remains but a heap of ashes." (Billy E. Drago)
Die often enough and you become good at it. (Billy E. Drago)
Dreams are the novels we read while asleep. (Billy Drago)
Even the man who invented the electric chair died. (Billy E. Drago)
Even wise men must hire undertakers. (Billy Drago)
Every body dies. (Billy E. Drago)
Every bodys life at the grave yard is falling apart (Billy E. Drago)
Every bodys warrenty runs out. (Billy E. Drago)
Every one rolls the dice
Every ones warrenty runs out. (Billy Drago)
Every single think I supported today lost. Even the sports teams. Maybe it's a good sign. (Billy Drago)
Fear is the last breath you take (Billy Drago)
finally - after many years - he was dead. (Billy Drago)
[For sale] [$5] Personal messages for those who wish to be buried with their cel phones. (Billy E. Drago)
Funeral directors could learn a thing or two from John Huston. (Billy E. Drago)
Funeral flowers also die. (Billy E. Drago)
Getz died a few months before he was to headline a summer show.)
Gladys said "Good Morning" but he was really hiding in the bushes
Good fortune comes in many disguises. (Billy Drago)
Grave yard worms don't care how you got across the border. (Billy E. Drago)
Grave yard works nver have to order take out. (Billy E. Drago)
He cut his ears off out of respect for the dead (sic) rabbit (Billy Drago)
He dipper her in varnish and used her as office furniture (Billy Drago)
He flunked the ultimate torture test (Billy Drago)
He had a dream. He told his brothers. They hated him for it. (Billy Drago)
He had been among the tents of the Romany, and had learned their wisdom, and turned it to profit. (Billy Drago)
He hid in the cellar. They threw rocks at him. (Billy Drago)
He met her at the wake. They made love under the coffin. (Billy Drago)
He only had time to say, "Ah, you have cheated me. After only her shrieks were audible" (Billy Drago)
He studied journalism in college. It showed in his obitury. (Billy E. Drago)
He was a grim reaper until he started taking antidepressants. (Billy E. Drago)
He was afraid to tell her he had broken his arm. It might hurt. (Billy E. Drago)
He wore his clown mask to his funeral (Billy Drago)
His cousin Terry had introduced them, he wondered if she was dead too. (Billy E. Drago)
His job was to test the coffins for comfort. (Billy Drago)
His secret smile was a guest at every funeral. (Billy E. Drago)
His whole life was a joke. Just not a very funny one. (Billy E. Drago)
Hokkani bāro - The Great Trick (Billy E. Drago)
House painters and dream painters are both E. artists (Billy Drago)
"I blame the soup." - "Stupid soup." (Billy Drago)
"I can hardly blame you for thinking that" (Billy E. Drago)
"I'm sorry" (Billy E. Drago)
If death is inevitable relax and enjoy it. (Billy Drago)
If Glayds could die, how hard can it be? (Billy Drago)
If he blew up the water tank would the little girl on the bus notice him? (Billy Drago)
If he could stay dead for just three more days, he would break the record. (Billy E. Drago)
... if he killed Jerry ... would Tom still bring him ice cream? (Billy Drago)
If I die by execution and you die by starvation - who's the deadest? (Billy E. Drago)
If I drown and you have a heart attack, who's the deadest? (Billy Drago)
If I haven't seen you in 15 years and you've been dead for 5 of those years - which year did I miss you the most? (Billy Drago)
If I kill you, and your mother kills me, which one of us is deadest? (Billy Drago)
If my father has a stroke, and then dies of cancer and your father was shot in the war who's father is the deadest? (Billy Drago)
If my sister gets gored by a bull and your sister is the victim of a serial killer. - Who's sister is the deadest? (Billy Drago)
If Thresa can die - how hard can it be? (Billy E. Drago)
"If you die one more time - I'm through!" he screamed. (Billy E. Drago)
If you get killed because you're a Jew and I get killed because I'm a gypsy - who's the deadest? (Billy Drago)
If you get shot by a Berlin guard and I die from a head injury when the wall falls - who's the deadest? (Billy E. Drago)
If you need me, I'll be doing tequila shots in the kitchen. (Billy E. Drago)
If your cel phone is out - There is alway the telegraph line to eternity (Billy E. Drago)
Is sweeping the dead under the carpet the same as cleaning up the mess? (Billy E. Drago)
D.E. - It was a fine romance, but like everything else, it refused to last forever. (Billy E. Drago)
... it was a good story. (Billy E. Drago)
"I'm sorry" (Billy E. Drago)
Jim wasn't sure that a life sentence was the proper punishment for a suicide attempt. (Billy E. Drago)
Kevin had to get his snake more live mice. Those on hand had died. (Billy Drago)
"Know thyself" means "know the universe" (Billy E. Drago)
Let the bad times roll! (Billy Drago)
Life is easier when you understand you can't actually die from embarrass ment (Billy Drago)
Life is great - Life is good - Life is ok - Life is unfair - I quit! (Billy Drago)
May the fairies put money in your shoes and keep your house clean. (Billy Drago)
My favourite bird would be a pig if it only had wings (Billy Drago)
Nah, I'm his brother - The Little Engine Who Could Give a @*33*! (Billy Drago)
Nature can not be violated. She is ever a virgin. (Billy E. Drago)
Never bring dead wood to a tree's funeral. (Billy Drago)
Never cut your nose off to spice your soup. (Billy E. Drago)
(News) Tom Hanks says... "You can get a really great and relatively inexpensive cup of cofee in Iceland" (Billy E. Drago)
Nivashi is the spirit of the air. (Billy E. Drago)
No washing ever whitens the black zingan. (Billy Drago)
Not all paranoid fantasies are futuristic fables (Billy E. Drago)
Note to self: Ball bearings make very heavy confetti. (Billy Drago)
One by one they drag out the sic. kidnappers - (Billy E. Drago)
One rainy night in Indiana I stretched out in an empty bus seat and thought of you. (Billy E. Drago)
Orange County Zoo Watch mountain lions and turkey vultures feed on the dead. (Billy E. Drago)
Overheard at the pet store. - "Got any more of those striped ones that taste like tuna?" (Billy E. Drago)
Pediatricians say dead children shouldn't watch TV. (Billy Drago)
Ride the new Pacific Spike Raft Death Ride. $14.95 plus burial costs. (Billy Drago)
RIP - The last laugh. (Billy Drago)
Sake and cyanide - The eternal cocktail (Billy Drago)
... Sal, who was only 9 yrs. old at the time, claimed it came to him in a vision. While playing the
      accordion and Annie, who had no reason to doubt him, laughed and slammed her beer on the table when
      ever he repeated it ... (Billy Drago)
Sally rode the ship of Death. Ride Sally, Ride. (Billy E. Drago)
Sally slit his throat. She did it wsith a kiss. (Billy Drago)
San Diego Cemetary and Zoo More than 4,000 endangered bodies on display. (Billy Drago)
She could never forgive him, so they stayed together (Billy Drago)
She died on a diet of cigarettes and diet-cola (Billy Drago)
She lived on a diet of cigarettes and diet-cola (Billy E. Drago)
She never did seem to have much luck. Everybody always seemed to wear a black hat. (Billy E. Drago)
Skin and bones Skin and bones Every body's made from skin and bones. (Billy Drago)
Sleep with the fishes - wake up with the worms. (Billy Drago)
Slowly turn the pages of your dreams Fadeing pages Fadeing dreams An orphan now no longer by choice
      Lonely pages Lonely dreams. (Billy E. Drago)
Some days the snow cools you down. Some days it freezes you to death (Billy E. Drago)
Some times you need less than you think. (Billy E. Drago)
Supply the punch line; A sex therapist walks into an orgy.... (Billy Drago)
Supply own straight line; And bangs his head. (Billy E. Drago)
Take Note - Cows pickled in formaldehyde give sour milk. (Billy Drago)
Tell me this - Why did you leave pieces of your Love behind when you left the house? (Billy E. Drago)
"The Bates Roach Motel" movie has a famous shower drain scene. (Billy Drago)
The Birthday Riddle - What is the difference between a duck? (Billy E. Drago)
The bump in the night is coming for you. (Billy Drago)
The cast and sling are a pain, but I needed the break. (Billy E. Drago)
The cat wondered if any of the birds were headed towards his bowl. (Billy Drago)
The death of his father had been foretold by a half-blood gypsy (Billy Drago)
The doctor will see you now (Billy E. Drago)
The dream spirit shares all our memories (Billy E. Drago)
The icepick was his favorite ... especially in the desert. (Billy E. Drago)
"The mask won't work! We need an oxygen tent!" He had blown his hand off with a shot-gun. (Billy Drago)
The news of fear and death & divorce brought a cheer from the crowd. (Billy Drago)
The police allow no gypsies in Homburg. (Billy Drago)
The rabbit left his foot to his son for good luck. (Billy Drago)
The results are in 163 to 9 You win. (Billy Drago)
The Venus Diet: A glass of water and a side of flies (Billy E. Drago)
The worms don't care how you died. (Billy Drago)
The worms giggled in anticapation every time the grave yard gate squeaked (Billy E. Drago)
There are secret staircases in silverlake
They buried the child and her maid under the foundation of the castle to insure its stability. (Billy E. Drago)
They turned his cel phone off. He truly was dead. (Billy E. Drago)
Thoughts of her filled his coffin (Billy Drago)
Time and coyotes take care of most flesh. (Billy Drago)
To die perchance to dream. (Billy E. Drago)
To predict misfortune is a sure card for every prophetess. (Billy E. Drago)
Too good to be true. Too evil to be false (Billy Drago)
Tomorrow is always a better day to die. (Billy E. Drago)
Warning - Beware melted ice cream in the summer. (Billy Drago)
Warning - Each burial must be exclusive to the graveyard it takes place in. (Billy Drago)
... we talked for a while, pretending to smile, when suddenly, to my surprise, she said, "Give me another beer and I'll
     relate for you a vision that occurred when I was high." (Billy E. Drago)
We would kiss with her under abandoned bridges and in return she would teach us how to spit on trucks from the tops of
     seldom used underpasses. (Billy Drago)
We're all still here, so we win (Billy E. Drago)
What I did over the summer. "My parents and I went on a train ride. The train had a wreck and I got killed." (Billy Drago)
What's your theory? (Billy E. Drago)
When it rains you're gonna get wet
Who's going to kill my mother?, he wondered. Maybe they should do rock-paper-sissors - to decide. (Billy Drago)
Why do grave yards have exits? (Billy E. Drago)
Why would you do that?  (Billy E. Drago)
William Franklin Burrows Dec. 29, 1994 6 lbs. 13 1/2 oz. (Billy Drago)
You are capable of being killed by a curse if you truly believe
You cheat death every time but the last time (Billy E. Drago)
You have been involved in a great dispute that has given you a lot of trouble. (Billy E. Drago)
You have to check one of the other. It's a rule. [Yes] [No] (Billy Drago)

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