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Charmed: The Power of Three
   Inkworks - 2003

Notes:  Billy Drago personalized most of his autograph cards with different messages.  I show 
the ones reported at the bottom of the list, but I am sure that there are dozens of others! Thanks 
much to Mike, Robert Kohlbus, Dan Soshnik, Martine, Kennywood, LesleyW, Jim Streich, 
Neil Tring, and others in the Card Talk crowd for updates! Further information and scans are 
posted at the Inkworks website.  

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.24 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title / Text

Powers / Piper puzzle

  1    Charmed: The Power of Three
  2    Piper Halliwell: Molecular Acceleration
  3    Piper Halliwell: Molecular Inhibition
  4    Phoebe Halliwell: Premonition
  5    Phoebe Halliwell: Levitation
  6    Paige Matthews: Orbing
  7    Paige Matthews: Teleorbing
  8    Leo Wyatt: Whitelighter
  9    Leo Wyatt: Demon

Family & Friends

 10    Piper Halliwell
 11    Phoebe Halliwell
 12    Paige Matthews
 13    Patty Halliwell
 14    Victor Bennett
 15    Penny Halliwell
 16    Leo Wyatt
 17    Cole Turner
 18    Darryl Morris

Transformations / Phoebe puzzle

 19    Evil Eye
 20    Once and Future Phobe
 21    Vampire Sis
 22    MerPhoebe
 23    Super Heroes
 24    Defender of Innocents
 25    Jazz Age
 26    Egyptian Temptress
 27    Labor Pains

Book of Shadows

 28    Summoning Paige
 29    To Enchant an Object
 30    To Hear Secret Thoughts
 31    To Vanquish the Source
 32    To Banish a Spirit
 33    To Track a Banshee
 34    Fearless Spell
 35    Revealing Evil
 36    A Spell for Invoking The Power of Three

Demons / Paige puzzle

 37    Tempus: Master of Time
 38    Seer: Demonic Advisor
 39    Lazarus Demon
 40    Belthazor: Mercenary
 41    Siren: Home Wrecker
 42    Gammill: Collector Demon
 43    Barbas: Fear Demon
 44    Jeric: Egyptian Demon
 45    Avatar of Power

Black as Cole

 46    Not What he Seems
 47    Secret Face
 48    Another Life
 49    Dark Wedding
 50    Under the Influence
 51    Back Again
 52    Tainted Love
 53    Lost and Deluded
 54    Not meant to Be

Memories / The Three puzzle

 55    Patty, their Mom
 56    Andy, Prue's Sweetheart
 57    Remembering Prue
 58    Miles, Phoebe's Friend
 59    Sam, Paige's Dad
 60    Max, Paige's Boyfriend
 61    Elderly Phoebe
 62    Blessed Union
 63    Cole, Phoebe's Ex-husband

The Spot

 64    P3
 65    Place To Be
 66    Changes
 67    Rendezvous

Behind the Scenes

 68    Showrunner
 69    Costume Designer
 70    Co-Stars
 71    100th Episode

 72    Halliwell Manor / Checklist


The Power of Three Foil & Embossed Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

 P1    "To My Three Beautiful Girls - May this give y
 P2    Piper: "A toast to the Power of Three ... whet
 P3    Piper: "Don't you understand? It's over! Tell
 P4    Paige: "Paige, My name is Paige." Phoebe: "Ano
 P5    Phoebe: "Two witches and a half a demon does n
 P6    Phoebe: "The power of three."  Piper: "Power o
 P7    Phoebe: "This is about good versus evil, wrong
 P8    Leo: "You must have taken over Paige's life in
 P9    Apprentice: "You're much stronger than most wi

Spellbinders Cards (1:11 packs)

S-1    Piper: "toots, I appreciate that you're very c
S-2    Paige: "My spell worked; just not the way I en
S-3    Phoebe: "Because magic has a sick sense of hum
S-4    Piper: "Focus? Paige, ever since you quit your
S-5    Phoebe: "You're just in time. We have a potion
S-6    Paige: "My job is being a full-time witch, and

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

A3     Alyssa Milano - Phoebe Holliwell
A8     Rose McGowan - Paige Matthews
A9     Julian McMahon - Cole Turner
A10    Robert Englund - Gammill
A11    Billy Drago - Barbas
A12    Dan Gauthier - Craig
A13    Adrian Paul - Jeric
A14    Melinda Clarke - The Siren
A15    Emmanuelle Vaugier - Ava
A16    James Read - Victor Bennett
A17    Costas Mandylor - Rick Lang (signed on card back)
A18    Louis Mandylor - Nathan Lang
A19    Elizabeth Gracen - Vampire Queen
A20    Michael Bailey Smith - Belthazor

Pieceworks Costume Cards (1:24 packs)                              (Episode)

PW1    Alyssa Milano as Phoebe (wedding gown)                          Marry-Go-Round
PW2    Alyssa Milano as Phoebe (wedding veil)                          Marry-Go-Round
PW3    Holly Marie Combs as Piper (superhero costume, silver leather)  Witches In Tights
       Holly Marie Combs as Piper (superhero costume, black leather)   Witches In Tights
PW4    Rose McGowan as Paige (superhero costume, black leather)        Witches In Tights
       Rose McGowan as Paige (superhero costume, pink leather)         Witches In Tights
PW5    Alyssa Milano as Phoebe (superhero costume, red leather)        Witches In Tights
       Alyssa Milano as Phoebe (superhero costume, black leather)      Witches In Tights

Boys of Charmed BoxLoader Cards

Bl-1   Leo Wyatt
Bl-2   Cole Turner
Bl-3   Darryl Morris

CaseLoader Card

Cl-1   Piper, Pheobe, and Paige. Sisters three, they

Card Album

 --    Charmed The Power of Three (padded binder)

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 500)

 --    (9-card panel of puzzle cards P1-P9)


 --    Coming May 2003 (dealer sell sheet)

Inscriptions from Billy Drago (A11) Autograph Cards

  It's very possible that there was something different about every one of
  Billy's signed cards, but our heads are starting to hurt.  For instance, we
  didn't list capitalization differences like "Keep your FEAR WRAPPeD About you"
  being different from "KEEP your FEAR WRAPPED about you" ... or when words are
  underlined or not.  I do consider the "Billy" versus "Billy E." signature to
  be fair game, but we didn't keep track of all of those from the beginning!

  Billy himself has said, "Some that seem to stand alone are actually in two or
  more parts and there is somewhat of a story or meaning to be made of the
  whole."  I had already decided that the sequence "In the End He Laughed"; "In
  the End He Cried"; "In the End the Wine Ran Out" reads like a short novel,
  but after counting I realized it was a haiku, too.

A Nightmare is the Sweet Dream of Fear
A romance with fear is a life long relationship. (Billy E. Drago)
Ain't Fear Grand? (Billy Drago)
Ain't Fear Great Thanks,  (Billy E. Drago)
All is Fear (Billy Drago)
All Things Are Hidden in Fear (Billy Drago)
All Things Are Hidden in Fear (Billy E. Drago)
And All My Days Are Trances
And the Fear Lingered
Armageddon Is Fears Home Town (Billy E. Drago)
At the End - Is Fear (Billy E. Drago)
At the End Is Fear (Billy E. Drago)
At the End Is Only Fear (Billy E. Drago)
At the end of time the last survivor will be fear (Billy Drago)
Choose the Sweet Taste of Fear or Suffer the Bitterness of Regret
Collect Fear Shed Tears
Covered in fear and kisses (Billy E. Drago)
Death is the Absence of Fear (Billy E. Drago)
Don't You Dare to Try and Touch Her - Cause Touchin' Makes Her Die (Billy Drago)
Embrace Your Fear
Even the Snakes Whisper When They Speak of Fear - psssst (Billy Drago)
Fear and Kisses Love, (Billy Drago)
Fear and Kisses Love...
Fear and love share the same desire. (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Can Tickle Your Funny Bone (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Dances in a Cemetary Even the Grave Digger Shudders (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Does Not End with Death
Fear Flys on the Wings of Desire (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Has a Sense Humor in the End He Cried (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Is a Beautiful Thing, Thanks
Fear Is a Sweet Smell (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Is Always Near (Billy Drago)
Fear is as good an energy as anything else (Billy Drago)
Fear is Only an Energy (Billy Drago)
Fear Is Only an Energy Like Love
Fear Is Only an Energy To Be Used
Fear is only the Abscence of Death
Fear is the Alpha and Omega (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Is the Answer
Fear Is the Belief in infinite possibilities (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Is the Belief in the Possible (Billy Drago)
Fear Is The Nectar Of Life (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Is The Thomas Guide of life (Billy Drago)
Fear Lasts Until the End (Billy E. Drago)
Fear speaks every language. (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Subsides But Never Dies (Billy E. Drago)
Fear Wins No Reprieve from the Executioner (Billy E. Drago)
Grave Diggers Cry When Fear Dies (Billy E. Drago)
He ate her clothes He smelled her fear (Billy E. Drago)
He Killed Her Gently
He knew the answer the doll wanted (Billy E. Drago)
He Needed Her He Needed Her - He Smoked Cigarette after Cigarette -
He Placed a Strawberry in Front of Every Candle (Billy E. Drago)
He Put the Harmonic in His Fathers Pocket It Was a Closed Casket (Billy Drago)
He would eat the sin with his gravy (Billy Drago)
Her Sister Hanged Herself
His daddy pleaded with him pleaded with him - with confused and nearly dead eyes
His Sister Hanged Herself
I'm as near as your fear (Billy Drago)
If Fear Dances on Your Grave Change Your Epitaph (Billy E. Drago)
If Fear Dances on Your Grave Stone Change Your Epitaph (Billy E. Drago)
If He Cut Out His Tongue Who Would Lick the Soup? (Billy Drago)
In Fear All Things Are Possible (Billy E. Drago)
In Fear Comes All Things
In Fear Comes Trust
In Fear We Trust (Billy E. Drago)
In the dirt in the dirt dig in the dirt (Billy Drago)
In the End Fear and Kisses (Billy E. Drago)
In the End He Cried
In the End He Laughed
In the End Is Fear
In the End Only Fear Will Remain (Billy Drago)
In the End the Wine Ran Out (Billy Drago)
In the whole history of Man only 273 years have been free of War (Billy Drago)
Infinite Possibilites Brings Infinite Fear (Billy Drago)
It Was Perfect It Was All Perfect
It's Only Fear
Keep Me as near as Your Fear
Keep Your Fear Wrapped about You (Billy Drago)
Keep Your Fear Wrapped about You (Billy E. Drago)
Love and Fear Love,  (Billy E. Drago)
Love and Fear Smell the Same (Billy Drago)
May Your Fear Always Be Close (Billy Drago)
One night one long night I searched for you (Billy Drago)
Only Fear Awakens from a Nightmare (Billy E. Drago)
Only fear can be trusted to remain til the end (Billy Drago)
Only Killer Cats Can Smell Fear (Billy Drago)
Only the Sin Eater Is Friends with the Ghost of Fear (Billy Drago)
Only the smell of fear can save you
Pretty Little graves All In a Row (Billy Drago)
Ride the Train of Fear to the Final Station (Billy E. Drago)
SARS - AIDS - SIDS - 9-11 - The phone call at night - We regret to inform you - There's
   been an accident - (Billy E. Drago)
Savor Your Fear (Billy E. Drago)
She would hide the knife under her dress (Billy Drago)
Signed with the Taste of Fear
Take a drink of fear when the killer cats come into heat (Billy E. Drago)
Thanks for All Your Fear
Thanks for the Fear (Billy E. Drago)
Thanks for Your Fear (Billy Drago)
Thanks for Your Fear (Billy E. Drago)
The Aura of fear is always the brightest light in the house. (Billy Drago)
The Aura of Fear Lights the Darkness (Billy E. Drago)
The Banishment of Fear is the Loss of Desire
The cigarette burned his fingers - He didn't feel it He was dead
The End of Hope Is the End of Fear
The Fire Alarm The Car Alarm The Police This is an Actual Alert The Ambulance
   Tornado Warning The Burglar Alarm Fear is Out for a Walk (Billy Drago)
The Gift of Fear Brings the Love of Life
The gift of life is unwrapped by the gift of fear
The I.R.S. has no fear of the tax man (Billy E. Drago)
The Lack of Fear Brings Despair (Billy E. Drago)
The Lack of Fear is the Lack of Desire (Billy E. Drago)
The Music For the Final Dance is Called Fear
The Neanderthals were Cannibals (Billy Drago)
The Odor Was Sickening He Hated That Smell He Inhaled Deeply
The Riddle  What is the difference between a duck? Answer: One of its legs is alike (Billy Drago)
The screams were driving him crazy; He urged her on. Die! Die! Die! (Billy Drago)
The shadows scatter like leaves in the wind (Billy E. Drago)
The Sickness Spread Quickly Even the Flowers Died.
The smell of fear is always in the air (Billy Drago)
The Smell of Fear is the Odor of Death
The smell of fear is the odor of life
The soft gentle sound of the drip drip drip
The Story of Fear Is Always an Auto-Biography (Billy Drago)
The sweet smell of death is the odor of fear (Billy Drago)
The Taste of Fear Is Sweet (Billy Drago)
The Taste of Fear Is Sweet (Billy E. Drago)
The taste of fear remains (Billy E. Drago)
The True story of Fear Is Always an Auto-Biography (Billy E. Drago)
The two dead mothers lay refuse on them taking up all the room (Billy Drago)
The un-easy laugh got fear's attention (Billy Drago)
The Voo Doo Doll Had No Mouth (Billy E. Drago)
The Web of Fear Holds All Life (Billy E. Drago)
The Web of Life Holds All Fear
They Ate Each Other (Billy Drago)
To Banish Fear Is To Banish Hope
To Be Afraid is to Be Filled with Possibilities (Billy Drago)
To Moan in Fear is to Whisper of Desire (Billy Drago)
To Sleep with Fear Is to Seek the Dawn (Billy E. Drago)
To Steel his Courage, it Drank Drink after Drink Fear Poured (Billy Drago)
Trust Fear To be There at The End
Trust Fear To Never Leave You (Billy E. Drago)
Trust fear to stay to the end (Billy Drago)
Under the apple tree that was the place to hide the body (Billy Drago)
Unlike Death Fear Never Takes a Holiday (Billy E. Drago)
Use Fear As The Fuel (Billy Drago)
Warning: Keep Your Fears Wrapped About You (Billy Drago)
We All Pay Rent in the House of Fear
When Fear Dances in a Cemetary Even the Grave Digger Shudders (Billy E. Drago)
When Fear Stirs Life Is Born (Billy E. Drago)
When life stirs Fear is born (Billy E. Drago)
When the Owl Calls Your Name - Answer in a Whisper of Fear (Billy Drago)
With Freedom Comes Fear
You have put me at an impasse with fear. Thank you (Billy Drago)
You have put me at an impasse with fear goooddd (Billy E. Drago)
Your fear is safe in my collection (Billy Drago)
Yours for Fear
Yours in Fear (Billy Drago)
Yours in Fear (Billy E. Drago)
Yours in Fear Thanks (Billy E. Drago)
Yours to Fear

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