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Taste of Vegas (Famous Chefs)
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority - 1990s?

Note:  This set, which was inserted in Las Vegas feature magazines in two
6-card perforated sheets, spotlights famous chefs and their signature dishes,
pastimes, and stories.

No.   Chef                         Establishment

  1   Wolfgang Puck                Spago
  2   Jean-Georges Vongerichten    Prime Steakhouse
  3   Alessandro Stratta           Renoir
  4   Kerry Simon                  Simon Kitchen & Bar
  5   Michael & Wendy Jordan       Rosemary's
  6   Charlie Palmer               Aureole
  7   Julian Serrano               Picasso
  8   Helene An                    Crustacean
  9   Todd English                 Olives
 10   David Feau                   Lutèce
 11   Bradley M. Ogden             Bradley Ogden
 12   Marc Poidevin                Le Cirque

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