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(Larry Welz's) Cherry Series 2 Premium Packs
   5FINITY Productions - 2013

Notes: "High Number" packs (# 801-1200) can include full nudity, while sketch 
cards in "Low Number" packs (1-800) are comparatively tame. Hot Packs can 
include sketches from previous 5FINITY releases.

1200 packs total.

No.   Description                   Count

Non-Sketch Cards

1C2   (star-spangled girl)          500
2C2   (gunslinger)                  300
3C2   (bracelets)                   200
4C2   (sun trekker)                 100
5C2   (hula dancer)                  75
6C2   (astrokayak)                   25

Autographed Card (1:24 packs)

      Larry Welz                     50

Artist Sketch Cards (1:pack)

   Rare Artists (1:12 packs; 100 total)

      Achilleas Kokkinakis            6
      Alyssa "AKM" Meisinger          6
      Chris Papantoniou               6
      George Webber
      Kellee Riley
      Kylie Johnston
      Luke Smarto
      Mark Bloodworth
      Rusty Gilligan                  6
      Salvador Raga                   6
      William "Bowen" Donley III

   Regular Artists

      Adam Cleveland                 86
      Alan Myer                      23
      Amber Stone                    24
      Andy Perez                     24
      Babisu Kourtis                 12
      Ben "1314" Hansen              36
      Ben Dunn                       42
      Bianca Thompson                18
      Bill Bronson
      Bill Maus                      85
      Dan Gorman                     30
      Danielle Ellison
      Danielle Gransaull             18
      Erica Hesse
      Eugene Commodore               36
      Fer Galicia                    60
      Freddy Lopez
      George Vega
      Howard Bender                  12
      Jeff Piña
      Jerry Carr
      Kate Carleton
      Kelly Everaert                 24
      Kristen Allen                  18
      Larry Welz (1:24 packs)        50
      Lauren Kelly
      Lynne Anderson                 12
      Marco D. Carrillo              48
      Mark Bloodworth
      Mark Slater                    30
      Mary Bellamy                   86
      Michael "Locoduck" Duron
      Michael Munshaw
      Mike Kunkel                    35
      Monty Stikkman
      Ryan Kincaid
      Stefanie Battalene             12
      Victor "Victomon" Rodriguez    30
      Ziggy Starr

Hot Packs (1:48 packs)

      (2-3 sketch cards)


C2-CHI13   (pink top; Larry Welz art; Chicago Non-Sport Card Show 2013)

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