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Chicago Mob Wars
   Kitchen Sink Press - 1993

Notes: Cards were sold as a boxed set, 2-3/4" x 3-3/4", and feature 
two-tone sepia photographs on fronts and descriptive text on backs 
by Max Allan Collins and George Hagenauer.

No.   Title

  1   Chicago Mob Wars
  2   The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
  3   Capone's Corrupt Cops
  4   Al Capone
  5   The Secret Six
  6   Chicago Cries for Help
  7   The Tax Squad
  8   Alexander Jamie
  9   Chicago Heights Stand-off
 10   chicago Heights Bloodbath
 11   Chicago Heights Raids
 12   Avenge Basile's Death
 13   Eliot Ness
 14   Recruiting the Capone Squad
 15   Capone Goes to Jail
 16   The Capone Squad Attacks!
 17   The Montmartre Wiretap
 18   Capone Returns
 19   Ralph Capone Convicted
 20   New Weapon in the Battle!
 21   The Jake Lingle Killing
 22   Enter "The Untouchables"
 23   "Eliot Press"
 24   Capone Offers to Settle
 25   Wilson Finds the Key
 26   Joe Aiello Hit
 27   Nitti and Guzik Convicted
 28   Memorial Parade?
 29   O'Hare Stools
 30   Svoboda Captured/Conspiracy Clinched
 31   Death to the Feds!
 32   Capone Indicted
 33   The Deal is Off
 34   D'Andrea in Contempt
 35   Capone Convicted
 36   The Legacy of Eliot Ness/ Credits

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