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Christmas Trading Cards
Fleer - 1995

Note: The cards were distributed with one of the story subsets per pack. Random
packs provided Golden Memories gold-stamped versions of the first card in the
subset, which will put cards 2 through 7 of each subset into people's extras bins.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 6 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Text / Title

A Christmas Carol

  1  Old Scrooge didn't care for any
  2  Scrooge was awakened from his s
  3  The Spirit showed Scrooge how h
  4  "Come! Touch my robe, then, tha
  5  But the Spirit was gone, and in
  6  The Spirit pointed to a dreary
  7  Scrooge had learned the true me

Christmas Songs

  1  O Christmas Tree
  2  Silent Night
  3  I Saw Three Ships
  4  Deck The Halls
  5  Jingle Bells
  6  It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
  7  We Three Kings

The Nutcracker

  1  Christmas Eve had arrived. Mari
  2  Godpapa showed her how Nutcrake
  3  When she awaoke it was morning.
  4  Godpapa also said that if Nutcr
  5  Nutcracker spoke: "Marie, thank
  6  Years passed and Marie grew int
  7  The handsome prince asked for h

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

  1  'Twas the night before Christma
  2  And Mamma in her kerchief, and
  3  When, what to my wondering eyes
  4  As dry leaves that before the w
  5  He was dressed all in fur, from
  6  The stump of a pipe he held tig
  7  He spoke not a word, but went s

The Twelve Days of Christmas

  1  On the twelfth day of Christmas
  2  On the first day of Christmas,
  3  On the third day of Christmas,
  4  On the fifth day of Christmas,
  5  On the seventh day of Christmas
  6  On the ninth day of Christmas,
  7  On the eleventh day of Christma

The Velveteen Rabbit

  1  There was once a Velveteen Rabb
  2  From that moment the Rabbit and
  3  Weeks passed, and the little ra
  4  Finally, when the little Boy fe
  5  And as the rabbit lay in the ba
  6  "Wasn't I Real before?" asked t
  7  Fall passed and winter, and in


Golden Memories Cards (Foil Stamped)

  1  A Christmas Carol
  1  Christmas Songs
  1  The Nutcracker
  1  'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  1  The Twelve Days of Christmas
  1  The Velveteen Rabbit


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