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Chromatic Music Tones (Playing Cards)
Major-minor Edition
   Knowledge Of Music, Inc. - 2011

Notes: Black cards also show major chords and scales, while red cards 
provide minor chords and scales. (Nobody thought about the major and 
minor suits, I suppose.)

 No.    Frequency  Corresponding


  A     880.0hz    Guitar 1st String, 17th fret
  A♭   830.7hz
  G     784.0hz    Guitar 1st String, 15th fret
  G♭   740.0hz
  F     698.4hz
  E     659.2hz    Guitar 1st String, 12th fret
  E♭   622.2hz
  D     587.3hz
  D♭   554.3hz
  C     523.2hz
  B     493.8hz
  B♭   466.1hz
  K     "K"nowledge of Spades - Instructions Card 1


  A     440.0hz
  A♭   415.3hz
  G     392.0hz
  G♭   370.0hz
  F     349.2hz
  E     329.6hz    Guitar 1st String, Open
  E♭   311.1hz
  D     293.6hz
  D♭   277.2hz
  C     261.6hz    Piano - Middle "C"
  B     246.9hz    Guitar 2nd String, Open
  B♭   233.1hz
  K     "K"nowledge of Diamonds - Instructions Card 2


  A     220.0hz
  A♭   207.6hz
  G     196.0hz    Guitar 3rd String, Open
  G♭   185.0hz
  F     174.6hz
  E     164.8hz
  E♭   155.6hz
  D     146.8hz
  D♭   138.6hz
  C     130.8hz
  B     123.5hz
  B♭   116.5hz
  K     "K"nowledge of Clubs - Gin Rummy Instructions


  A     110.0hz    Guitar 5th String, Open
  A♭   103.8hz
  G     98.0hz
  G♭   92.5hz
  F     87.3hz
  E     82.4hz     Guitar Low 6th String, Open
  E♭   77.8hz
  D     73.4hz
  D♭   69.3hz
  C     65.4hz
  B     61.7hz
  B♭   58.3hz
  K     "K"nowledge of Hearts - Circle of 4ths and 5ths

Joker   Poker Hand Rank
Joker   Traditional Card Values

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©2012 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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