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Justin Chung SDCC Promo Cards
   Justin Chung - 2009-2013

Notes: Cards are 4" x 6" and were distributed at San Diego Comic-Cons. Some were 
produced in cooperation with Brian Miller.

No.   Model                                Year   Description

MB1   Miracole Burns                       2009   (tomahawk gal)
MP1   Meredith Placko                      2009   (purple lace-up)
MD1                                        2010   (pirate gal)
BB1   Brieanna Brock                       2011   (sailor gal)
DB1   Dana Braziel-Solovy                  2011   (cloud minder)
MB2   Miracole Burns                       2011   (magician gal)
DB2   Dana Braziel-Solovy                  2012   (blue top and skirt, with pipe)
JM1   Jettie Monday                        2012   (brown two-piece with dagger)
MP2   Meredith Placko                      2012   (red and gray, yellow sky)
VP1   Victoria Paege                       2012   (diva gown)
 ?    Dana Braziel-Solovy, Victoria Paege  2013   (tiger ladies)

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