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Walt Disney's Cinderella
Skybox - 1995

Notes:  Pop-Out and Activity Cards are more common than other "base" 
cards and are usually considered part of the main set. Accompanied by a 
50-card widevision factory set.  The "Checklist Titles" shown below do 
not appear on the cards and are noted only on the checklists. Thanks much 
to Neil Tring for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 6 story cards + 1 pop-out + 1 activity card.
Common sets (90+18): approx. 2.34 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text / Title                                Checklist Title / Type

  1   Beautiful, kind Cinderella lived with her   Once Upon a Time
  2   Once upon a time, there lived a kind wido   Truly Evil
  3   In her attic room, Cinderella is fast asl   A Lovely Dream
  4   On a beautiful morning, Cinderella sings    They can't stop me from dreaming.
  5   In a flurry, a little mouse named Jaq int   A New Mouse in the House!
  6   In the warm kitchen, Bruno, a lovable old   Must be something good about him.
  7   As Cinderella feeds the chickens, it's th   Come and Get It.
  8   Hiding under a teacup to escape Lucifer,    A Mouse in a Teacup!
  9   In the castle, the King tells the Grand D   A Royal Ball!
 10   While Cinderella scrube the downstairs ha   That Lucifer!
 11   Cinderella interrupts the so-called music   I can go, too!
 12   Beaming with the news that she can go to    Her Mother's Dress
 13   Once Cinderella leaves the room, Jaq tell   We can help our Cinderelly!
 14   In the commotion of getting ready for the   Cinderella!!
 15   While Lucifer sleeps nearby, Jaq and Gus    No Room for Lucifer
 16   Lucifer sits on the pretty beads until br   How to Outsmart a Cat
 17   While Cinderella does her chores, all her   Making a Dress for Cinderella
 18   The carriage arrives to take Cinderella's   Time for the Ball
 19   As her Stepmother and Stepsisters prepare   Surprise!
 20   Dressed in the gown her friends made her,   Isn't it lovely?
 21   After her Stepsisters destroy her lovely    Hold on to Your Dreams
 22   Just as Cinderella is about to give up al   Dry those tears.
 23   Cinderella can't believe her eyes. The jo   A Magic Wand
 24   With wand in hand, Cinderella's Fairy God   A Pumpkin Becomes a Coach
 25   Now a lovely carriage waits to take Cinde   Horses, a Footman, and a Coachman, Too
 26   With everything ready, her Fairy Godmothe   And look, glass slippers.
 27   Dressed in her sparkling ball gown, beaut   It's more than I ever hoped for.
 28   It's getting late, so Cinderella's Fairy    The ball can't wait!
 29   At the palace, the royal ball is underway   Love at First Sight
 30   The King is just about to give up hope th   See that they are not disturbed.
 31   Cinderella and the Prince are unaware of    A Mysterious Guest
 32   Cinderella and the Prince waltz out into    An Enchanted Waltz
 33   As the clock strikes twelve, Cinderella t   One Glass Slipper
 34   The clock strikes midnight just as Cinder   Back to Normal
 35   The Grand Duke gives the King the bad new   The Search for the Mysterious Maiden
 36   News of the royal search reaches Cinderel   A Royal Proclamation!
 37   When Cinderella learns that the Prince is   The Evil Lady Tremaine
 38   Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella gre   The Grand Duke Arrives
 39   As Cinderella cries in her room, Jaq and    Jaq and Gus' Adventure
 40   While Jaq is in Lady Tremaine's pocket, G   A Cuppa Tea
 41   Anastasia is first to try on the slipper,   Anastasia Tries on the Slipper
 42   Gus and Jaq manage to get the key out of    Hurry Gus!
 43   Struggling with the huge key, Jaq and Gus   One More Step
 44   From inside her room, Cinderella calls to   Lucifer, let him go!
 45   The birds try to wake Brune from his nap,   Bruno to the Rescue
 46   While Bruno races to rescue Cinderella, D   Drizella's Turn
 47   Bruno races up the stairs and faces the e   Face to Face
 48   Still shaking with fright, Gus won't let    Let me go!
 49   Now that Drizella and Anastasia have trie   Cinderella Appears
 50   Dazzled by Cinderella's beauty, the Grand   Cinderella's Turn
 51   The footman trips over Lady Tremaine's ca   The slipper!
 52   Picking up the pieces of the broken slipp   The Prince's Bride is Found
 53   In a celebration marked by clanging bells   Dreams Do Come True
 54   Cinderella and the Prince run under a sho   True Love Forever
 55   Puzzle top right
 56   Puzzle middle right
 57   Puzzle lower right
 58   Puzzle top middle
 59   Puzzle middle middle
 60   Puzzle lower middle
 61   Puzzle top left
 62   Puzzle middle left
 63   Puzzle lower left
 64   Driven by a fancy coachman, Cinderella's    The Royal Ball Awaits!
 65   Cinderella enters the palace and looks ar   The Prince Greets Cinderella
 66   As Cinderella and the Prince waltz in eac   Cinderella Waltzes with Her Prince
 67   Cinderella and the Prince stroll the pala   An Enchanted Evening
 68   Cinderella rushes across the balcony and    The Clock Strikes
 69   Without a moment to spare, Cinderella rid   Guards, close those gates!
 70   Lady Tremaine and her two daughters, Anas   Anastasia and Drizella
 71   As Drizella squawks through a song, Anast   The "Music" Lesson
 72   When the Grand Duke arrives, Lady Tremain   Charned, I'm Sure.
 73   Cinderella
 74   Prince Charming
 75   Drizella
 76   Lady Tremaine
 77   Anastasia
 78   Fairy Godmother
 79   Jaq
 80   Gus
 81   Lucifer
 82   Bruno
 83   King
 84   Grand Duke
 85   On a bright sunny morning, song birds fly   Serves you right.
 86   At the news that a mouse is stuck in a tr   Octavious!
 87   It's breakfast time, but the mice must fi   Brekfus!
 88   On their mission to find trimming for "Ci   A Ruckus!
 89   Checklist                                   Checklist
 90   Checklist                                   Checklist

Pop-Out Cards (1 per pack)

 1 of 12  Uniform Mouse
 2 of 12  Cinderella and Prince Charming
 3 of 12  Jaq
 4 of 12  Fairy Godmother
 5 of 12  Prince Charming
 6 of 12  Girl Bird
 7 of 12  Cinderella
 8 of 12  Castle
 9 of 12  Grand Duke
10 of 12  Gus
11 of 12  Girl Mouse
12 of 12  Lady Tremaine

Activity Cards

 1 of 9  Help Cinderella find her way to the ball!
 2 of 9  Can you find the following words:
 3 of 9  Answer the questions to find out my name!
 4 of 9  Unscramble the letters!
 5 of 9  What are the Magic Words?
 6 of 9  Connect the dots!
 7 of 9  Find the hidden key and slipper!
 8 of 9  Answers 1
 9 of 9  Answers 2


Dufex Cards

 1 of 5
 2 of 5
 3 of 5
 4 of 5
 5 of 5

Transformation Cards

 1 of 2
 2 of 2



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