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Cinderella Limited Edition Set
SkyBox - 1995

Note:  This set, in widevision format, was distributed in an elegantly appointed
factory box, numbered to 20,000 copies.

No.   Text

  1   Once upon a time, a kind, beautiful girl nam
  2   Once upon a time there lived a widower and h
  3   With morning's first light, a chorus of bird
  4   As Cinderella sings and dreams, the toll of
  5   Suddenly, a mouse named Jaq rushes in all a-
  6   Cinderella wakes Bruno, a good-hearted old d
  7   Once all the mice get their breakfasts, they
  8   "Hahhhh!" Anastasia screams as she finds Gus
  9   Meanwhile at the castle, the King is in a di
 10   Surrounded by iridescent bubbles, Cinderella
 11   Cinderella brings her Stepmother the message
 12   Hurrying to her room, Cinderella takes a pre
 13   "Cinderelly not go to the ball," Jaq says, "
 14   The stepsisters shout orders at Cinderella.
 15   On their trek to find trimming for Cinderell
 16   "The carriage is here," cinderella tells her
 17   Cinderella's heart is almost breaking as she
 18   Cinderella rushes downstairs, calling out, "
 19   With her dress in tatters and her dreams sha
 20   "There's nothing left to believe in," Cinder
 21   "I'd say the first thing you need is a pumpk
 22   "Now with an elegant coach like that, of cou
 23   "Good Heavens. You can't go in that!" the Fa
 24   Just as Cinderella prepares to leave for the
 25   At the ball, the Prince shows little interes
 26   "Take a look at that, you pompous windbag,"
 27   As Cinderella and the Prince waltz, unaware
 28   Cinderella and the Prince waltz into the gar
 29   "Goodness, it's midnight! I must go." Cinder
 30   As Cinderella's coach flies through the pala
 31   First the Grand Duke tells the King the bad
 32   Upon learning of the search, Lady Tremaine t
 33   Cinderella is aglow with the news that the P
 34   The Duke arrives with the slipper. Gushing i
 35   Jaq and Gus plot to swipe the key from Lady
 36   As Jaq is in Lady Tremaine's pocket with the
 37   Anastasia is first to try on the slipper. "I
 38   Finally Gus manages to help Jaq out of Lady
 39   Huffing and puffing, Gus and Jaq pull and pu
 40   "Lucifer, let him go!" Cinderella shouts. Fu
 41   Snoozing in the yard, Bruno doesn't respond
 42   As the animals try to free Cinderella, Drize
 43   Bruno charges up the stairs and comes face t
 44   With Lucifer gone, the mice rescue Gus, but
 45   "You are the only ladies of the household, I
 46   Ignoring Lady Tremaine and the Stepsisters,
 47   The footman flies through the air, and the s
 48   Picking up pieces of the broken slipper, the
 49   Bells ring, birds sing, and all the mice dan
 50   Amidst a shower of confetti, Cinderella and

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