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Cinema and Television Stars
   Barbers Tea Ltd. - 1955
   Reprinted 1993 - Moviestar Inc.

Notes:  This tea-card set measures 35x70 mm.  The set was also issued as a "Limited
Edition Reprint 5,000 sets" by Movistar Inc. in 1993.

No.   Performer(s)                        Role

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  1   Grace Kelly                         Paramount's "The Country Girl"
  2   Arthur Askey
  3   Ava Gardner                         Star of M.G.M's "Knights Of The Round Table"
  4   Mel Ferrer                          Star of M.G.M's "Knights Of The Round Table"
  5   Peter Brough and Archie Andrews
  6   Richard Burton                      20th Century Fox Star
  7   Elizabeth Taylor                    Star of M.G.M's "The Last Time I Saw Paris"
  8   Anthony Curtis                      A Universal-International Star
  9   Jean Simmons                        20th Century Fox Star
 10   Richard Murdoch and Kenneth Horne
 11   Janet Leigh                         Star of M.G.M's "Rogue Cup"
 12   Howard Keel                         Star of M.G.M's "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers"
 13   Susan Hayward                       20th Century Fox Star
 14   George Nader                        A Universal-International Star
 15   John Slater
 16   Rock Hudson                         A Universal-International Star
 17   Janet Brown
 18   Jeff Chandler                       A Universal-International Star
 19   Lana Turner                         Star of M.G.M's "The Prodigal"
 20   Carole Carr
 21   Wilfred Pickles
 22   Esther Williams                     Star of M.G.M's "Jupiter's Darling"
 23   Richard Todd                        Assoc. British Picture Corp. Ltd.
 24   Marilyn Monroe                      20th Century Fox Star

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