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Civil War Chronicles Volume II
   Cult-Stuff - 2015

Notes: Thanks to David Roscizewski and John Biagioni for updates! Further information and 
scans are posted at the Cult-Stuff website.

1000 sets: 36 base + 2 or more chase + one or more Premium. 10 sets/case.

      No.    Title                                   Artist / Date

Civil War Chronicles

 Prang  1    Sheridan's Final Charge at Winchester   Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang  2    Battle of Fredericksburg                Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang  3    Sheridan's Ride                         Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang  4    Gettysburg                              Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang  5    Battle of Antietam                      Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang  6    Battle of Spottsylvania [sic]           Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang  7    Battle of Chattanooga                   Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang  8    Battle of Kenesaw Mountain [sic]        Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang  9    Allatoona Pass                          Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang 10    Siege of Atlanta                        Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang 11    Siege of Vicksburg                      Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang 12    Battle of Shiloh                        Thure de Thulstrup
 Prang 13    Capture of New Orleans                  Julian Oliver Davidson
 Prang 14    The Monitor and Merrimac                Julian Oliver Davidson
 Prang 15    Battle of Mobile Bay                    Julian Oliver Davidson
 Prang 16    The Kearsarge and Alabama               Julian Oliver Davidson
 Prang 17    Battle of Port Hudson                   Julian Oliver Davidson
 Prang 18    Capture of Fort Fisher                  Julian Oliver Davidson

Kurz and Allison Prints

    KA19     Battle of Lookout Mountain              November 24, 1863
    KA20     Battle of Missionary Ridge              November 24-25, 1863
    KA21     Assault of Fort Sanders                 November 29, 1863
    KA22     Battle of Olustee                       February 20, 1864
    KA23     The Fort Pillow Massacre                April 12, 1864
    KA24     Battle of the Wildnerness               May 6, 1864
    KA25     Battle of Spotsylvania                  May 8-18, 1864
    KA26     Battle of Resaca                        May 14-15, 1864
    KA27     Battle of Cold Harbor                   June 3, 1864
    KA28     Battle of Kennesaw Mountain             June 27, 1864
    KA29     Battle of Atlanta                       July 22, 1864
    KA30     Battle of Opequon                       September 19, 1864
    KA31     Battle of Cedar Creek                   October 19, 1864
    KA32     Battle of Franklin                      November 30, 1864
    KA33     Battle of Nashville                     December 15-16, 1864
    KA34     Capture of Fort Fisher                  January 15, 1865
    KA35     Battle of Five Forks                    April 1, 1865
    KA36     Fall of Petersburg                      April 2, 1865


Portraits Chase Set (1:set)

    CP10     Walt Whitman
    CP11     Rear Admiral David Farragut
    CP12     Nathan Bedford Forrest
    CP13     Ely Parker
    CP14     Elisha Hunt Rhodes
    CP15     William Sherman
    CP16     Clara Barton
    CP17     Frederick Douglass
    CP18     John Wilkes Booth

Relic Cards

    CWF2     Civil War Fabric Uniform Wool Costume Card
    CWF2     Civil War Fabric Uniform Lining Costume Card
     RS1     Civil War Era Revenue Stamp
     MC1     Civil War Map
     QS1     Civil War Fort Ward Quartermasters Store Document

Canvas Chase Card

   FLAG 1    Our Heroes/Our Flags

Sketch Cards

    CWS-A    Andrew Richmond
     or      B. Jones
    CWS-B    Clay Sayre
       --    Dan Pearson
       --    David Day
       --    Huy Truong
       --    Jeffrey Benitez
       --    Joshua Werner
       --    Mike Hannan
       --    Patrick Hamill
       --    Reid Fisher
       --    Scott Fellowes
       --    Solly Mohamed

Dealer Incentive Quad Sketch Cards

       --    Jeffrey Benitez [Quad Sketch Cards]
       --    [Dual fabric card; 12 cases]

Case-Topper Expansion Card

       37    Prominent Union and Confederate Generals and Statesmen

Parallel Canvas  Cards

     CP19    Battle of Lookout Mountain
     CP20    Battle of Missionary Ridge
     CP21    Assault of Fort Sanders
     CP22    Battle of Olustee
     CP23    The Fort Pillow Massacre
     CP24    Battle of the Wildnerness
     CP25    Battle of Spotsylvania
     CP26    Battle of Resaca
     CP27    Battle of Cold Harbor
     CP28    Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
     CP29    Battle of Atlanta
     CP30    Battle of Opeguon
     CP31    Battle of Cedar Creek
     CP32    Battle of Franklin
     CP33    Battle of Nashville
     CP34    Capture of Fort Fisher
     CP35    Battle of Five Forks
     CP36    Fall of Petersburg


      SF1    Puzzle Promo 1/4                        (UK; top left)
      SF2    Puzzle Promo 2/4                        (UK; bottom left)
      SF3    Puzzle Promo 3/4                        (UK; top right)
      SF4    Puzzle Promo 4/4                        (UK; bottom right)

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