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Classic "Pulps"
Sperry Mini Mags - 1992

Notes:  This series features covers from Science Fiction and Fantasy "pulp"
magazines from the 1930s through the 1950s. Card #93 was printed in two 
ways, with a normal image and an inverted image (rotated 180 degrees). This 
is one example of an "error card" that has received collector interest.  Thanks
much to Steve Lillard for the update!

No.   Magazine                      Issue             Story                            Author                   Cover Artist

  1   Classic "pulps" / Checklist
  2   Wonder Stories                February, 1934    The Spore Doom                   Eando Binder             Paul
  3   Wonder Stories                May, 1934         Earthspot                        Morrison Colladay        Paul
  4   Amazing Stories               August, 1934      Life Everlasting                 David H. Keller          Morey
  5   Weird Tales                   July, 1935        The Avenger from Atlantis        Ed Hamilton              M. Brundage
  6   Astounding Stories            July, 1936        Pacifica                         Nat Schachner            Howard V. Brown
  7   Weird Tales                   July, 1937        The Thief of Forthe              Clifford Ball            Virgil Finlay
  8   Thrilling Wonder Stories      August, 1937      The Double Minds                 John W. Campbell         H.W.
  9   Astounding Science-Fiction    March, 1938       Something From Jupiter           Don Elstar               Wesso
 10   Astounding Science-Fiction    April, 1938       Three Thousand Years             H.V. Brown               Brown
 11   Astounding Science-Fiction    September, 1939   Forces Must Balance              Manly Wellman            Rogers
 12   Thrilling Wonder Stories      July, 1940        Out of the Depths                H.L. Gold                H.V. Brown
 13   Thrilling Wonder Stories      September, 1940   The Stolen Spectrum              Oscar J. Friend          E.K. Bergey
 14   Thrilling Wonder Stories      October, 1940     Colossus From Space              Frank Johnson            E.K. Bergey
 15   Thrilling Wonder Stories      November, 1940    The Tomb of Time                 Robert Arthur
 16   Astonishing Stories           December, 1940    Half-Breeds on Venus             Isaac Asimov             Eron
 17   Astonishing Stories           February, 1941    The Pet Nebula                   Alfred Bester            Unknown
 18   Thrilling Wonder Stories      February, 1941    Blind Victory                    Oscar J. Friend          E.K. Bergey
 19   Amazing Stories               November, 1941    Convoy to Atlantis               William P. McGivern      Robert Fuqua
 20   Famous Fantastic Mysteries    February, 1942    The Citadel of Fear              Francis Stevens          Unknown
 21   Thrilling Wonder Stories      April, 1942       The Plastic Genie                Arthur T. Harris         E.K. Bergey
 22   Amazing Stories               January, 1943     The Lost Warship                 Robert M. Williams       Unknown
 23   Astonishing Stories           April, 1943       Land of No Return                Nelson S. Bond           Milton Luros
 24   Thrilling Wonder Stories      April, 1943       Conquest of Venus                J.J. Millard             E.K. Bergey
 25   Amazing Stories               June, 1943        Laboratory of the Mighty Mites   Gilbert Rae Sonbergh     Hadden
 26   Amazing Stories               January, 1944     The Mad Robot                    William P. McGivern      Robert Fuqua
 27   Amazing Stories               March, 1944       It's a Small World               Robert Bloch             J.A. St. John
 28   Famous Fantastic Mysteries    June, 1944        The Greatest Adventure           John Taine               Lawrence
 29   Thrilling Wonder Stories      Winter, 1944      Venusian Nightmare               Ford Smith               Rudolph Belarski
 30   Thrilling Wonder Stories      Summer, 1945      Things Pass By                   Murray Leinster          E.K. Bergey
 31   Amazing Stories               September, 1945   Cave City of Hel                 Richard Shaver           R.G. Jones
 32   Amazing Stories               December, 1945    Quest of Brail                   Richard Shaver           R.G. Jones
 33   Famous Fantastic Mysteries    June, 1946        The Undying Monster              Jessie Kerruish          Lawrence
 34   Famous Fantastic Mysteries    August, 1946      The Twenty-Fifth Hour            Herbert Best             Lawrence
 35   Thrilling Wonder Stories      Winter, 1946      The Disciplinary Circuit         Murray Leinster          E.K. Bergey
 36   Thrilling Wonder Stories      April, 1947       Way of the Gods                  Henry Kuttner            E.K. Bergey
 37   Fantastic Adventures          September, 1947   The Secret of Elena's Tomb       Karl Von Cosel           R.G. Jones
 38   Amazing Stories               October, 1947     Trail of the Astrogar            Henry Hasse              R.G. Jones
 39   Startling Stories             November, 1947    Through the Purple Cloud         Jack Williamson          E.K. Bergey
 40   Amazing Stories               November, 1947    The Giants of Mogo               Don Wilcox               R.G. Jones
 41   Amazing Stories               December, 1947    The Green Man Returns            Harold M. Sherman        R.G. Jones
 42   Amazing Stories               January, 1948     Flight of the Starling           Chester S. Grier         Raymond Naylor
 43   Thrilling Wonder Stories      February, 1948    The Sleeper Is A Rebel           Bryce Walton             E.K. Bergey
 44   Amazing Stories               March, 1948       Gods of Venus                    Richard S. Shaver        R.G. Jones
 45   Weird Tales                   March, 1948       (25 Years)                       n/a                      Lee Brown Coye
 46   Amazing Stories               April, 1948       The Monster From Mars            Alexander Blade          R.G. Jones
 47   Amazing Stories               May, 1948         Armageddon                       Craig Browning           R.G. Jones
 48   Amazing Stories               October, 1948     The Brain                        Alexander Blade          James Settles
 49   Famous Fantastic Mysteries    December, 1948    Nordenholt's Million             J. J. Connington         Lawrence
 50   Thrilling Wonder Stories      February, 1949    The Weapon Shops of Isher        A.E. Van Vogt            E.K. Bergey
 51   Fantastic Adventures          July, 1949        The Robot Men of Bubble City     Rog Phillips             James B. Settles
 52   Weird Tales                   November, 1949    The Underbody                    Allison V. Harding       Unknown
 53   Fantastic Adventures          December, 1949    The Involuntary Immortals        Rog Phillips             Ed Swiatek
 54   Weird Tales                   January, 1950     The Ormolu Clock                 August Derleth           Matt Fox
 55   Fantastic Adventures          January           The Usurpers                     Geoff St. Reynard        Raymon Naylor
 56   Future Science Fiction        November          Moon of Memory                   Brice Walton             M. Luros
 57   Future Science Fiction        January, 1951     Genius-Beasts                    James MacCreigh          M. Luros
 58   Future Science Fiction        March, 1951       Incomplete Superman              Poul Anderson            Milton Luros
 59   Amazing Stories               July, 1951        We, the Machine                  Gerald Vance             J. Tillotson
 60   Weird Tales                   July, 1951        Flame Birds of Angala            E. Everett Evans         Charles A. Kenne
 61   Science Fiction Quarterly     August, 1951      Seeds of Insecurity              Larry Shaw               Leo Morey
 62   Amazing Stories               August, 1951      The Wrong Side of Paradise       Raymond F. Jones         R.G. Jones
 63   Fantastic Story               Fall, 1951        Beyond Pluto                     John Scott Campbell      Alex Schomburg
 64   Future Science Fiction        September, 1951   Small Fry                        Hunt Collins             Peter Poulton
 65   Thrilling Wonder Stories      October, 1951     Asylum Satellite                 Fletcher Pratt           Alex Schomburg
 66   Amazing Stories               October, 1951     Forty Days Has September         Milton Lesser            R.G. Jones
 67   Future Science Fiction        November, 1951    Voices in the Void               Milton Lesser            Peter Poulton
 68   Amazing Stories               November, 1951    Beyond the Walls of Space        S.M. Tenneshaw           Ed Swiatek
 69   Fantastic Adventures          December, 1951    Jongor Fights Back!              Robert Moore Williams    R.G. Jones
 70   Thrilling Wonder Stories      December, 1951    The Wanderer's Return            Fletcher Pratt           Unknown
 71   Weird Tales                   January, 1952     The Black Island                 August Derleth           John Arfstrom
 72   Startling Stories             February, 1952    Vulcan's Dolls                   Margaret St. Clair       E.K. Bergey
 73   Startling Stories             April, 1952       The Glory That Was               L. Sprague de Camp       Alex Schomburg
 74   Fantastic Adventures          June, 1952        The Woman in Skin 13             Gerald Vance             Walter Popp
 75   Fantastic Story               Summer, 1952      Slan                             A.E. Van Vogt            Alex Schomburg
 76   Amazing Stories               July, 1952        Son of the Black Chalice         Milton Lesser            Lawrence
 77   Fantastic Adventures          October, 1952     Is This The Way Home?            Lawrence Chandler        Walter Popp
 78   Weird Tales                   November, 1952    Black as the Night               Alice Farnham            A. Di giannurio
 79   Dynamic Science Fiction       December, 1952    I Am Tomorrow                    Lester del Rey           A. Leslie Ross
 80   Space Stories                 December, 1952    Planet of the Damned             Jack Vance               E.K. Bergey
 81   Future Science Fiction        January, 1953     Testament of Andros              James Blish              Milton Luros
 82   Thrilling Wonder Stories      February, 1953    The Virgin of Zesh               L. Sprague de Camp       Jack Coggins
 83   Space Stories                 February, 1953    The Bleak And Barren Land        Gordon R. Dickson        EMSH
 84   Thrilling Wonder Stories      April, 1953       Turncoat                         Damon Knight             Jack Coggins
 85   Famous Fantastic Mysteries    June, 1953        Anthem                           Ayn Rand                 Lawrence
 86   Thrilling Wonder Stories      June, 1953        Captive Audience                 Wallace West             Walter Popp
 87   Wonder Story Annual           Annual, 1953      Gateway to Paradise              Jack Williamson          EMSH
 88   Future Science Fiction        January, 1954     Jupiter Save Us                  Ward Moore               Alex Schomburg
 89   Future Science Fiction        March, 1954       The Wayward Course               Randall Garrett          Alex Schomburg
 90   Science Fiction Quarterly     August, 1954      The Watchers                     Raymond E. Banks         F.K. Freas
 91   Fantastic Story Magazine      Summer, 1954      A God Named Kroo                 Henry Kuttner            Walter Popp
 92   Startling Stories             Summer, 1954      The Spiral of the Ages           Fletcher Pratt           EMSH
 93   Fantastic Story Magazine      Fall, 1954        Forgotten World                  Edmond Hamilton          Jack Coggins
 94   Thrilling Wonder Stories      Fall, 1954        The Amateur Alchemist            Murray Leinster          Jack Coggins
 95   Fantastic Story Magazine      Winter, 1954      The Dark World                   Henry Kuttner            Alex Ebel
 96   Science Fiction Quarterly     February, 1955    No Time for Change               Charles V. Devet         F.K. Freas
 97   Fantastic Story Magazine      Spring, 1955      Fog over Venus                   Arthur K. Barnes         Alex Schomburg
 98   Thrilling Wonder Stories      Winter, 1955      Name Your Pleasure               James E. Gunn            EMSH
 99   Science Fiction Quarterly     August, 1956      Wyvernhold                       L. Sprague de Camp       EMSH
100   Science Fiction Quarterly     May, 1957         Quick Freeze                     Robert Silverberg        EMSH

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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