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Classic Book Cards
Between the Covers & Biblioctopus - 1998

Note: Distributed as a boxed set.  This delightful series is designed to showcase two rare-
book stores' prized inventories. "This is not a listing of the greatest books of all time, but
real, quality material currently in stock and looking for loving homes." Additional
information can be found at the stores' websites: Biblioctopus and Between the Covers.

 No.   Title                               Author                  Date  Edition

  1    The Old Man and the Sea             Ernest Hemingway        1952  1st
  2    Tess of the d'Urbervilles           Thomas Hardy            1891  Inscribed 1st
  3    Prufrock and Other Observations     T.S. Eliot              1917  1st
  4    Gravity's Rainbow                   Thomas Pynchon          1973  Review Copy
  5    The Call of the Wild                Jack London             1903  1st
  6    To the Lighthouse                   Virginia Woolf          1927  1st
  7    The Red Badge of Courage            Stephen Crane           1895  1st
  8    Naked Lunch                         William S. Burroughs    1959  1st
  9    The Trespasser                      D.H. Lawrence           1912  1st
 10    No One Writes to the Colonel        Gabriel García Márquez  1968  1st
 11    The Man Without a Country           Edward Everett Hale     1865  1st
 12    Penrod                              Booth Tarkington        1914  1st
 13    The Grapes of Wrath                 John Steinbeck          1939  1st
 14    The Rescuers                        Margery Sharp           1959  1st
 15    A Tale of Two Cities                Charles Dickens         1859  1st
 16    The Sound and the Fury              William Faulkner        1929  1st
 17    On the Road                         Jack Kerouac            1957  1st
 18    The Bell Jar                        Sylvia Plath            1962  Uncorrected Proof
 19    The Caine Mutiny                    Herman Wouk             1951  1st
 20    Lord Jim                            Joseph Conrad           1900  1st
 21    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer        Mark Twain              1876  1st American
 22    The Hound of the Baskervilles       Conan Doyle             1902  1st
 23    The Natural                         Bernard Malamud         1952  1st
 24    The Boo                             Pat Conroy              1970  1st
 25    The Portrait of a Lady              Henry James             1882  1st American
 26    These 13                            William Faulkner        1931  Inscribed Limited
 27    Black Reconstruction                W.E.B. DuBois           1935  1st
 28    The War of the Worlds               H.G. Wells              1898  1st
 29    Amerika                             Franz Kafka             1927  1st
 30    Jaws                                Peter Benchley          1974  1st
 31    Cold Mountain                       Charles Frazier         1997  Signed 1st
 32    She. A History of Adventure         H. Rider Haggard        1887  Signed 1st
 33    The Day the World Ended             Sax Rohmer              1930  1st American
 34    Pigs Is Pigs                        Ellis Parker Butler     1905  Author's Copies
 35    The Long Goodbye                    Raymond Chandler        1953  1st
 36    Nicholas Nickleby                   Charles Dickens         1839  Signed 1st
 37    The Adventures of Tom Bombadil      J.R.R. Tolkien          1962  Signed 1st
 38    The Whale                           Herman Melville         1851  1st
 39    Moby-Dick                           Herman Melville         1851  1st American
 40    Towards Zero                        Agatha Christie         1944  1st
 41    John Gabriel Borkman                Henrik Ibsen            1896  1st
 42    As I Lay Dying                      William Faulkner        1930  1st
 43    Their Eyes Were Watching God        Zora Neale Hurston      1937  1st
 44    Finnegans Wake                      James Joyce             1939  Signed Limited
 45    Mrs. Bridge                         Evan S. Connell, Jr.    1959  1st
 46    Waiting for Godot                   Samuel Beckett          1956  1st English
 47    The Catcher in the Rye              J.D. Salinger           1951  1st
 48    La Chute                            Albert Camus            1956  1st
 49    The History of Pendennis            William M. Thackeray    1848-1850   1st
 50    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas      Hunter S. Thompson      1971  Review Copy
 51    The Voyage Out                      Virginia Woolf          1920  1st American
 52    Starship Troopers                   Robert A. Heinlein      1959  1st
 53    King Solomon's Mines                H. Rider Haggard        1885  Inscribed 1st
 54    The Town and the City               Jack Kerouac            1950  Signed 1st
 55    Profiles in Courage                 John F. Kennedy         1964  Memorial
 56    The Raven and other Poems           Edgar Allan Poe         1845  1st
 57    Go Tell It on the Mountain          James Baldwin           1953  Advance Copy
 58    City of Glass                       Paul Auster             1985  Signed 1st
 59    Sygdommen til Doden                 Søren Kierkegaard       1849  Inscribed 1st
 60    The War Chief                       Edgar Rice Burroughs    1927  Inscribed 1st
 61    The Confidence-Man                  Herman Melville         1857  1st
 62    Dee Goong An                        Robert Van Gulik        1949  Signed Limited
 63    The Picture of Dorian Gray          Oscar Wilde             1891  1st English
 64    Four Quartets                       T.S. Eliot              1940-42   1st
 65    Quite Early One Morning             Dylan Thomas            1954  Review Copy
 66    Tortilla Flat                       John Steinbeck          1935  Inscribed 1st
 67    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  Mark Twain              1885  1st American
 68    Rabbit Run                          John Updike             1960  1st
 69    The Tragedie of Julius Caesar       William Shakespeare     1623  1st
 70    Slaughterhouse-Five                 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.      1969  Signed Proof
 71    Thirst: Five One-Act Plays          Eugene O'Neill          1914  1st
 72    Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?   Raymond Carver          1976  Review Copy
 73    Moonraker                           Ian Fleming             1959  1st
 74    Oak & Ivy                           Paul Laurence Dunbar    1893  1st
 75    The Island of Dr. Moreau            H.G. Wells              1896  1st
 76    The Maltese Falcon                  Dashiell Hammett        1930  1st
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