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Classic Book Cards 2
Between the Covers & Biblioctopus - 2000

Note: Distributed as a boxed set.  This delightful series is designed to showcase two rare-
book stores' prized inventories. "This is not a listing of the greatest books of all time, but
real, quality material currently in stock and looking for loving homes." Additional
information can be found at the stores' websites: Biblioctopus and Between the Covers.
Series was limited to 2000 sets.

No.   Title                                   Author                    Date  Edition

77    Casino Royale                           Ian Fleming               1953  1st
78    The Pathfinder                          James F. Cooper           1840  1st
79    The Great Gatsby                        F. Scott Fitzgerald       1925  1st
80    The Color Purple                        Alice Walker              1982  1st
81    Appointment in Samarra                  John O'Hara               1934  1st
82    Red Harvest                             Dashiell Hammett          1930  Inscribed 1st
83    Winesburg, Ohio                         Sherwood Anderson         1919  1st
84    A Christmas Carol                       Charles Dickens           1843  1st
85    The High Window                         Raymond Chandler          1942  Inscribed 1st
86    A Cool Million                          Nathanael West            1934  Inscribed 1st
87    The Waste Land                          T.S. Eliot                1923  1st English
88    The Postman Always Rings Twice          James M. Cain             1934  Inscribed 1st
89    Cup of Gold                             John Steinbeck            1929  1st
90    The Man Within                          Graham Greene             1929  1st
91    Junkie                                  William S. Burroughs [as  1953  1st
                                                William Lee]
92    Death of a Salesman                     Arthur Miller             1949  Signed 1st
93    V                                       Thomas Pynchon            1963  Inscribed 1st
94    In Our Time                             Ernest Hemingway          1925  Inscribed 1st
95    Strangers on a Train                    Patricia Highsmith        1950  1st
96    Mosquitoes                              William Faulkner          1927  1st
97    The Ball Players' Chronicle             Edited by Henry Chadwick  1867-1868   Complete Set
98    What Makes Sammy Run?                   Budd Schulberg            1941  Inscribed 1st
99    Happy Valley                            Patrick White             1939  1st
100   The Lord of the Rings                   J.R.R. Tolkien            1953-1955   Author's Corrected Proofs
101   Die Verwandlung                         Franz Kafka               1915  1st
102   The Robber Bridegroom                   Eudora Welty              1941  Inscribed 1st
103   Two Serious Ladies                      Jane Bowles               1943  Inscribed 1st
104   Madame Bovary                           Gustave Flaubert          1857  1st
105   The Innocents                           Sinclair Lewis            1917  Inscribed 1st
106   The Tin Woodman of Oz                   L. Frank Baum             1918  1st
107   A Passage to India                      E.M. Forster              1924  Signed Limited
108   Gone With the Wind                      Margaret Mitchell         1936  Signed 1st
109   A Connecticut Yankee in King            Mark Twain                1889  Inscribed 1st American
        Arthur's Court
110   Trainspotting                           Irvine Welsh              1993  1st
111   The Sheltering Sky                      Paul Bowles               1949  Inscribed 1st
112   Goldfinger                              Ian Fleming               1959  Inscribed 1st
113   Heed the Thunder                        Jim Thompson              1946  Inscribed 1st
114   The Tropic of Cancer and The            Henry Miller              1934/1939   Inscribed 1sts
        Tropic of Capricorn
115   A Farewell to Arms                      Ernest Hemingway          1929  Inscribed, Signed Limited
116   The Quest of the Silver Fleece          W.E.B. Du Bois            1911  1st
117   The Informer                            Liam O'Flaherty           1925  Inscribed 1st
118   Charlotte's Web                         E.B. White                1952  1st
119   Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa      W.P. Kinsella             1980  Signed 1st
120   The Hamlet                              William Faulkner          1940  1st
121   Under the Volcano                       Malcolm Lowry             1947  Review Copy
122   Strictly Business                       O. Henry                  1910  1st
123   Forrest Gump                            Winston Groom             1986  Inscribed 1st
124   The Brave Cowboy                        Edward Abbey              1956  1st
125   Jonah's Gourd Vine                      Zora Neale Hurston        1934  Inscribed 1st
126   Frankenstein                            Mary Shelley              1833  1st American
127   Of Mice and Men                         John Steinbeck            1937  Inscribed 1st
128   Butterfield 8                           John O'Hara               1935  Inscribed 1st
129   Demian                                  Hermann Hesse [as         1919  1st
                                                Emil Sinclair]
130   The Daring Twins                        L. Frank Baum             1911  Inscribed 1st
131   As a Strong Bird on Pinions Free        Walt Whitman              1872  Inscribed 1st
132   Rocket Ship Galileo                     Robert A. Heinlein        1947  1st
133   Babbitt                                 Sinclair Lewis            1922  1st
134   A Good Man Is Hard to Find              Flannery O'Connor         1955  Inscribed 1st
135   The Ambassadors                         Henry James               1903  1st American
136   La Peste                                Albert Camus              1947  1st
137   Across the River and Into the Trees     Ernest Hemingway          1950  Inscribed 1st
138   Go Down, Moses                          William Faulkner          1942  Signed Limited
139   The Jungle                              Upton Sinclair            1906  Inscribed 1st
140   The Dangling Man                        Saul Bellow               1944  1st
141   Cleopatra                               H. Rider Haggard          1889  Inscribed 1st
142   The Mucker                              Edgar Rice Burroughs      1921  Inscribed 1st American
143   The Bluest Eye                          Toni Morrison             1970  Inscribed 1st
144   The Little Sister                       Raymond Chandler          1949  Inscribed 1st
145   Poems 1909-1925                         T.S. Eliot                1925  1st
146   American Notes for General Circulation  Charles Dickens           1842  Inscribed 1st
147   Psycho                                  Robert Bloch              1959  1st
148   The Making of a Saint                   W. Somerset Maugham       1898  Inscribed 1st
149   Death in the Woods                      Sherwood Anderson         1933  Inscribed 1st
150   Lanark                                  Alisdair Gray             1981  Inscribed 1st
151   Dr. No                                  Ian Fleming               1958  Signed 1st
152   The Wonderful World of Oz               L. Frank Baum             1900  1st
153   Checklist

©2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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