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Classic Toys Trading Cards
That's Entertainment - 1993

Note:  Thanks much to Barry Landesman for forwarding the printed
checklist, which formed the basis for the original list!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Sets: approx. 3.82 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Captain Action
  2   Mechanized Robot (Robby)
  3   Napoleon Solo Gun Set
  4   Frankenstein Model Kit
  5   Battle of The Blue And Gray Playset
  6   Beatles Flip Your Wig Game
  7   Steve Canyon Jet Helmet
  8   Batman Model Kit
  9   Give-A-Show Projector
 10   Barbie
 11   James Bond Aston Martin Corgi Toy
 12   Green Ghost Game
 13   The Beatles "John" Doll
 14   Popeye The Weatherman Colorforms Set
 15   Monkeemobile Corgi Car
 16   Star Trek Action Figures
 17   The Cat In The Hat In-The-Music Box
 18   The Green Hornet "Quick Switch" Game
 19   The Thing Coin Bank
 20   Shirley Temple Snap-On Paper Dolls
 21   James Bond 007 Action Figure
 22   Lost In Space Board Game
 23   The Wild, Wild, West Lunchbox
 24   Planet Of The Apes Action Figures
 25   Superman Rub-Ons
 26   The Beatles "Paul" Doll
 27   The Phantom Of The Opera Model Kit
 28   Easy-Bake Oven
 29   The Munsters Card Game
 30   Sea Monkeys
 31   View-master Sets
 32   G.I. Joe, Action Soldier
 33   Man from U.N.C.L.E. "Illya K Special"
 34   John F. Kennedy Model Kit
 35   Mouse Trap Game
 36   Kiss Colorforms Set
 37   Darth Vader Large Size Action Figure
 38   Have Gun Will Travel Board Game
 39   The Beatles "George" Doll
 40   Star Trek Phaser Battle Game
 41   Robin, The Boy Wonder Model Kit
 42   The Flintstones Stoneage Game
 43   Sixfinger
 44   The Outer Limits Game
 45   Roy Rogers Rodeo Ranch
 46   Lost In Space Model Kit
 47   Matchbox Cars
 48   Tarzan Lunchbox
 49   Mentor
 50   The Creature From The Black Lagoon Model Kit
 51   Spirograph
 52   The Beatles "Ringo" Doll
 53   Major Matt Mason
 54   Cecil In-The-Music Box
 55   Twiggy Game
 56   C-3PO Large Size Action Figure
 57   Fireball X-L5 Lunchbox
 58   The Rifleman Paint By Number Oil Paint Set
 59   Jackie Gleason and His T.V. Troupe
 60   Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter
 61   Mr. Potato Head
 62   View-master Sets
 63   Cartoon-O-Graph
 64   Hogan's Heroes "Bluff Out Game"
 65   Slinky
 66   Classic Toy Trading Cards Checklist

©2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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