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Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Topps - 1978

Note:  Thanks much to Neil Tring for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets (66): approx. 3.82 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets (11): approximately 3.27 per box.

No.   Title

 1    Vanished Planes reappear in the desert!
 2    Monitoring a UFO
 3    UFOs disrupt telephone service
 4    Neary's truck is engulfed in eerie lights!
 5    Strange disturbances caused by the UFOs
 6    Ear-splitting sounds from the saucer!
 7    A confused Ronnie tries to comfort her children
 8    Fear of the unknown grips Ronnie!
 9    Jillian Guiler searches for her little boy
10    Returning home
11    Jillian at Devil's Tower
12    Highway encounter
13    It's like Halloween... for grown-ups!
14    Image of the Devil's Tower
15    Display of cosmic beauty
16    Jillian senses the approach of a UFO!
17    A frightened Jillian calls for help!
18    The aliens arrive
19    Unearthly light bathes Jillian's home!
20    The aliens seek a subject
21    Scout Ships arrive at Devil's Tower
22    Alien visitors at the door...
23    Aliens in the eyes of innocence
24    Jillian's child is kidnapped by the aliens.
25    Exciting new star Melinda Dillon
26    Teri Garr stars as Ronnie Neary
27    Jillian and the Devil's Tower
28    National Guard alert!
29    Closing off the area for the aliens' arrival
30    Speeding toward the Devil's Tower
31    Midnight trek
32    A contaminated area... or is it!
33    A masked Jillian pushes onward!
34    Melinda Dillon stars as Jillian Guiler
35    Climbing to the top of Devil's Tower!
36    Jillian hides from military 'copters!
37    Earth scientists await the aliens
38    Keep watching the skies...
39    A great event in the history of man begins.
40    The giant spacecraft dwarfs the Devil's Tower!
41    The mother ship appears!
42    Awesome spectacle of the mother ship!
43    Man stares in wonder at the giant spaceship!
44    The implanted image
45    The spacecraft prepares to land
46    Scientists gather around the mother ship
47    Fantastic underside of the giant starship!
48    Jillian and her son observe the incredible event!
49    Scientists of the world stare in wonder!
50    Releasing abducted humans from the past
51    The aliens appear!
52    Earthmen watch the strange, childlike aliens!
53    Aliens walk among the humans!
54    The bizarre but benevolent space visitors
55    The alien visitors!
56    Her son returned, Jillian watches the aliens in awe!
57    The alien leader materializes
58    Goodwill toward the people of Earth!
59    Friendship lies in the outer reaches of space!
60    Steven Spielberg, Director of "Close Encounters"
61    The landing--a moment of triumph and beauty
62    Small spaceships hail the aliens' arrival
63    The road to tomorrow
64    The mother ship releases smaller vehicles
65    Artist's conception of the mother ship
66    We are not alone!!!


No.   Image from Card #

 1      59
 2      27
 3      63
 4      62
 5      66
 6      61
 7      64
 8      65
 9      22
10      45 (reversed)
11      48

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