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Close Encounters of the Third Kind
ColPem Ventures / Wonder Bread - 1978

Notes: Cards were inserted in bread packages. Two variations were printed, 
one with the text in white and another with the text in yellow. Thanks much 
to Dennis Skowronski for the original list and to Ryan Cracknell for the update!

No.   Title

  1   Barry Guiler
  2   Jillian Guiler
  3   Ronnie Neary
  4   Claude Lacombe
  5   The Leader
  6   The Visitors
  7   Neary's first encounter
  8   Barry's first encounter
  9   At the tollbooth
 10   The Light
 11   A close encounter for Barry
 12   The sound is heard in India
 13   Barry's Model
 14   Neary's Model
 15   Devil's Tower
 16   Hiding in the Helicopter
 17   The Base Camp
 18   Visitors examine the Base Camp
 19   A small space ship
 20   The Red space ship
 21   The Mother ship at Devil's Tower
 22   The Mother ship at the Base camp
 23   The Light Board
 24   A friendly Greeting

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