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Coaster Cards: Inaugural Issue
   NostalgiCards - 2001

Notes: Distributed as a boxed set of 81 cards plus the Motion card. Thanks 
much to John Oder for the update! Further information and scans are 
at the NostalgiCards web archive.

No.   Coaster                             City

  1   Coaster Glossary
  2   Big Dipper                          Blackpool, England
  3   Boomerang                           Buena Park, CA
  4   Boomerang                           Valdosta, GA
  5   Boomerang                           Kansas City, MO
  6   Boulder Dash                        Bristol, CT
  7   Cheetah                             Valdosta, GA
  8   Colossos                            Soltau, Germany
  9   Comet                               Lake George, NY
 10   Corkscrew                           Shakopee, MN
 11   Cyclone                             Coney island, Brooklyn, NY
 12   Cyclops                             Wisconsin Dells, WI
 13   Dueling Dragons                     Orlando, FL
 14   Excalibur                           Saco, ME
 15   Excalibur                           Shakopee, MN
 16   Exterminator                        West Mifflin, PA
 17   Gemini                              Sandusky, OH
 18   Ghostrider                          Buena Park, CA
 19   Giant Dipper                        San Diego, CA
 20   Giant Dipper                        Santa Cruz, CA
 21   Grand National                      Blackpool, England
 22   Gravity Defying Corkscrew           Coeur d'Alene, ID
 23   Great Nor'easter                    Wildwood, NJ
 24   Great White                         Wildwood, NJ
 25   Hangman                             Valdosta, GA
 26   Hercules                            Allentown, PA
 27   High Roller                         Las Vegas, NV
 28   High Roller                         Shakopee, MN
 29   Hoosier Hurricane                   Monticello, IN
 30   Ice Mountain Bobsled                Salem, OR
 31   Iron Dragon                         Sandusky, OH
 32   Jack Rabbit                         West Mifflin, PA
 33   Jack Rabbit                         Rochester, NY
 34   Jaguar                              Buena Park, CA
 35   Katun                               Ravenna, Italy
 36   Laser                               Allentown, PA
 37   Leap-the-Dips                       Altoona, PA
 38   Legend                              Santa Claus, IN
 39   Magnum XL-200                       Sandusky, OH
 40   Mamba                               Kansas City, MO
 41   Mantis                              Sandusky, OH
 42   Mean Streak                         Sandusky, OH
 43   Mega Zeph                           New Orleans, LA
 44   Millennium Force                    Sandusky, OH
 45   Montezooma's Revenge                Buena Park, CA
 46   Orient Express                      Kansas City, MO
 47   Pepsi Max Big One                   Blackpool, England
 48   Perilous Plunge                     Buena Park, CA
 49   Phantom's Revenge                   West Mifflin, PA
 50   Phoenix                             Elysburg, PA
 51   Quantum Loop                        Rochester, NY
 52   Racer                               West Mifflin, PA
 53   Raptor                              Sandusky, OH
 54   Raven                               Santa Claus, IN
 55   Sea Serpent                         Wildwood, NJ
 56   Serpiente de Fuego                  Mexico City, Mexico
 57   Shivering Timbers                   Muskegon, MI
 58   Sierra Tonante                      Ravenna, Italy
 59   Silver Comet                        Grand Island, NY
 60   Speed the Ride                      Las Vegas, NV
 61   Steel Force                         Allentown, PA
 62   Swamp Fox                           Myrtle Beach, SC
 63   Talon                               Allentown, PA
 64   Tennessee Tornado                   Pigeon Forge, TN
 65   Texas Tornado                       Amarillo, TX
 66   Thunderbolt                         West Mifflin, PA
 67   Thunderhawk                         Allentown, PA
 68   Timber Terror                       Coeur d'Alene, ID
 69   Timber Wolf                         Kansas City, MO
 70   Tree Top Racers                     Stanton, CA
 71   Tremors                             Coeur d'Alene, ID
 72   Twister                             Elysburg, PA
 73   Wildcat                             Bristol, CT
 74   Wild Thing                          Shakopee, MN
 75   Wolverine Wildcat                   Muskegon, MI
 76   Zeus                                Wisconsin Dells, WI
 77   Crystal Beach Cyclone [Legend]      Ontario, Canada
 78   ACC: American Coaster Enthusiasts
 79   ECC: European Coaster Club
 80   N.A.P.H.A.
 81   Checklist

Motion Card

 M1   Magnum XL-200                       Sandusky, OH


 PM1  Magnum XL-200 (motion card)         Sandusky, OH
 P1   The Mantis (not distributed)        Sandusky, OH
 P2   Twister (The Wrapper)               Elysburg, PA
 P3   Corkscrew (Non-Sport Update)        Shakopee, MN
 P2   (same image, no UV coating, less than 200 made)
 P3   (same image, no UV coating, less than 200 made)

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