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The Art of Coca-Cola
Comic Images - 1999

Note:  Initial press releases said this would be a 72-card set.  Thanks much to
Billy Cole for the original checklist!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.57 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text                                        Subset

  1   Part of a larger display, this cardboard    The Men of Coca-Cola
  2   This striking three-dimensional cardboard   The Men of Coca-Cola
  3   Depicted in this cardboard cutout from 19   The Men of Coca-Cola
  4   Cardboard signs such as this one were pla   The Men of Coca-Cola
  5   Shown here is a 1950s "policeman school z   The Men of Coca-Cola
  6   During the 1920s and 1930s, The Coca-Cola   The Men of Coca-Cola
  7   "Coke" has long been a nickname for Coca-   The Men of Coca-Cola
  8   This 1922 cardboard window display shows    The Women of Coca-Cola
  9   Haddon Sundblom didn't just paint The Coc   The Women of Coca-Cola
 10   Lillian Nordica, the famous opera star, w   The Women of Coca-Cola
 11   This clever cardboard cutout window displ   The Women of Coca-Cola
 12   Illustrator Hamilton King created and sig   The Women of Coca-Cola
 13   This self-framed metal sign carries the i   The Women of Coca-Cola
 14   Registered with the U.S. Copyright Office   The Women of Coca-Cola
 15   As the note on the table indicates, actre   The Women of Coca-Cola
 16   "Thirst knows no season"                    Slogans for Coca-Cola
 17   "The pause that refreshes"                  Slogans for Coca-Cola
 18   "It's the real thing"                       Slogans for Coca-Cola
 19   "Take home a carton"                        Slogans for Coca-Cola
 20   "Call for it by full name"                  Slogans for Coca-Cola
 21   "Good to the last drop"                     Slogans for Coca-Cola
 22   "Delicious and Refreshing"                  Slogans for Coca-Cola
 23   "6 million drinks a day"                    Slogans for Coca-Cola
 24   During the Second World War, a man in a u   Coca-Cola and the Armed Forces
 25   Although not officially called a war, the   Coca-Cola and the Armed Forces
 26   Unlike many men who were drafted into mil   Coca-Cola and the Armed Forces
 27   Because of the embargo on sugar from Cuba   Coca-Cola and the Armed Forces
 28   Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was extolled i   Coca-Cola and the Armed Forces
 29   Among the most highly prized collectibles   Coca-Cola and the Armed Forces
 30   Used in 1943 magazine advertising, this o   Coca-Cola and the Armed Forces
 31   Because this artwork appeared on a 1942 s   Coca-Cola and the Armed Forces
 32   Shown here is the 1903 metal serving tray   Merchandising Coca-Cola
 33   Shown is a the prototype bottle used in 1   Merchandising Coca-Cola
 34   The first flat-topped cans for Coca-Cola    Merchandising Coca-Cola
 35   Made of corrugated cardboard, the first s   Merchandising Coca-Cola
 36   The first standardized Coca-Cola coolers    Merchandising Coca-Cola
 37   What better way to familiarize your drink   Merchandising Coca-Cola
 38   Ceramic syrup urns like the one shown her   Merchandising Coca-Cola
 39   Over the years, many of the Coca-Cola Com   Merchandising Coca-Cola
 40   Since 1891, a common thread in advertisin   The Heritage of Coca-Cola
 41   Ever aware of its heritage, The Coca-Cola   The Heritage of Coca-Cola
 42   Built in 1898, the Flatiron building at 1   The Heritage of Coca-Cola
 43   This original painting by Fred Mizen was    The Heritage of Coca-Cola
 44   Robert W. Woodruff was elected President    The Heritage of Coca-Cola
 45   John S. Pemberton was a pharmacist in pos   The Heritage of Coca-Cola
 46   After a total expenditure of about $2300,   The Heritage of Coca-Cola
 47   dIn 1936, Coca-Cola was 50 years old. Not   The Heritage of Coca-Cola
 48   In 1923, Robert Woodruff, the new Preside   Coca-Cola Overseas
 49   In 1923, The Coca-Cola Company issued a b   Coca-Cola Overseas
 50   Coca-Cola-Nachrichten was the German equi   Coca-Cola Overseas
 51   The front cover of the October 1948 issue   Coca-Cola Overseas
 52   This 1952 Coca-Cola calendar for German-s   Coca-Cola Overseas
 53   Coca-Cola syrup was shipped worldwide in    Coca-Cola Overseas
 54   In countries that do not use the English    Coca-Cola Overseas
 55   Located just above "Coca-Cola" in this or   Coca-Cola Overseas
 56   Nattily dressed in the golf fashion of th   Coca-Cola & Sports
 57   Towed behind a motorboat, the aqualplane    Coca-Cola & Sports
 58   Name the sport, and it's probably represe   Coca-Cola & Sports
 59   The Coca-Cola Company recognized that pre   Coca-Cola & Sports
 60   Early in its existence, Coca-Cola forged    Coca-Cola & Sports
 61   By the time this metal serving tray was i   Coca-Cola & Sports
 62   This idyllic scene painted by Normal Rock   Coca-Cola & Sports
 63   Virtually no sport escaped the geniuses b   Coca-Cola & Sports
 64   The 1920s saw the first use of round, lea   Marketing Coca-Cola
 65   First produced in 1948, the Cooler Radio    Marketing Coca-Cola
 66   In 1923, the Advertising Department of Th   Marketing Coca-Cola
 67   The glass change receiver shown here was    Marketing Coca-Cola
 68   Beginning in 1911, The Coca-Cola Company    Marketing Coca-Cola
 69   In addition to being a center for pottery   Marketing Coca-Cola
 70   Free-drink coupons such as the one shown    Marketing Coca-Cola


Santa Omnichrome Cards (1:18 packs)

 C1   Wherever I go
 C2   My hat's off
 C3   Pause... refresh
 C4   (Kids and dog)
 C5   (Street scene)
 C6   Festive Holidays

Card Album

 --   (Binder)


  1   (Lady facing right)
  2   (Lady facing left)
 --   (Dealer sell sheet)

©2000, 2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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